Sunday, September 9, 2007

Musical Monday.....

During the 70's and 80's it was "The Thing" to have a TV personality record a song, and have the public buy into that current popularity..remember Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time"?
Or how about Miami Vice's Don Johnson with "Heart-Beat"?
Well, this segment of One Hit Wonders is about David Soul and "Don't Give Up On Us Baby"..
David Solberg dropped out of college in the 60's to become a folk singer. He decided he needed a gimmick to get attention, so he wrote a song called "The Covered Man"-Which he sang while wearing a ski mask. The stunt got him on "The Merv Griffin Show" more than 20 times, but he still couldn't sell any records. After he changed his name to David Soul, he did get enough attention to land a starring role on the TV show "Starsky and Hutch". The programs popularity encouraged him to try music again. He released "Don't Give Up On Us Baby" in 1977..The song did hit #1...But none of his follow-ups made it into the top 40. He gave up recording about the same time "Starsky and Hutch" went off the air!

...Sorry I haven't been around much this week-end, we have had relatives from all over the country converge on "The Compound" this past week because of a family reunion on Sunday.
For those that may not know what I mean by "The Compound"...My Brother-In-Law lives right next door to me, and across the street, lives my wife's Uncle..And on the other side of my BIL's house, is the house that he and my wife grew up in as children..So one does not have to go far to get a beer or a "Highball" on my block!
And I would like to thank all of my loyal Blog readers for continuing to visit and comment, you guys all ROCK!!!...Peace.


MONA said...

Yay!!! I am going to sing now! :)

MONA said...

Eddie Murphy is a great actor! I love to watch his movies now!

It is strange though, We never get to hear what you call as hits in the US.

Indian 'hit list' is different I guess. We have all the songs from both American and British singers playing here.

Ps> have you heard of a Robbie william? Or a Rasmus ?

MONA said...

I loved Stievie Wonder & Lionel Richie when I was in school! also Phil Collin!

Snow White said...

I think I actually have the single of "Don't Give Up on Us, Baby" in my box of 45's!

Hope you had a great weekend, G-Man! xoxox

Rebicmel said...

The melody of that song is ringing in my head now. I loved that one growing up as a kid. David Soul wow I haven't heard that name in ages but immediately recognized it. I was so in love with his character lol what a trip this has been.
He was right up there with ELO and CCR for me. Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

snowelf said...

Ack!! I am usually so good with music, yet I have no idea what this song is Galen! I know I know it, I just can't place the melody...
I'll figure it out.

And a Happy Monday to one of my favoritest Bloggers!! :)


zingtrial said...

"YAP" Agree it was party time He!He!He! Wish you well :)

Little Wing said...

Wow, you are surrounded by family G-Man!
LOL that's just too close for comfort in my world!

gab said...

now I gotta go research David Soul. I had thought he had died!

Queenie said...

Gosh David Soul, I remember that song. Didn't he do one with Huggie Bear???
I can see good and not so good having family close by, but I'm sure its nearly all good. Love your blog Mr G and its always a plesure to visit.

Serena Joy said...

I remember that song. I'd never heard about that ski mask stunt, though, and never knew Soul had ambitions as a folk singer.

Glad you had a good weekend.:)

dickiebo said...

David Soul. YYYYYYYYYYuk! Dreadful singer. Even worse actor. Probably is a nice guy, though.
Be fair. Could you see a little bloke like him, laying down the law to a big, hairy bloke on a Harley? - Like he used to in Starsky and Hutch. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

and.....Eddies song was written by Rick James.:)

Charles said...

For Snow and those who aren't familiar:
Don't Give Up On Us Baby
How about Jack Wagner, or Bruce Springfield?

Your compound sounds like the Kennedy clan's. "The apple doesn't fall" and all that.

Breazy said...

Hey G-man! How are you? I am good, just trying to visit everyone while I have the time. I miss not being able to visit when I want now and I miss all of you!


lime said...

i have to say i remember all of those songs you mentioned and none of them did much for me.

nice to be close to family as long as it is family you like. is the newest sitcom 'everybody loves g-man?'

Anonymous said...

Wow, those songs you mentioned brought back memories! Amazing how lyrics stick forever.

SignGurl said...

I love that David Soul song. It's so sugary sweet. I almost love it as much as I love you, G!

Chad said...

Dude, music just takes us back to the past!

jillie said...

I did not know that and NOW...I have that stupid song stuck in my head.

My chili was GREAT!!!!! Scrumpdillyicous!!!


G-Man said...

Mona Dear..
Your #1..xoxox

Snow White!!
Hi Sweetie, I sure have missed you..Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

Busy indeed..
Thanks Melissa for taking the time to stop by..xoxox

Glad to see you back sweetheart!! You are too young for this crap!!!
Missed you xox

G-Man said...

Welcome to the Jungle!!
Thanks for visiting..

My BIL can fix anything, and has every tool known to man!!
It's OK..xoxox

he ain't dead..
Isn't he on some sort of commercial?..xox

Aww Queenie..
You are always so gracious..
Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

Serena Joy,
The best part of this week-end,
is anywhere you are, There is much happiness..You make me smile lots!

I take it you don't like David Soul?

You are absolutely right!!

Thanks for that link!!

Hi Breazy..
I hope your not too busy with your new job..Thanks for stopping by!!
I am missing you..xoxox

I think that this family situation would be more of a Drama!!
hahahaha..Thanks Baby..xoxo

Welcome to the Jungle as well!!
You are always welcome!!

You are trying real hard to make up for saturday!!.xox

Welcome to the Jungle also!!!
Come back soon!!

Jillie my Dear,
A woman of many talents..

Strumpet said...

Back in the 70's, I had John Travolta's solo record on vinyl.

I used to lock myself up in my room and make-out with the album cover.

Jake said...

man, just brings back memories.

Cazzie!!! said...

Nope, you rock!!

dickiebo said...

G-Man; having now had to endure the likes of Monsieur Soul & Mary Hopkins makes me think that you should consider having a 'request spot'! Know what I mean? A spot where we can request your expert info on a star. Not suggesting that you have to do people like, say, Mario Lanza, or perhaps Jim Reeves, but ..........

G-Man said...

What I wouldn't give to be that album cover!!
Thanks sweetie..xox

Another new face!
Welcome to the Jungle!

Cazzie Dear,
Thanks for being so faithful..You Rock!!!

The G-Man refuses no requests..
My Grandmother loved both of them, maybe I'll do them next week..but they did have many more than 1 hit each!!

Strumpet said...

Actually, that is one of the albums that I don't have anymore and it kind of sucks.

Strumpet said...

Actually, that is one of the albums that I don't have anymore and it kind of sucks.

dickiebo said...

Gee man! The sting is always in yose tail. Are you suggesting that your dear ol' granma and Dickiebo are of a like age???
We will know how to deal with this!

tsduff said...

Man alive, now I have an earworm of "Don't Give Up On Us Baby"... Thanks a lot.

Tee hee - you are definitely dating yourself... nobody calls them highballs much any more :)

Sorry, I haven't been around either... we have had company this week. What a long strange trip its been.