Thursday, September 13, 2007

55..Ode to Coffee...Double Trouble...

It's icy or hot....creamy or black
It makes it hard to hit the sack!!
It's picked...dried...ground...roasted
It's brewed and drank..with all things toasted!
It's your Morning's Inspiration
An Insomniac's Sensation!!
Drink it weekly....Drink it daily
Drink it with Kaluah..Drink it with Bailey's.
..It's Good, To The Last Drop!!!!

Come on everybody...see how easy this is?
A fifty-five does not have to be great literature,
But it does have to tell a story....In fifty-five words!!
So get off of your butt, get out your thinking cap,
and start pounding those keys..Trust the G-Man,
You'll be glad you did!!

OOPS...I did it again!!....Another 55...hehehehe


Serena Joy said...

I love coffee, all day long. When I brew a pot at night, yep, I can count on double trouble. It's worth it, though -- as you've so ably expressed in yet another well-brewed 55. Kudos!:)

javajazz said...

mmm, coffee!
i think your 55
is turning me on.

Rebicmel said...

Great 55 Galen, you touch on a subject near and dear to my heart. Coffee coffee, mocha, cappucino!! Ah the smell of coffee is almost well mmmmmmmmmmmm delicious.

Have a great weekend Galen, xoxo

snowelf said...

I am a sucker for a good cappuccino...
which I am going to need in the morning!!
Even the smell of it is smoothing...

Excellently composed as always.
I'm up. :)


MONA said...

Ah!Coffee! this is one of the mostest favourititest subject of the genre Americana!

Mine too (not)

Well done G! :)

MIke Kilgore said...

I really struggled with mine this week, yours is great! I think I'll go brew a pot right now!

MilkMaid said...

MMM Mocha Carmel Machiatto... jjjjum jum JUM!


Happy Friday G!

Snow White said...

I could go for some right now! And a nice cup of coffee, too! Love it, G-Baby! Have a great weekend! xoxox

Mike M said...

Coffee is best served with a great 55 like this one!

G-Man said...

Serena Joy,
WOW are you ever on a roll..
4 in a row?
I happen to know that you DO have 5 in you!!!
...If not more!
Thanks for your kind words, and keep it up!

I'm so suprised that you or no one else noticed that the second paragraph is also 'another 55'..hence the double-trouble, boy you sure are slipping girl..hahahaha..xox

I think everyone that I know except Lime, and Signgurl, loves coffee!

Thanks sweetie, I'd Love to share a cup with you.
Have a great week-end.xox

Looks like I need to include you Mona on my Non-Liking Coffee list!
Thanks anyway..xoxmrxox

I'll be over to check it out...Thanks

Good Morning Milkmaid!!
Carol my dear, Thanks for dropping by, I guess I've been a bad blogger buddy..I'll try to be better!!..xoxoxox

Lady Di,
You like coffee?

Yes it is my friend!

jillie said...

Easy for YOU!! I did one too a bit corny but it was BEFORE that wonderful coffee kicked in for me ;o)


SignGurl said...

It's a twofer! I love them both even though I don't drink coffee.

I did a 55 today too.

lime said...

did folger's pay you for the advertising? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

You've done another great 55 combining two of your favorite things, coffee and writing 55's.
Have a great weekend and "cuddle alert."

Strumpet said...

Starbucks gave me a coffee sample yesterday!

Well, not just me, they had them bagged up at the cashier.

I can't wait to brew it in my French press!

It's the breakfast blend.

I just caught up on all of your posts, Galen-love, and couldn't help comenting on these past few where I couldn't keep my fingers shut.

As for my 55....I have not been home much to write...but I shall try and come up with one at some point today. I have shit to do for school and want to get a pedicure and have to go to the post office and, and, and...but I'm gonna try.

Much love and your pic is hot.

As always, you stud.



Charles said...

Ah. Mmmm. The elixir of life. Love it, and your ode to it. Good subject, great 55.

barman said...

I do not do a lot of coffee, usually one cup a day, five days a week but yesterday I was fasting. No coffee for me. It was torture wathcing everone else partake. Oh well, life goes on.

They broke ground on the Hortons by me. Sometime within the next two months I will join the rest of the civilized areas and have a Hortons near by. Yea!

Ameratis said...

I did mine! Even if I don't post all week I am faithful to my 55 :)

javajazz said...

ha! at first i didnt know what the heck
you were talking about...(and this is
after coffee) but funny you say that,
i counted the first paragraph because
i wondered which part of the post
was a 55, then i totally forgot about
all that and drifted off into outer space,
so maybe, just maybe i kind of sort of
almost had a sense of the double 55's
(oooh, 55:55!! yikes!!) and i think you
mentioned something about 55's not
55...anyway, cool man! you are just
spilling over with 55's, you brainiac...
you love these literary and visual, i'm just happy if i
can do a new post every 2 months!

Little Wing said...

Enjoy your weekend coffee, Galen!

gab said...

I used to drink coffee. Now how ever I will only drink it once in a great while otherwise I'd be on the throan all day long lol

barman said...

I finally posted the 55 but it was not fiction.

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody!!!
If It's Friday.....
It's Coffee Nite at Border's!!
I'll be out for a while..
If the Mistress does NOT visit you...I promise I will tonight sometime when I get back..
Have a great Night..Later!!
Galen xox

S said...

If I am the queen of 55 you are the king....
Hello everyone! I so suck..I cant keep up, I dont know what to do....I think Gman ought to be the host, dont you all?
He will do such a better job than me!
Whaddya say, Gman, help me out willya? I got bills to pay.

S said...

I said I would get there during the weekend Gman NOT tonighttttttt
hellp people just go read each others and all that!!!!

Ambre said...

Great 55 G-Man!! Thanks...


jillie said...

Hope you're enjoying your coffee there g-man. I wish I could drink it at night. Yeah, I know...decaf right? Blech!


Cazzie!!! said...

Love your 55 already!!

Chad said...

Cool- rockin' 55 dude! For now, I'll have to settle for a classic Starbucks. :)

gab said...

So what did I do tonight? I went and had me a iced coffee cooler. You just pushed me in the right direction I guess! Thanks

Rebicmel said...

Galen, coffee at Borders, drink me a cup, well you have no doubt gotten back by now lol. Hope you had fun. Have a great weekend !!!

MONA said...

Gosh! All these people are still taking dips in coffee!!

missy's looking great in the new profile picture!!!

Galen ((((hugs)))

G-Man said...

Hi Baby, we all need our morning boost!..xox

Since you lost about a 1000#'s you have too much energy as it is!
Have a great week-end!

I think that was Maxwell House..xoxox

Top Cat,
Thanks brother, you are always kind to the G-man!

Strumpet my dear,
You are always so sweet to me. Any thought from you is very much appreciated!
Thanks for warning me about the past posting, you obviously know how I am!!..Thanks..xoxoxox

You will get people visiting you from all over the country once it is built!

Melodie Dear,
I shall be right over to read it OK?..Thanks.xox

We all would be happy if that happened!
You are way too talented to deny us the pleasure of your fabulous mind!!
Later sweetie..xox

I'd love to share a cup with you Baby!!
Ride Safe..xoxox

Maybe this will inspire you!..xox

Of course I'll be over!!

I'll help you out all I can, but this is your Baby!!You built this into the Monster that it is today!!
You Rock Mistress!!
We'll talk...xoxox

Thanks for dropping by stranger!.xo

No expresso for you!!

See?...It's delicious!

Hi sweetie, My always faithful week-end Aussi Bud!! Of couse I'll be over for my History lesson!

Are you drinking Coffee?
Have fun camping!!

Yes Missy looks fabulous!
As do you!!
(((HUGE HUG)))
Thanks for being such a great friend..xoxox

dickiebo said...

Wish I'd known the rules in advance! I only thought that I had to drink 55 Cuppas!!
I do so much like Strumpet's 'Quote of the Day'......."I couldn't keep my fingers shut". Brill!

Rebicmel said...

Mona thanks girl!!! Galen I was was trying to suck up all the computer time I can get!!!!!!!!! I will be away from it for over five days!!!!!!!! People say a prayer for me that I can survive. LOL nah I enjoy camping so when we leave Thursday I will be wishing you all well and missing all of you and your fantastic blogs...Sheesh I will have one hell of a time getting caught back up lol..

HUGS to all

barman said...


Strumpet said...



Have I told you lately that I love you?

Cos I do.


S said...


Did you know I am a coffee virgin?
Thats right..46 years old and not a cup, ever....

I think I went to ALL the 55s....whew!

ann said...

I love it love it love it... a great 55 and mmmmmm... you got my hand reaching for the kettle, just as I'm trying to ease off the caffeine... make mine an americano, strong hot and black

jillie said...

YAY!!!!! Michigan won today by a blowout!!



G-Man said...

Do Brits drink coffee?
Yes Strumpet is full of Strumpicisms like that that!.She definately ROCKS!!

I love camping..
You'll have a great time.
Don't worry a bit!!
The WEB will still be here Baby!!

Finally Brother!!!!

Your 46?
WOW!!! You have the feet of a teenager!
And the bod any 25 year old would be very jealous of...
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

So....I guess Brits do indeed drink coffee!!
Hot and black comming right up!!...Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

G-Man said...


Jillie...Thanks Baby,It will finally be a great week..xoxox

Strumpet said...

Galen, Galen, bo-Balen
Banana-rama, fo-Falen
Mi, my, mo-Malen

ann said...

Galen, I am a very untypical Brit... I can't stand tea!!!

G-Man said...

We are playing the name Game now?
How about Chuck?

One hot and black one comming right up!!

Strumpet said...

Chuck is a good one.

Mitch is also kind of cool.

But, Chuck is better.

Waaaaay better.


tsduff said...

Blogger has eaten most of my comments lately. Sorry - I HAVE been around...

Loved the 55 - coffee rules. Excellente Galen.

jillie said...

You're slacking there Mr. G-Man!