Thursday, September 13, 2007

Golfing HNT


Serena Joy said...

Tee it up, G. Fore! That's a fabulous picture, perfect HNT.:)

Rebicmel said...

Looks like you were concentrating really hard there. Did you get a hole in one?

Great HNT

Ambre said...

Stopping by to say hello! I hope that you enjoyed your golf outing...


Chad said...

Good question, G! DID you get a hole in one??

Little Wing said...

Nice pair of balls ya got there Mr. G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G-Man said...

Good God People!!
I didn't know golfing was so naughty...

Serena Joy!!
You just hit another Trifecta!!!


Nice to see you..
The Lady was missed..xo

Don't you start in too!!

Little Wing...?
Thanks Baby, I'm glad you noticed!!

DarkAngel said...

The big cuddly golfing Galen Bear!!!

I never saw the point in walking up to an imperfect ball, with an imperfect stick, trying to hit it perfectly and after hitting it into a hole, taking it out and doing it all over again 17 times ... lather, rinse, repeat.

But then again I'm sure no one understands why guys want to dogpile each other for a piece of dead pig or chase each other around in big baggy shorts for an orange ball and throw it into a basket with a hole in the bottom.
Or drive around in circles for 500 miles.

After reading the study on Yahoo about a woman who did the study on women's breasts and bras, and that no matter what cup size you are, you bounce 8 inches in any given direction during exercise and sports, I now understand why gymnasts are flat. Imagine being a DD and doing back handsprings ... they'd come up in your face and knock you cold.


lime said...


HHNT! gman!

javajazz said...

you can hardly see the golf club
its moving so darn fast.
super G-man.

Snow White said...

What????? No Michigan gear? LOL Just kiddin' ya, G-Baby! You can swing your club with me anytime! xox

MONA said...

galen golfing? Good God!

Great HNT! Go get it!

dickiebo said...

No point in asking what your handicap is. 'Tis the same as mine - 'a protruberance!'
Well played, old sport.

G-Man said...

My beautiful Angel of Darkness!!
Thanks for that little sports synopsis..You Rock!
Thanks for brightening up my day..xoxox

Five iron please..

I thought maybe it was because of my belly...

Snow...That was uncalled for!!
Your up late for a school night!!

Thanks sweetie..

If that means I suck...
You are right!!

SeaRabbit said...

G-Man... you were just 30 sec too early!!!!!
Anyway... is that a sport?
lololol... Have a nice HNT!

SignGurl said...

What kind of balls do you play with? I mean, how long is your stick, errr, club?

Galen, you rock the stick and balls!!

barman said...

I have always wanted to hit one of those balls they use as markers to show you where you are to t-off from. Of course it would hurt and you probably would ruin the club but ... maybe just a picture getting ready to swing.

Looking good G. Hope you had a fun time. I know I do when I go out mostly. Fore!!!

Anonymous said...

better get in a few more rounds g-man cause it's freezing out

Charles said...

Still plenty of golfing days left in the Sunshine State.

jillie said...

FOUR! Schaawing!

lol....HHNT to ya g-man xoxo

jillie said...

Notice I didn't say anything about yer balls? LMAO

MONA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
javajazz said...

no, darling,
its all in the wrist, you know.

tkkerouac said...

Well, well,
Who would have thought you were a swinger...FORE
happy sporty hnt!
ps, let me see your old collectable tins sometime

gab said...

If I knew any thing about golfing I might laugh at that picture. Then again maybe thats what you wanted us to do. either way nice pic!

snowelf said...

I can always count on you for an awesome hnt!!


G-Man said...

What an awesome HNT!!
Thanks for tipping me off!..xoxox

What are you talking about?...Golf?
Hmmmmm..(I love It)

We need to hit a few..

It's fall in Michigan!

Year Round Golf!!!

Er, Thanks Jillie..
Theres already enough talk about them..xoxox

Please don't fret..
I've already talked to Lime about it, and we think everyone should see what a classless act he is..
Maybe his Mother should see what kind of comments he makes to sweet careing folks such as Lime!!
Ignore the Idiot, he wants attention!!

I've had a subscription to Playboy since 1967, my wrist has gotten very strong over the years..
Thanks for the "Golfing" tip though..xoxox

Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Awesome HNT as usual!!
Loved the jersey..xoxox

I can always count on you for some fabulous writing, and some very kind words..Thanks..xox

javajazz said...

ha! well, that explains
why you're such a swinger, baby!

G-Man said...

Lisa...Ha Ha!!

evalinn said...

U a golfing biker..?

Strumpet said...

Is that a golf club in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

But, seriously....I want to hear about those vintage Playboys!

I'm SO jealous!!!

Your son is in for quite an inheritance when your wrist gets tired!

That means you have all THREE of the Dita Von Teese issues!!!

I seriously need to get myself a subscription.

Maybe for my birthday present to myself...though it's a tough call between that, Penthouse, Hustler or Jugs.