Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Retro Wednesday.....

I know I've told this story, but you'll be my age someday... If you're lucky!
About 20 years ago, I was at a garage sale looking for old radios. I ended up at an estate sale of an elderly lady that was run by her teen grand kids. Underneath a table was a set of dishes that had NEVER been used. I picked up one of the plates and asked how much...On the box was marked one dollar!! I saw the name Meakin on the bottom of every dish. I asked if that was a dollar apiece, and she said no...The WHOLE BOX!!!
There was a complete set for 8, including a creamer, a platter, a sugar bowl, and a vegetable serving dish.
These sat in my basement till about 3 years ago until I decided to look up the value on E-Bay...The set that I have right now would take about $1200.00 to $1500.00 bucks to replace!!!
Hehehehe...Not bad for a BUCK eh?


Serena Joy said...

Pretty to look at, AND it's like money in the bank. You certainly got a lot of bang for your buck.

Strumpet said...


You need to go on Antique Roadshow.

And I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you that.

I think that's the name of the show.

I'm not sure.

I don't watch it.

But, I would if you were on it.

Maybe you should just start your OWN show!

How cool would THAT be?

I'd watch that too.

xoxo, you

lime said...

holy crap, that's a serious return on your investment!

ciara said...

well, that's what happens when kids run a sale LOL lucky for you! i would secretly love the bargain, but felt guilt at the same time.

Mona said...

That is invaluable. I Love it!

My husband loves collecting crockery. I will tell him about this.

javajazz said...

ya, i'm with Strumpkie on that one...
bring your whole basement
and git in line
for Antiques Roadshow, baby.
cool deal on the plates...
i have a cool old typewriter
i bought from my
90-something neighbour
Mrs. Friendly a few years back
i'm sure you should have
to add to your collection...

buffalodickdy said...

Amazing you scored that deal!

Strumpet said...

Wow, Jazzy Lisa!

I want a neighbour named Mrs. Friendly!!!!

It's so Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

That show used to calm me down. That dude just had the most soothing voice ever, Mr. Rogers.

And the coolest cardigans too.

Galen, maybe your television show can be like a cross between Antiques Roadshow and Mr. Rogers.

(And I'm not sure what a Key Grip is, but if you ever have a television show I am going to apply for that position on your show because I've always wanted to be one.)


SignGurl said...

They are beautiful!! Good junk finding skills, G-Daddy!

Breazy said...

WOW! Now that was a find. I know a lot of people prefer the more modern things but I don't, I like the old stuff with some history behind it and it doesn't matter to me if it was in my family or not, I just enjoy preserving things that have lasted many years and I wished that each piece could tell it's own story.

I will be posting pics of that antique dinning set I bought sometime this week so you will have to come over and check it out.

Have a beautiful day Galen! :)

barman said...

Of course you would find a bargin like that. At least there is one good thing. When it comes time to retire, finds like this will fund your retirement.

Strumpet, there were be plenty of room for his show too. Did you hear that Mr Rogers Neighborhood is going off the air? That leave a whole for G to fill in with his antiques.

KJ said...


I never have luck like that.

Good for you

S said...

Well, there you have it, your retirement fund all plated up!


G-Man said...

Sherry...Numero Uno!!! xoxx
Thank you all for visiting the G-Man..I'm Tired tonight

Mona said...

who is Monique ???

tsduff said...

I haven't known a single guy who enjoys the benefits and joys of good china... well done!!! Now you just need to check out my pattern Blue Denmark :) Fabulous! Congrats!!!!

javajazz said...

Strumpie, (tho i know you wont
be reading this for a while)
Mrs. Friendly was a buddy of mine
towards the last few years of her life...
i think she was 90-something when
she passed away a few years back...
but she took to me for some odd reason
and i think it had to do with my dry wit,
the fact that i was as cantankerous
as she was...it was rather amusing...
i'd refer to her as a salty dog...
she may have been friendly, but
she had a real feisty spirit and spoke
with an honesty that is pretty darn
rare these days...and she was no
little old lady pushover, she was
a warrior with a name that
she could tuck in behind and still
be her bold intelligent outspoken
self...it was pretty cool. i miss her.
but i do not miss Mr. Rogers cardigans.
sorry, i've got my limits you know...