Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blue Monday......

OK....Back to the real world...Remember "The Ed Sullivan Show? If you would have tuned in on a particular night in 1963, you would have seen a peculiar sight; A Belgian Nun in full habit, playing a guitar and singing a song called "Dominique". The nuns name was Sister Luc-Gabrielle, but she was better known as Soeur Souire(Sister Smile) , and her song was becoming a huge hit all over the world.
The funny thing was, hardly anyone knew what the hell she was singing about because the words were entirely in French. But the tune was catchy and the song soon went to #1 on the U.S. pop music charts, and sold 1.5 Million copies. It also won a Grammy for the best religious song. The Singing Nun also became a star in her own right, and even Debbie Reynolds played her in a Movie..
Soeur Sourire got her start singing religios songs at retreats..In the evenings the Nuns would sing songs by Sister Luc-Gabrielle, and the songs were such a hit that the other nuns and the young girls wanted her to record them..One of her catchiest tunes was "Dominique". A song that honors St. Dominic Guzman founder of Sister Smiles Dominican order..He was also the man credited with introducing Rosary Beads to the Roman Catholic faith!!
Soeur Sourire seemed to adjust to her celebrity status quite well at first...But that didn't last long. She left the convent in 1966 before taking her final vows. She said she wanted to do Missionary work while persuing a musical career..(She did in fact turn all of her royalties over to the religios order that she left.)..Sadly, she lived to regret that decision.. The Belgian Government hounded her for back taxes for the next 20 years, and the Center for Autistic Children that she and another ex-nun founded, had to close in 1983 due to lack of funds..
Her life ended tragically in 1985 when she and the friend were found dead, the apparent victims of a double suicide pact, brought on by their financial woes, she was 51...
Wow!! Theres a real up-beat Musical Monday eh?.... Peace


lime said...


lime said...

wow, what a story. such a shame that a talented and caring person like that was driven to such measures.

Charles said...

I remember the song, but I thought you were going to tell about the Beatles.
Its terrible what people can do to even the best of the human race. Somebody should be ashamed to breathe the same air this woman shared.

javajazz said...

well, that was a cheery little story, Galen.
any other depressing tidbits
you'd like to share?
money sucks.
how'd it get to be so damn important,

Serena Joy said...

I couldn't sleep, so here I am reading blogs. I should have just gone to sleep. Damn, Galen, that's depressing! I guess that's what a life of celibacy will do for you.:) C'est la vie.

dickiebo said...

Thanks a bunch, mate! What a lousy way to start our week off. You're not really a bloody 'Mod' are you? (1950/60s). They used to like upsetting us.
Nah! We know you're a 'Rocker'!

SignGurl said...

That song will be in my head all day long. And now I have the visual of a dead nun to think about. Nice!

Strumpet said...

Wow, Galen.

Suicidal nuns today, eh?

I think this was my favourite Musical Monday yet!

And though the Ed Sullivan show for me brings memories of the Beatles as well... always talk about One Hit Wonders! Don't think they'll ever be a part of YOUR Musical Mondays.

A bloody nun might make for an interesting Halloween costume...

But, I don't think it's my style. The bloody part yes...the sacrilege part yes....but I need to show a little sexy on Halloween. I have to start thinking.

Great post!

Wish I knew what song you were talking about.


Serena Joy said...

Reading that again this morning after a good night's sleep, it's ... still depressing. I suppose it was tax collectors and not celibacy that did her in, but dang, suicidal nuns... And the song was so darned upbeat, too.

javajazz said...

la la laaaa la la la laaa....
(and the song wont stop playing
in my head, that poor woman...)
remember it Strumpie?
ya, i remember the Beatles too,
and Tiny Insane Tim and Miss Vicky
and the juggling and circus acts
and Tom Jones
and Laugh In
and Get Smart....
god, i'm old.

Dickie B, whats a Mod?
(vs a Rocker etc...)
we need a definition of terms here,
to assist with the visuals...thanks!

Galen, ring ring ring,
ring ring ring....

javajazz said...

oops, bananaphone.
(this is before coffee spelling.)

Strumpet said...

Oooo....Tiny Tim! Ha!! That's a story in and of itself.

Anyhow, Galen, I hope you do not mind but I wanted to tell Charles thanks for the egg recipe here cos I can't seem to figure out how to leave a comment on his blog. Maybe it's because I'm on Firefox. I don't know. Or maybe it's because I'm slightly dense and completely computer illiterate.

dickiebo said...

javajazz; back in the 50s & early 60s, we had two types of mobile youths. Mods and Rockers. Rockers were big, hairy monsters like G-Man and Hell's Angels, etc., and Mods were nancy-boys, who rode scooters - Vespa, mainly. They had an extremely long aerial attached to the rear of their scooters, with something akin to a fox's tail attached thereto. Bit poofy, I thought!

G-Man said...

Good Job being #1!!
..I know, what a shame!

I feel the same way!!

Maybe Money is the root of all evil eh?
Thanks sweetie.xox

Serena Joy!
Damn, am I headed in that direction?..
That should be a wake-up call to everyone...
"Give it Up"!!

If you EVER see me on a Vespa, please put me out of my misery...Thanks

Hey Jenn,
Hows the head Fred?
Yeah, I'm in a dead Nun sort of mood today!!

Lisa Love,
That brings back memories does it not?
Later baby..xoxo

Of course My Comely little Co-Ed..
My blog is your Blog!!

Thanks brother for my best laugh of the week-end... Nancy Boys.hahahaha

Little Wing said...

Ahhhhhh Galen, great to be alive this morning!
Even tho I have no clue what you are talking about!
A religious song composed by a dead nun, dead by suicide.
Kinda glad I don't know the song, att least it wont be spinning in my head all day!

ann said...

I can hear it now
dominique nique nique

I had no idea about her
life... what a tragedy,
what a waste

Rebicmel said...

wow that is a horrible ending. No way around it, the IRS will always find ya or those seeking money owed. So sad.

javajazz said...

at least Ann spelled it right...

Dickie Bee, were those scrawny
little guys with Beatles haircuts Mods?
all fashionable and hip?
so 60's really...

Galen, you big hairy monster!
if Dickie sees you on a Vespa,
he can still arrange to have you
severely arrested...

ps the swingin' nun was
way more popular
when she was alive.
tho i cant say i remember
even one other of her songs....
possibly a blessing in disguise.
(as it were.)

Strumpet said...

You know you have me all excited over here, don't you?

barman said...

Oh G, I saw a small portion of the game on Saturday as I was running home and then back during most of the game.

I worry how bad they will do this year and will they get good enough for the season. I mean they were suppose to win by 31 but instead lost. What I saw they were not playing as a team. Let me tell you, people were none to kind in comments at the camp ground after the game. Example, they make a mistake at volleyball and they say they just pulled a Michigan... and these were Michigan fans. They are not used to losing.

I sure hope next weekend gets better or there will be talk of sacking Carr. Oh dear, I see it has already started.

barman said...

Such a cheerful sounding song and such a sad history to it. Poor dead Nun.

You know there have been much worse songs than this and those people are still around. There just is no justice in the world.

dickiebo said...

I well remember the darts player who threw a treble 20, then a 20, then his third dart ricocheteds off the board, hit Sister Dominique between the eyes, and the scorer called, "One nun dead and 80!" Don't know about two, though.

HAR said...

Can't place that song. Life is sometimes so sad.

javajazz said...

what is it, Strumpie?
the suicidal not alive nun,
the Mods in Beatles haircuts
with giant furry tails
hanging off their bikes,
or Dickie B arresting Galen?

Strumpet said...

Wait a minute.

Does this mean Galen's in handcuffs?


That's hot.

Charles said...

OK. Let me say to Strumpet, you're welcome, it cost me nothing. All you have to do to comment at my blog is click the number of comments, e.g. "75 comments" then say what your heart desires, and the click the "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT" just like here.

evalinn said...

What a story! Have a nice week, G-man!

G-Man said...

If you heard this song, it would be spinning in your head, believe me..
Thanks for stopping by baby..xox

Are you old enough to be remembering this tune?

Hi Missy,

You Jewish Girls are so kind and supportive of me, that I think that I'll get Bar Mitzvah'd.xox

Stop it...How can any of us function if you're all wet and wild?

I still can't talk about it...

Stop it, your killin me here!

Hey welcome back!!!


Hi Evalinn,

Strumpet said...


I tried it again today in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Nothing happens when I click on the number of comments.

I tried clicking on 'read entire post' or whatever it says and the whole post comes up with commentary attached and then I tried clicking on 'post a comment' and nothing happens.

I don't know what I am doing wrong because it is no different then any other blog I try to comment on. But, I am quite SURE I am doing SOMETHING different for SOME odd reason and it just doesn't want to work for me.

I'll keep trying though.

You betchya.

And, thank you to Galen for the use of your blog for this conversation.