Thursday, September 6, 2007

Brother HNT


tsduff said...

If that is what Michigan looks like, I'm so there!! Fabulous HNT... oh, and the background is nice too. :)

G-Man said...

Hi Terry,
This is at a place called The Lumberman's Monument, on the beautiful Au Sable River!! My brother has a place on the river about 10 miles away!!
Thanks for being such a good friend..xox

J Morgetron said...

Oh brother!

gab said...

Good looks run in the family I see.

Serena Joy said...

Great scenery! Yeah, the river and the monument look nice, too.:)

jillie said...

Who's the hunk on the left? Looks like you guys had a great time!

lime said...

ya know, your face just lights up in your pics with family or friends. what a wonderful thing to see. shows what a big heart you have.


Little Wing said...

Very nice siblings photo and very nice scenery!
It's a two fer one!!!!!

S said...

Hi Gman!

Queenie said...

That is so sweet, brotherly love. I have three sisters and one step- brother, its so great isn't it to have these folks in our lives.
Great HHNT, you both look so happy.

Little Wing said...

HHNT G-man!
Mine is up!

dickiebo said...

Shame about the scenery!

evalinn said...

Great Pic G-man, happy HNT!

Strumpet said...


For MANY reasons.

And it's cute too!!

And there's TWO hotties!!

Fabulous photo, Galen.

You look mah-velous!

Anonymous said...

Great pic galen, ah yes the beautiful Au Sable river.We used to hang out by it when I was stationed up in Oscoda.
Hey why didn't you tell me I forgot Lake Superior? lol

G-Man said...

Where art thou?

Thanks sweetie

Awww Serena,
You old Schmoozer!!
You put me in 7th Heaven!
Thanks Sherry, you are so sweet to me..xobgxox

Jillie Bean...?
New avatar?
Have a safe trip Baby..xoxox

The Queen of the HNT!!
Thanks for your always kind words..xox

Thanks LW..HHNT to you too..xoxox


Have I told you yet how glad I am to see you back?...Well I am!!

I was already there LW..

Go back to bed!!

My little green-toed beauty!!..Thanks xoxox

Yes My Dear....
The last day that you will ever be just 35!!
Now what do you think my 55 will be about tomorrow?..hahahahaha..

You could only list 10 things, you just ran out of beautiful scenery!!
Have a great day Son!

barman said...

What a great picture. The scenery is beautiful as is not uncommon for Michigan and brothers ... only thing missing is a nice cold beer. Of course your already look like a million bucks with that expression on your face.

OK, now 2046? Did we step 39 years into the future? This is a future HNT.

SignGurl said...

Two hotties!! I wonder if your brother is as big of a schmoozer as you?

Strumpet said...

I haven't even wrote mine yet.

I better get on that shit, huh?



I'm lovin' the new pics!

Anonymous said...

The only pictures I have with my brother he's usually half schnockered. :)

Sweet photo.

Charles said...

We can tell who the Alpha male was in that brood.

javajazz said...

ha ha! love the cute little
brotherly shorts...
ya, what nice scenery!
between that and what TC posted
about michigan, it sure looks
beautiful, but not as beautiful
as you and your bro, bro!

tkkerouac said...

Brotherly love, very sweet, Nice pic, Happy HNT!

SeaRabbit said...

Humm... I should try to find a pic of me and my bro... looking at your is making that feeling nice... ;-)

Rebicmel said...

Galen you two guys look marvelous. How could y'all not be happy with that scenery behind you? There is nothing better than the closeness of family!!!! Great HNT !!!!!

G-Man said...

hahaha..Yeah, I'm in the future!!
We did tip a few..Thanks

You have your laptop?
Good Girl..
Have fun..xoxoxox

It'l take you about 10 minutes....Tops!!
Tomorrow..Strumpet Day!!

I'm honored by your comment...and tickled!!

Of course, I'm older!!

You are such a teaser..
Of course I'm happy to see you!!

My faithful HNTer
See you soon sweetie.xoxox

I'd Love to see a pic of your brother!!

Thanks Missy,
You are such a sweet thing..xoxoxox

Ambre said...

Beautiful Photo Galen! Where was it taken?


MONA said...

How sweet! Now I have seen two Mr. Hayness! :)

dickiebo said...

Careful what you say, Mr. G-Man. You upset me and the next blog I do may well be "Comments" o' yourn!
Just be a li'l careful.

Ameratis said...

Cool pic with your brother! Well at least I am guessing that is your brother since it says Brother HNT...or...oh wait can this be a trick and it is really some random guy you saw in that place! Ah ha!