Thursday, September 6, 2007

Special Flash 55......

She welcomes all strangers
She's irreverent and bold.
She flirts with the Devil
And her hearts made of Gold!
She's up...And she's down
She's happy...She's sad,
But thats the Essence of Strumpet
...She rarely gets mad!
She loves with passion,
She listens with care....

Please go wish our favorite new College Girl, a warm congratulations!!!
Everyone that she has touched.....Came!..hahahahaha..xoxoxox


Ambre said...

Awwwwww that was beautiful! A talented writer you are Galen! As usual, mine is not up yet, but it will be tomorrow. I thought this was called 'Flash Fiction Friday 55."

You guys pulling my leg?

shhh, I'm first again...

MIke Kilgore said...

Galen, I must content myself with being second to Ambre! Nicely crafted piece of writing, thogh I don't know the lass. Mine is up, if you'd care to read it, I went poetic this week.

Strumpet said...



You have brought a tear to mine eye!

You are the sweetest most awesome dude.

Unfortunately, I am on a down right now.

But, I suppose you are correct.

That is just how I am.

So, I shouldn't get too bent out of shape about it, right?

Thank you for the well wishes.

Cos this one is proving to be a tough one for me.

This helped!

Thank you!!!

You rock, Galen, mi amigo muy bueno.

Too good to me you are.


Strumpet said...

I haven't written one yet.

We'll see if something comes to me before my day is over tomorrow, cos nothing's taken me yet.

I'm tryin'.

Strumpet said...

God, Galen.

It really is beautifully written.

This is really amazing to me.

You have no idea.

Thank you so much.

Strumpet said...

More than a tear, Galen.

I'm actually crying!

You have moved me.

Okay, I'm done now.

I'll stop plying you with comments.


javajazz said...

ya!! that was gorgeous, Galen!
totally perfect,
you poetry knower, you!

Happy birthday!
Galen loves you like wild!
'tis no secret, that.

hope you have a fun bday tomorrow.
or at least some cool fantasies in class.
besides, if it were my birthday,
i would totally skip classes.

to a beautiful soul.
xo lisa

G-Man said...

Congrats Baby...
I'm waiting

Thats OK, thanks for stopping by again, I'll catch yours in the Morning...

Strumpet Sweetie,
It's only a birthday,
You are still in your 30's for years to come..
If I had 1055 words, I couldn't begin to tell you what a fine, loyal, talented, and beautiful person you are!!!
Your simply the best...
and we all know what that means...
I hope you have a fun day!!!.....Galen xox

G-Man said...

Thanks for contributing to Strumpets Big Day!!
You Rock Yenta..

Serena Joy said...

It's a great 55, G, and a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday to Strumpet.:)

S said...

Hello Gman, what a nice poem for such a nice lady!
Thanks for playing 55 with us!

lime said...

aww that's a terrific tribute. happy birthday strumpet!!!

Queenie said...

Great 55 Mr G, Happy Birthday Stumpet.
Managed to get one in this week, have a lovely weekend.

MONA said...


ann said...

a birthday greeting 55...

happy birthday strumpet

happy weekend galen

Cazzie!!! said...

Lovely, Happy Birthday to your friend :)

G-Man said...

Serena Joy,
Thanks for stopping by,
I can't wait till May 30th!!xoxbgxoxox

Good Morning Susie!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Thanks baby..xoxox

I'm so glad you are back,
I'll be right over..xox

Strumpet appreciates your well wishes...
I hope you are doing OK.

Hi sweetie, I;ll be over for my history lesson!!

Ann Dear,
I'm so glad you are back as well..You were missed sorely..xoxox

Mike M said...

Outstanding 55!!!

G-Man said...

Thanks brother,
you have been marked and read as well....Galen

barman said...

You done good G! That 55 so says Strumpet all over it. It is so hard to capture that essence in so few words.

Happy Birthday Strumpet.

Anonymous said...

Strumpet is sweet and
Strumpet is cool
anyone who doesn't like her
is crazy and a fool
Happy B'day lovely miss Strumpet

Rebicmel said...

This is a wonderful 55 and a birthday to boot. Have a happy happy day today Strumpet!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebicmel said...

Strumpet remember this each year of age brings wisdom and the knowledge we've survived that year. Even with the highs and lows in between all that time people have come into your life you would have never know and they celebrate this time with you. Age is relative, it's a defining mark of who we are and what we choose to be. Celebrate and enjoy this moment. I'm hoping for you this day a great day and one filled with many many surprises and if I had a bottle of the finest Bourbon to send ya I would lol.....*raising a toast to Strumpet* Salute!!!!!

Sorry Galen just seemed like the right place lol....

Strumpet said...

Oh my God.

All of you are just so beautiful.

Galen, I can't thank you enough for writing this.

It really means a lot to me.

Mr. Cat, that's adorable.

Barman, you rock.


Oh my God.

Thank you all of you for such kind words and being so nice.

Mona, your blog was great today. Thank you.

Jazzy, Thank you.

Rebicmel, thank you for your kind words on my blog. You are such a wonderful soul.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

This is all just so overwhelming for me.

jillie said...

I did and Happy Birthday to you again dear STRUMPET


Ambre said...

Good afternoon Galen! The lady's 55 is uP!


snowelf said...

Happy Birthday Strumpet!
You awesome chicka you!! :)

Galen, this is one of the sweetest 55's ever! Dangerously sweet! ;)


SeaRabbit said...

Oh... this is very cool!!! Going to see Strumpet now... ;-)

Strumpet said...

Y'all rock.

Thanks for contributing so awesomely to a great birthday.

Bloggers do it better!

xoxo all

G-Man said...


That was sweet..

You are a very kind soul indeed!

See how much people love you?

Jillie Bean,
Safe and sound, in the land of cheese..xoxox

It's finally up!

Hi Baby, glad to have you back..xox

Merci Beaucoup Ma Chere!

Manny said...

You are the most wonderful g man.

Flash said...

a poetic-birthday-wish-55...

Is there anything you can't do?


G-Man said...

Hi Sweetie,Thanks for paying your weekly visit!!

Another Friday regular!

S E E Quine said...

` Oh yeah! Everyone must have a happy birthday and not a crappy birthday! I am going....

gab said...

Very nice tribute!

J Morgetron said...

That was really cool G-Man.
Happy B-Day Strumpet.


jillie said...

Good morning GALEN! Oh's afternoon...hope you're enjoying the wknd and what great weather!


barman said...

OK, who is playing a practical joke and kidnapped the University of Michigan Football team and left the people that have played the last two weekends? It's not funny!

javajazz said...



Strumpet said...

Happy Sunday, Galen!

jillie said...

GALEN! I am really sorry about the game yesterday!!


G-Man said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for you kind words Brainiac..xoxox

Hi Gabby,
Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

Hi Morgie..xoox

It was pathetic, I left before the 3rd quarter ended!

Hi JJ..xox
Hi Jildo.xox
Hi Strumpie....ox

SignGurl said...

That was amazing, G!! You are so talented.

I hope Ms. Chandra Annie had the best birthday ever! Here are some spankings from Ms. Sign. *spank*spank*spank*

jadey said...

G you do such a great job. I like it very much sweets. :) Happy Birthday Strumpet.