Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday Monday...........

My Grandmother used to have these "Sayings" or old adages hung up all over her house when I was growing up. You remember them I'm Sure. Sayings like ..
"Come in, sit down, relax, converse...
Our house doesn't always look like this,
Sometimes it's even worse!"

or the ever famous..

"If your so damned smart, Why ain't you rich??

Thats what I keep askin myself...Which leads me to believe that I ain't so very smart!
But some folks are, and here's a prime example...
One night in 1975, an unemployed Ad Exec named Gary Dahl was hanging out in a bar listening to his friends bitch about their pets. That gave him the perfect idea for a pet...A Rock!! He spent the next 2 weeks writing The Pet Rock Training Manual, which included istructions on how to house-train the Rock.(Place it on some old newspapers, The Rock will know what the papers are for, and will require no further istructions.) He had a friend design a box shaped like a pet- carrying case-complete with air holes and a bed of straw-then filled them with rocks that he bought at a building supply store for a penny apiece. The Pet Rock debuted in August of 1975 and sold for $3.95; By the end of October he was shipping 10.000 a day!! The fad encouraged a host of imitations, as well as an entire Pet Rock service industry, including dude ranches, hair care products, and a burial at sea kit..The fad completely died out in 1976...
I need a brain-storm .....Instead of a brain-fart.... Peace


Serena Joy said...

My grandma said the same stuff. LOL. Geez, I haven't thought about pet rocks in years. Not that I had one, mind you. I was smart enough to know rocks don't make good pets. I had one of those Chia Monkey things.:-)

G-Man said...

Serena Joy..
Good Job !!!!!
....Naw, I'm not going there with the monkey...
You so cute Sherry!!!

Strumpet said...


I have always wanted a Chia Pet.

The next time I see one I am getting one.

I just don't know that I'll see one.

Now THERE'S a song that's going to be stuck in my head all day...

ch-ch-ch-CHIA, ch-ch-ch-CHIA

Little Wing said...

I have missed out on sooooo much history!
Dead nuns and pet rocks.
Well I did have a Chia!

Queenie said...

Guess who owns a rock????

I have a plaque above my stove which is "I love to cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food", what does that say about me?

Crabby said...

That guy was brilliant!

Only problem was I ended up with 4 of those suckers as Christmas gifts. 4 rocks for Christmas. How sad. I think that's why I'm emotionally damaged now.

Strumpet, do you really want a Chia Pet? Dang! I can pass one on to you at Christmas. I get those too.

My Christmas's suck sometimes. All in the world I ever ask for is a hot masseuse named Juan. And what do I get? Chia Pets and rocks.

now I'm depressed. I'm going for Horton's.

Charles said...

There's more than one way to be rich.
Wealthy is another matter.
Chia pets and pet rocks, No doubt, they're hard bodies,just name them Juan... I've heard of people being massaged using rocks.

Gary Dahl rocked the world of business. :D

Strumpet said...

Ms. Crabby,

Yes, yes I do.

You rock.

Get it.



And I wouldn't worry too much about a hot masseuse named Juan...

...though you had me laughing HYSTERICALLY with that one...

...any hot masseuse named Juan would probably be gay, so be careful what you wish for.

But, he'd probably give a GREAT massage and tell you how beautiful you are regardless, so it'd be well worth it. Just don't get your hopes up about that happy ending.

Man, now I want a massage from Juan.

My back has been killing me lately.

MONA said...

what is 'rich' Galen?

It is the buying power you talk about?...anyway..

Yes.. an Idea can change your life!

Rebicmel said...

Ah yeah well I am waiting for my shining moment and when that happens I will solve hunger, diseases, poverty and such. I will make sure everyone has money.

SignGurl said...

My grandma has a saying, "When you are young, it's look, but don't touch. When you are old, it's touch, but don't look." Gram's just full of 'em.

I've had some awesome ideas over the years but was too lazy to do anything about them. Then someone beats me to it.

SignGurl said...

P.S. this is the only link I could find for the song from the previous post Dominique. It's music only. It gets into your brain.

Darlin_Jo said...

My personal favorite from my Grandpa was when we would say...."I'm trying"....his response...

"Tryin ain't never finished nothin!"


barman said...

My Grandma always said "No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try"

Wait a minute, that was Yoda.

I did not buy a pet rock. I just sat back and was amazed people were buying them.

Hey Little Wing, there were mood rings back in that general time frame too.

Serena Joy said...

Galen, monkeys are cute -- especially my flying ones.:-)

Barman, I remember mood rings. I still have one around here somewhere.:)

G-Man said...

Stru u u u u Strumpet!!
Damn it, now you got me doing that crap...
don't ever say what you want around me...xoxox

Age does have some advantages, but not many!

It means you are a connoiseur....
Who likes to tipple a bit!..Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

What a wonderful and careing gift those were..

Yes Charles,
You are so right

(knock knock)
Buenos Dias,
My name is Juan...

Hi Mona,
I missed you sweetie,
are you being philosphical with me?

Hi Missy,
I know you would certainly help mankind!

Your Gram Rocks!
Thanks for the link!!

Darlin Jo,
Welcome back sweetie,
It seems everyone has an adage to contribute..

Your Grandma was Yoda?
Don't even get me started on Mood rings..
I got a whole post on them..Thanks

Charles said...

I remember the mood rings, it was one of the first commercial uses of liquid crystal technology.

G-Man said...

You too with the Mood Rings?
OK, I guess I'll just have to post a bit about them..xoxbgxoxox

G-Man said...

Et Tu Charles?

lime said...

you don't need a brain storm...you need some way to cionvince 10K suckers a day to fork over 3.95 for something they could go dig out of their yard.

as for saying, i think PT barnum had one regarding these folks....

lime said...

my grandfather was the one with all the sayings.

he used to warn me he;'d cloud of an rain all over me when i was misbehaving.

gab said...

ahhh yes the famous pet rocks. I never had one as my dad said we had enough rocks from our collection I could make a pet from one of those. (he just didnt get it)In fact the company we bought the polish stuff from to polish said collection started to sell eyes and glasses and hair so you too could make your own pet rocks. I have some glasses some wheres I just never made any I guess when the fad died so did my ambition to make my own!

javajazz said...

my son Poopy got
a Chia Homer (Simpson)
last year from the piano player
in their band...
i thought that was kinda sweet...
i am starting to get some entrepreneurial
ideas about what we can Chia...
whaddaya think, Strumpie,
tell me whats the first thing
that comes to your mind
that you want little green sprouts
growing out the top of?
(was that a loaded question?)
hee hee! this is FUN.
Chia Body Parts...
Chia Anatomy.
there are so many things
one could Chia-fy (Chia-ize?)
even food.
Chia sausages.
Chia legs of lamb.
Chia noses.