Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hi-Yo 55.........

I loved Saturday mornings growing up..
No School
Watch Cartoons,
...and watch my favorite Westerns!
I think that you'd agree with this statement..
"Christmas and Birthdays are for kids!"
Trix are for kids too, but I may be wrong.
I had a wonderful childhood,
Just maybe... thats why I'm still a big kid at heart!
(Any Saturday Morning from 1948-1960)
....The house is quiet...Suddenly, The William Tell Overture starts to Blast Out of the TV Speakers!!...An excited narrator with a great voice Booms....
"A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver!
The Lone Ranger!
With his faithful Indian companion Tonto, The daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early West. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...The LONE RANGER rides again!!"
God, what a great line..."A Fiery Horse with the Speed of Light!"


javajazz said...

i love that you can say
you had a wonderful childhood.
that's sweet, G...

Serena Joy said...

I loved those Saturday shows when I was a kid, too. It was decades before I found out what Kemo Sabe means. I love it that you loved your childhood. All kids should. And hi-yo, the memories made a fine 55.:)

gab said...

Oh how I loved watching the Lone Ranger.

Rebicmel said...

The Lone Ranger still plays on the old Western Channels, his faithful steed and companion by his side. Your love for Tv and Radio is comparative to my love for reading Galen. Louis Lamar, Zane Grey, those are my old westerns of childhood memories and adventures I would take. It's so easy to get lost in the story of the old west. I was born out of century, I would do well in the 1800's I think, it was a hard life but an honest one for most. Well unless you were Jesse James or others hahaha now that is another story all together.

Great 55 tales Galen, it's refreshing to know that there are ones who can look back on their childhood and remember the goodtimes. Life was an adventure then, so much that staying inside seemed to hamper those adventures unlike today where staying in is the norm.

Have a great weekend Boyo Masked Ranger.

Little Wing said...

"Christmas and birthdays are for kids"???????????
Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!
Santa will put coal in your stocking for saying that!
Great 55 oh Great One!

Rebicmel said...

Okay I played the 55 this week and I am up.

Mona said...


Now It is confirmed that YOU are the one who inspired Ketcham to create Dennis the Menace...

The cowboy hat, the guns and the lasso and the boots...

& girls...

lime said...

i was all about looney tunes myself. sigh....i miss good ole bugs and the gang.

i can totally see you on your harley as a two wheeled lone ranger. who was that masked man?

S said...

You know what Gman? Id love to see you do a post of toys from your childhood!
That would be fun.

I do love that crazy horse project, do you think it will ever get finished?

G-Man said...

Lisa Dear...
Yes, it was a warm and loving household. Very little anxiety, and lots of fun...Thanks..xox

Thank you Serena.
I'm still reliving my childhood it seems..
And sometimes my adolescence!!!!
Have a great week-end!

Well I'm glad that I just caused you to relive those thrilling days of yesteryear..xox

Oh so you have that fancy Western TV channel down there eh?
There used to be a TV show called Zane Grey Theater, you would have loved it...xox

Yes LW...
Thats right, unless you are extra naughty of course...*wink*

OK Missy...
I'll be right over!

Dennis the Menace had girls?
It's funny that you should say that, I have a Brother named Dennis, and thats what we called him...xoxmrxoxox

What a Maroon!
hahaha...I loved Loony Tunes the best as well!
They have a "cartoon channel' and play japanese anime' instead of Real Stuff..
I'm glad to see that you got your 'net' back.

Thats an excellent idea for a post!!
And as far as The Crazy Horse project goes...
That Lone Ranger pic must have reminded you of that...
And what bothers me about that whole thing is that they charge more to get into that unfinished project than they do Mt Rushmore..
Have a great week-end baby..xoxox

SignGurl said...

Galen, you must post some pictures of little Galen. No, no! Not that little Galen, you perv! You as a child. I'm sure he's as adorable as you still are today.


barman said...

You know your 55 took me by surprise. I felt you were just talking to us from the heart and here it WAS your 55. You are versatile for sure.

I am afraid the lone ranger was just a little before me as we did not watch a lot of TV at all for the first 10 years or so that I was growing up. I remember a lot of Davy and Goliath for some reason.

Love your 55. Oh and the Saturday morning shows were always the best. The only rivalry would be the after school specials.

Oh and a big chuckle at Signs comment... :)

javajazz said...

i second that, Barman...!
(about Sign's comment!)
Sign is very funny, by the by....


javajazz said...

and ps G-man,
you're VERY lucky
to have had all that
growing up...i dont know
ONE human who can say
they enjoyed their childhood
family kind of
shows how you have recreated
a big happy family full of
nutty humans here...xo

S said...

OK I am finally up with my 55.
Yes Gman, I thought that was the crazy horse rock in the background. I really need to wear my glasses more often!

Akelamalu said...

I remember all those too. :)

smarmoofus said...

I remember Saturday mornings camped out in front of the television with my bowl of Trix! Thanks for reminding me of such a happy plce. *smile*

My 55 is up,too.

Charles said...

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Sky King, Flicka, and Rin-Tin-tin. All memorable Westerns. Oh, and Gene Autry.

Well done, G. You've elicited memories I'd forgotten about.

G-Man said...

As a kid?
We'll see...
Thanks Jenn..xox

Too young for the Lone Ranger?
I'm Fuckin old!!!
Thanks Bryan...G

Thats the saddest thing that I've ever heard!!
I'm sorry sweetie..xox

You must have just taken out the trash!!!!

You sure don't seem that old...xox

Trix are for kids I thought???

Happy Trails to YOU!
Flying solo in the Songbird..And rescuing his niece Penny..
I liked Fury better than Flicka
Yo Rinty!!!!!!
hahahaha...Oh Yeah I remember them all...G

Mona said...

O Yessss!

I am sorry

Dennis did not have girls. Only Margret and Gina...

But I herd cowboy Bob did...

Mona said...

PS> please check out Charles' 55 & congratulate him!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Happy belated birthday Galen. You're at your Prime Age, make the most of it!!
My best wishes will go with you.

jillie said...

I use to love watching Fury and My Friend Flicka in the mornings before school. The cartoons now are just not the same!!

Groovey Goolies were my FAV! Go figure huh???


Mona said...

G-MAN G-MAN!!! Listen to me!

Lime and Myself have decided to start collecting money for your sound card!!!

Casdok said...

Excellent 55!

Strumpet said...

Just stopped by to do some catching up while my computer is allowing me to do so.

As for celebrities with hot rods....Huey Lewis has a drink named after him, it's two PBR cans. One stacked on top of the other.

As for the cowboy, I've always had a thing for a man in a mask. And his horse.

And I'll say it. I would like pictures of THAT little Galen.

Next to a radio.

G-Man said...

I did congratulate the newest member of our work force..Yay!!

Pink Ginger!!
Hi sweetie!!!
Thanks for stopping by with belated wishes!!!

Groovy Ghoulies?
I must be too old..
But thanks...xoxoxox

You better not be, that makes me feel like a real loser!!!

Thank you sweetie..
I really appreciate that!

The chances of that happenin Strumpet are very slim...
I don't have a zoom lens!
Nice to see you baby..xox

NYD said...

Have you ever heard of Lenny Bruce's "Masked Man" It might spoil your memories of the Lone Ranger.

Strumpet said...


Just like old radios make you look younger, they also make other things look larger and thicker. You didn't know that? No matter how large and thick they are already.

Even if you just use the pic for your own personal scrapbook of little Galen, I still think the idea is worth a second thought.

You can tie a nice red bow around it, or put a mini Santa Hat on the tip!

Ho, ho, ho.

Green giant.