Saturday, September 1, 2007


"The outlook wasn't brilliant, for the Mudville Nine that day,
The score stood 2 to 4 with but one inning left to play,
But when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same,
A sickly silence fell upon, the patrons of the game"......

The opening lines to a favorite childhood poem of mine..
"Mighty Casey at the Bat"
If you are not familiar with it it, is about A lesser team that
In a David and Goliath like fashion, whips a better teams ass !!!

Yes, Thats what happened today!!
Appalacian State for Christ Sakes!!!!
The greatest upset in the history of Man's inhumanity to Man!!
Against MY team.....And I was there!!!
I've already received 2 calls from a Spartan, and 1 from a Badger!!
I'll take it....I've done it before...But I'm NOT happy.......

Appalacian State???
Their running backs name was Joe Bob...Thats it, just Joe Bob!!
His favorite hobbies are ...
1. Whittlin
2. Fiddlin
3. Giggin for frogs

Their Tailgating???
1. BB-Qued Buzzard Wings
2. Mustard Greens and Possum Innerds
3. Racoon Ka-Bobs...Otherwise known as "Ring-Tail Suprise"!

But they whupped our ass!!!..They deserved the win...NO Excuses!!
Let the calls begin...A miserable day..A miserable week-end...A miserable season!!!

"OH, somewhere in this favored land, the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere, and someones hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Mudville-Mighty Casey has struck out".......

...It may as well say;
"There is NO joy in Ann Arbor, Mighty Michigan has struck out"......
Have a great Labor Day Everyone.....I hope it will be better than mine"....
PLEASE..No condolences...Let me bask in my misery...... Peace


J Morgetron said...

The Huskers are playin' today Galen.
Right now, they're winning.

G-Man said...


(...Sorry Jodie..xox)

Crabby said...

I share your misery....literally.

Serena Joy said...

Poor Galen.:( It was a hell of an upset -- and I live nowhere near Appalachia. Nope, not me. Seriously, so sorry about the rain on your parade. There's just no doubt whatsoever that MU will win the next one. None!:)

javajazz said...

sorry, G-baby.

Strumpet said...

What the fuck is 'giggin' for frogs?'

Is that like collecting them up for frog leg kitchen masterpieces?

I've never had frog legs.

But, I hear they taste like chicken.

G-Man said...

Thanks Pam,
You could have really rubbed it in..
You Rock..xoxox

I don't even want to hear it...

Thanks Lisa

Yes an all counts!!

Serena Joy said...

Here's 2 Poor Babys for you -- Poor Baby, Poor Baby.:-)

Strumpet said...


I know my last comment was talking about frog legs...

...but I just read your comment over on my blog and I NEED THIS INFO ASAP.

I had NO IDEA you could scramble eggs in the microwave plain or with cheese or any other way.

This is hereby an OFFICIAL REQUEST for the recipe.

Maybe you could e-mail it or put it in a comment.

But, as soon as I get it I am going to the store for eggs and cheese and I'm making them for dinner and I will let you know how they turn out.

You truly do know it all.

This is going to change my life.

You have no idea.

You are brilliant.


lime said...

yeah , i saw the sports news and i just KNEW you were one unhappy gman. well i hope the rest of the weekend improves....

SignGurl said...

Dear Strumpet, here is a link to Frog Gigging. It's really quite fun if you are into that kind of thing.

Good luck with the eggs and cheese in the micowave.

Galen, I could feel your misery all the way to East Lansing. :(

HAR said...

I know nothing about college football but my two love bird friends are big Penn State fans and couldn't be happier.

Sorry. Like I said, I am not into college sports but they are sooo into Penn State. Aren't they one of your rivals?

Snow White said...

Sorry, G-Baby! If it makes you feel any better, Tennessee is getting beaten at the moment, and Baylor got skunked! xoxox

Strumpet said...

Oh my God.

I had to stop at the word 'spearing.'

But, I think I get it now.

The poor little froggies!!!

But, I thank you bigtime, Ms. Sign-licious for the info because I had not a clue.

As for eggs and cheese, I just got my recipe and I think I'll make it for Sunday breakfast.

I'm VERY excited.

As Strumpet doesn't eat much at home 'cept for cereal and fruit.

This is gonna rock.

I had no idea you could cook eggs in the microwave nor had I knew what frog gigging was before today started.

Look at what I learned today!

TWO new things in ONE DAY!!

The day has been good.

G-Man said...


Strumpet...It's in your comments ..xoxox


Thanks sweetie!!

Thanks for visiting!!
You are always welcome..

G-Man said...

No it doesn't make me feel any better..
But YOU do!!

Actually, the way I make it is to cut up about a 1/2 stick of Polish or Smoked sausage..Zap it for 2 minutes..Zap about 3 eggs busted over the zapped sausage for another 2 minutes..then add your cheese and zap for another 30 seconds..stir, let set ..then enjoy!!
It's easy
It's fun
It's the incredible edible egg!!

J Morgetron said...

What's that I smell?

Ahhh. Sarcasm.


MONA said...

I came here but suddenly I dont feel like reading the post. Will come later & read & then comment

evalinn said...

I´m sorry...hope u feel better soon! :-)

evalinn said...

Will an award cheer u up?

Ambre said...

Awwwwww Galen, chin up! This too shall pass. Not sure 'bout the smell of them thar frog legs though!


G-Man said...

Yes Morgetron,
Sarcasm, and Strumpets Micro-Eggs..xox

Whatever you want to do sweetie, if it makes you feel good..xox

I dunno, maybe...
I'll travel to Sweden and see..Thanks.xox

I was just getting used to your "Ho-Hum Look" Avatar..xox

Rebicmel said...

Galen okay enough is enough, suck it up man!!!!!!!!! I was just following your advice and not babying you. Now chin up and go harass someone.


MIke Kilgore said...

Sad situation g-man, I watched Chad Henne play his high school football against my son here. Wilson beat the hell outta my boys Governor Mifflin team...I think Henne had 2,000 yds or sumthin'...better days is comin'...

buffalodickdy said...

I feel your pain. Having been suspect of Lloyd Carr(decent human, average coach) the last few years, I was hoping he'd retire after an excellent season last year. If he doesn't win against Oregon, it would do him well to bail before it's somebody elses idea...