Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Plain Tuesday....

As most of you already know, I sell cars for a living. Chevy's to be exact! But I have sold other things in my life, and have been doing it for many years. There are many "Axioms" in this business of sales..
1. It's easy to remember the truth, it's a bitch to remember a lie..
2. You never get a second chance at a first impression..
3. If you see a guy walking towards the door smoking a pipe, carrying a clip-board,
and has a "Consumer's Report" rolled up in his back pocket...? RUN!!!!

For the purpose of my post, lets get back to #2.
Some people that we know, had less than stellor 1st impressions, and they've done all right..

In 1979, she was in a student produced film called "A Certain Sacrifice". She played a minor character named Bruna, who shows her breasts, has simulated group sex, and gets smeared with dead mens blood. The film is so bad that the home video version has a disclaimer warning the viewers of "technical inconsistancies"

In 1966, he had a bit part as an unnamed bell-hop in a flick called "Dead Heat On a Merry-Go-Round". He has one line in the movie.."Paging Mr Ellis", and the part is so small, that he is not even listed in the credits.

In "Death Wish" (1974), Jeff plays "Freak #1", one of the 3 unnamed punks that break into Charles Bronsons home and kills his wife, and rapes his daughter. Bronson then spends the rest of the movie tracking them down, and wasting them..

In 1974, Kevin was in a movie called "Sizzle Beach" He plays a wealthy rancher named John Logan. In this flick, he shares a house in Malibu with 3 big breasted women that exersize and do chores topless..He was also in "The Big Chill" as the dead college friend, but all of his scenes were cut out!!

Cruise plays a teen arsonist in the 1981 movie "Endless Love". He gives the movies co-star the bright idea of torching Brooke Shields parents house, then saving everyone to appear as a hero!

In 1970, Sly starred in a movie called"A Party at Kitty's and Studs". In this pre-Rocky flick, he plays a frisky Playboy named Stud. He has big hair, and small muscles, who spends most of the film naked...except for his medallian and wrist-watch. He never actually has intercourse in this movie...It was later renamed "The Itallian Stallion"...to cash in on his popularity..

It's a good thing all axioms have their exceptions eh?... Peace


Serena Joy said...

You are a veritable fount of arcane information. LMAO at Sly's youthful indiscretion.:-) I'd never heard about ANY of that. Kind of takes a little of the glitz off, huh?

Rebicmel said...

It's the first impressions though for most I think that remain the founding cornerstone for whatever situation that is going on, be it sales, friendships,dating etc.

While to err or make horrible flicks is human I would rather my first impression be a solid one. Then once they get to know me corrupt them to my side of the world lol....

Great post Galen

MONA said...

CHEE CHEE! Galen has been watching some ' dirty' movies! :D

Its the back step that they take to gain momentum while running a race!

Ps> "he never actually has intercourse in this movie"... really? no dialog for poor Sly?


Little Wing said...

Galen, you porn slut!

lime said...

those are some really frightful first impressions, but you knowe..madonna, stallone, and cruise still do nothing for me..jeff goldblum on the other hand.....

jillie said...

I've heard of some of them, Kevin Costner and Sly's as well.

It's amazing to what they've done to get where they are.

First impressions are VERY important to some. To me? Well, everyone has a bad day now and then and I try not to judge by the first one.

As for the liars? You have to have a GOOD memory that's why I wouldn't make a good liar. My memory SUCKS ASS....LMAO


Strumpet said...

I was a member of the Brooke Shields fan club when I was a kid.

I used to make-out with her pictures too.

SignGurl said...

*on my way to the video store*

Charles said...

As far as I'm concerned, Harrison Ford is the only one who has redeemed himself. The others, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff here g-man, you're right, you never know when this stuff can come back to haunt you.

Jake said...

LOL... ditto at what Serena Joy said. LOL

G-Man said...

Serena Joy!!!
You busted my post cherry today Baby!!!
I Love being "Arcane"!!
It sounds so....Old!
Thanks Sweet Sherry..xobgxoxo

My first impression of you was true...
You are smart, very talented, and very insightful...Thanks.xo

Did I say I viewed the Movie?
I don't know if I wanna see any "Sly Schvance"!!
But I'm glad you got a tickle out of it..xox

You Too?
I love my Little Wing visits..xoxox

You like Jeff eh?
2 days to HNT Trini..xoxo

Jillie Bean,
Hi Baby...
Hows things in "Cheese Land"?
Thanks for stopping by ..xoxox

That..Is one of your hottest statements EVER!!
Brooke should be so honored....

Hi Jenn,
I think Sly is too short for you..*wink*

You may be right, but I really liked him in "The War of The Worlds"!

You got that right brother..Thanks

Good to see you back..

Strumpet said...

Seriously, I had such a thing for Blue Lagoon and Pretty Baby.

So hot she was...still is...

The BROWS on that girl!


MIke Kilgore said...

Those three rules are absolute! I was in sales and now work in service (better hours and steady paychecks!)/ Sorry about Michigan, if Chad stops around, I'll have a talk with him!

G-Man said...

Stop It...
Your driving me Crazy!!

Thanks for stopping by and concurring...

Strumpet said...

But it's fun to be driven crazy!