Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HHNT Bitch's.............

The Worlds Oldest Boom-Box...
The Worlds Oldest Hippie...
The Worlds Longest cord....


Serena Joy said...

Woo-hoo, that's some boom box, G. You're getting more high-tech every day.:)

SignGurl said...

Nice box ya got there!

barman said...

Love the box. Does it have the new fangled FM or only AM? You so fit in with the boom-box and I do mean that in a good way. No wonder you have the computer that you have at home.

lime said...

so you can hear fibber mcgee and molly as you stroll down the street with that thing? hehehehe.

you rock, gman


Mona said...

G Man that box makes you look young!

I know the inexpensive trick for looking younger now. I should bookmark it for future use...

I have an old box for juxtapostioning too...

S said...

LOL Thats beyotch to you!
Sends you some DD batteries!
HHNT Gman thats a cool one, really.

tkkerouac said...

Very Cool, wheres your Xmas tree?

Rebicmel said...

The house grows quiet, everyone gathers around the radio, the latest ad finish and the announcer sets up for the newest shenanigans of the Shadow. No one knows what lurks in the darkness except the Shadow.

Great HNT Galen, now that is a boom box boyo

Little Wing said...

Groovy! Far Out! Bitchin'.... For Real, G-DADDY!
That's like friggin' Rightous!

G-Man said...

Thank You so much Serena!
My High-Techness is starting to scare me..xoxbgxox

Thanks Jenn..
And My box does go BOOM!

No Bryan..
FM wasn't around yet when that one was made!

Yes, It still works Lime!
And only old shows come out of it..hehehe..xoxo

Yes Mona..
Thats a great trick, photograph yourself with an old object, then you will look younger..xomrxo

Thanks Susie..
I appreciate it..BEYOTCH!

hahaha That was last week!..HHNT xox

That was Lamont Cranston..
"Who knows what Evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow Knows!!!"

Little Wing..

dickiebo said...

"World's oldest hippie?" I don't think so - you've got far too much hair. I hope that I look like you when I reach your age, ol' pal!!!!

gab said...

But ya can't take it on the bike! :( lol
I have one that looks just like it.

javajazz said...

yes, your hair grows
like wild sweetgrass.
isnt it time for your annual
holiday haircut, Senior Knowitall?
yes, your high techness
is scaring everybody...
i see Jenn's created
a technoMonster!

SeaRabbit said...

Oh yes... you have that bum look...lolol...

Bunny said...

You know, I think you and my dad would get along great. Dad used to ride (he's 72 now and would still be riding if Mom would let him) and he restores and refinishes antique radios (tabletop and floor models) and the occasional victrola.

Rock on, G-Man!!


jillie said...

Nice!! You ROCK g-man!!

Happy HNT


Charles said...

"The Worlds Longest cord"? What no 'A' battery and 'B' battery? That's as old that 8080A S100 bus computer you use is.

Manny said...

Worlds longest cord.

Why am I laughing out loud?

G-Man said...

Hi Gabby..
You better rest those fingers a bit...xox

Yes Lisa..
Jenn is like Dr. Blogenstein, and I'm like Ms. Pacman..xox

You can see my Bum?

Isn't that a coincidence?
I just celebrated my 72nd birthday..

The Card Trick?
You Rock..xoxo

No Tech-Talk please?