Sunday, July 15, 2007

This and That.......

Hi Everybody, I hope that this week-end is going OK for all of my friends in Bloggerville! Last night, as I do every Saturday OR Sunday evening in the Summer time, My best friend Alex, aka Ajax and I, went on our usual road trip. We usually get started about 7:30 or so by getting a hot, fresh, and delicious cup of Tim Horton's coffee. We usually have a pre-roll of some sort of Herbal Extract on hand, and we head for the country...Let's see, from where we live, that usually takes about 5 minutes. We have no specific route, we just cruise, sip, puff, dodge deer, and listen to the Oldies station. Last night we ended up in a very small rural town called Bancroft. This is a typical little Berg, but it does have a great Biker Bar there called Pirates Cove. They have a great menu, and their beer is ice cold. On the week-ends they usually have a band, and the people are friendly. Last night was the owner of the bars birthday, his name is Scott Wilson, he has 2 great looking Harley's, and he supports all local Biking events. I don't know where I'm really going with this ramble, but please bear with me for a minute..
As I was sipping an Ice-Cold Budweiser for 2.25 each, I casually glanced up on the wall and noticed a line of bra's along the top of the ceiling. Now I've been to many bars in my life, and I've seen the same line of bra's on many bars ceiling's...But I have NEVER been there while one was being taken off for the collection. Maybe I don't stay late enough, maybe I don't buy the right Bimbo her Cold Bud, Maybe they buy them at the Goodwill and put them up in the daytime, I don't know, all I know is that I've never seen a removal of this private piece of wearing apparel in a bar. Well well, doesn't that sound like a segue'?????????

Mary Phelps Jacob, a teenage debutante in 1913, wanted to wear a Rose-Garland dress to a party one evening, but her corset cover kept peeping through the Roses around her bosom. So she took off the corset, pinned 2 handkerchiefs together, and tied them behind her back with some ribbon. "The result was delicious", she later recalled, "I could move about much more freely, a nearly naked feeling"..The contraption eventually became known as a "Brassiere"-
A name borrowed from the corset cover it replaced..( Jacob later became famous for riding naked through the streets of Paris.....on an elephant!!)

Have a great Sunday everyone..... Peace


Serena Joy said...

I never heard that story of the origin of the bra before, but I can see why the sheer freedom of that first effort was enough to make Miss Mary want to get naked and ride elephants.:-)

How long before you stay 'til closing at the Pirates Cove, just to find out once and for all?:)

G-Man said...

On being #1
(in more ways than 1)
I can't close a bar down anymore, I haven't done that crap since College days..But maybe if you were there, I could be coerced???
Thanks for stopping by on a lazy Sunday afternoon BG..xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

Woo-hoo! I'll take #1. I wouldn't mind helping you close down the bar, but you have to promise to protect my brassiere from those rowdy pirates, BD.:-)

G-Man said...

Maybe those rowdy Pirates should be protecting you from ME???

MONA said...

Galen? is there another undergarment raid in your region? My father used to boast of a panty raid by him with the boys at the hostel in Michigan. They all raided the Girl's hostel & ran way with their panties. The panites were later displayed in their rooms,all framed up, as trophies!

Strumpet said...


When putting on my bra, I shall think of you.

Serena Joy said...

Do you think they could? They look like some pretty scrawny pirates to me.:-)

G-Man said...

I don't think they have had a panty raid since the 30's....

You wear a bra?

I don't think that anyone could protect you from me...
( boy that sounds creepy )
just don't worry about a thing..OK? xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...


lime said...

i've worn many a bra and i've worn a corset too.....may i just say ....bless the inventor of a bra!

i wanna make a contribution to the biker wall!

snowelf said...

So..what? I don't go to bars much--chicks just take off their bras and pin them on the wall? How curious...


S said...

Now I loveeee that kind of information. Fashion tawk with the gman, who knew?

You have inspired me, I am going to do a post on Amelia Bloomer....

S said...

Um, I think Lime has my extra bra!
He he....Pats Snowelf on the head gently...
Noo, honey, the women get really sauced, the men buy them lots of drinks, then they do a little strip for the men.
The "pulling the bra out through the shirt armholes" is also acceptable provided you do it sexily. No, no, no! I never, ever have.

SignGurl said...

And sometimes, said friend will accidentally drunk/high dial you :)

You saved me from adding my bra to a famous wall with that call.

G-Man said...


Honey, is there a wall big enough for your bra?
I mean...WOW!!!

Yes SnowElf, some chicks do!!

Baby I love you,
Amelia Bloomer.....
How about Joyce G-String?

( yes Susie, you need to have a little talk with Snow)

G-Man said...



Snow White said...

Pirates Cove, huh? I always wanted to be a pirate's wench! And though I can't recall where right this second, I have just recently ready that Mary Phelps Jacob story! xoxoxox

G-Man said...

SnowWhite Baby!!
Thanks for the validation sweetie.
Sometimes I think that no one believes me!!!

MONA said...

So they DID have a panty raid there. I was always skeptical about that.& I guess my father was boasting of what he had heard about!!

in 30s!! that is ancient.. that is pre WW 2 !!

They did that in those times too!!!

SeaRabbit said...

Jesus!! (I'm still catholic, but not practicing... ) what those crazy American girls aren't doing to get some attention!!!!
I did many, many bars downtown Montreal, and never came across something like that... And 'they' say we are wild in Quebec????
Wait a minute.... We may be wild, but we don't go crazy for a few drinks... ;-)))...lolololol...

barman said...

Mona I think that is a college thing and it has been a while since I have heard someone bring that up. Of course I rarely find myself on a college campus these days.

I could not help but think about tie-dye when Lime mentioned making a contribution to the lineup.

Sounds like a good time G.

Littlewing said...

Pirates Cove, I like the name!
Buy them at Goodwill and put them up in the daytime??????
I would much rather ride thru the streets of Paris naked on my harley than an elephant, but hey, to each their own!

G-Man said...

Yes It's an old custom

No hanging bra's in Quebec? Sacre Bleu!!!!!

Thats right Barman,
I'll now be looking for a Tie-Dye bra...

I would much rather have that too...YOWZER!!!!!