Monday, July 16, 2007

Musical Monday One Hit Redux.....

So when my friend Alex and I are riding around the countryside doing whatever you do when you ride around the countryside in the Summer, we always listen to the oldies station. Yeah, we like to relive those thrilling days of yesteryear quite often, last night we heard a strange song that was very popular back in the Doom and Gloom days of the Viet Nam War, circa 1969.
The song was "In The Year 2525". It was a song about some futuristic vision that resembled the Movie "Soylent Green".( Remember that classic movie trivia catch phrase..."They're People, They're People" ) Anyway.....Here is their One Hit Wonder story;

In 1968, Danny Zager and Rick Evans were playing folk music in a motel lounge in Lincoln Nebraska. One of their most popular songs was, "In The Year 2525", an up-tempo apcalyptic vision Evans had written 4 years earlier. They decided to record it. For $ 500.00 , they got recording studio time and 1000 copies of their single-which they sold to local record stores and passed out to Nebraska radio stations.
Zager and Evans were ecstatic when the song started to get air play in Lincoln.....and flabbergasted when the song drew the attention of a hot-shot management firm in L.A. An executive with the firm, flew to Lincoln and signed them to a contract; then he signed them to a recording contract with RCA.
A few weeks later, "In The Year 2525" was released nationally....and a few weeks after that, it was #1 in America. However Danny Zager never really liked the song, and was not interested in doing songs of the same style, none of their subsequent songs ever made it to the top 100.
He is now playing in some lounge in Lincoln Nebraska singing "Feelings", and once in a while,
"Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round That Old Oak Tree"...( I just made that last part up...) HA!!!
Have a great week everybody out there in Bloggerville..... Peace.


Snow White said...

You ROCK, G-Man! xoxox

gab said...

In the year 2525 if man's still alive.....
I love that song.

Snow White said...

LOL Great post, G! I even remember that song. You really do rock... and roll! xoxox

MONA said...

Galen. I am with Danny Zager. He might not have the fame & the riches But he had the satisfaction of doing what he loved. He followed his heart & in the end I guess that is all that matters. To die, with your heart content.

He was brave, to have gone against his own popularity tide and do as HE pleased.

Cazzie!!! said...

Once again, another great post from the G-Man :)

barman said...

Why does it feel like I am visiting Paul Harvey every time I come here with his "Rest of the Story" thing? I love it.

It is funny. A little while ago they started calling songs from the 70's oldies and I was not happy. Those were my songs. Then I thought about it and they were right, that was a while ago. Now I have not heard it but I am sure they will start calling songs from the 80s oldies soon. A whole new generation will get to experience that little shock of having their music called oldies. Good luck to them.

Happy Monday G.

Top cat said...

That was a great song. I didn't know that's how it became a hit.
Cool info dude.

Serena Joy said...

I think of 'Soylent Green' every time I see Spam or other unidentifiable meat. Interesting historical on that song, and it's a good thing you made that last part up. People who sing 'Feelings' in public probably ought to be shot. :-)

SignGurl said...

This post makes me feel young. Thanks for that.

G-Man said...

Good Mornin Everyone,
please carry on till later tonight when I get home from work...Bye..xoxox

jillie said...

I remember BOTH the song AND the movie...

Great MM there g-man ;o)

Hope you had a great ride!

Charles said...

Well, I hope he's happy, this is probably one reason why GWB and the legislative branch are afraid of cloning and stem cell research. How the heck are we ever going to get to Arakis with this kind of mentality?

snowelf said...

You know, I'm with Danny--that song always gives my the creeps for some just doesn't sit well with me...

Luckily you, Mr. G-ma sit VERY well with me. ;)


MyUtopia said...

Great post, you rock!

lime said...

lol, i gotta agree with danny, that song never did to much for me

very cool story though and glad you and alex have fun

MONA said...


J Morgetron said...

I love ANY trivia that involves Nebraska. Thanks G-Man.

Crabby said...

I loved that song! I should go to i-tunes and buy that one. I'd forgotten it.

Yeegads! Barman is right. It does feel like we're visiting Paul Harvey.

Littlewing said...

Nothing better than the oldies.
I like that old time rock n roll,
that kind of music just soothes my soul!

G-Man said...

You Rock too baby!! xox

Your not old enough to remember that song!! xo

Yes....Noble, and Broke!!
...But Noble..xoxox

Hi sweetie I love seeing you here...Thanks xox

Good Day!

And thats the rest of the story..
Thanks for being such a loyal friend....G

Serena Joy,
I feel the same way,
But I noticed you did not mention the Tony Orlando song....?
Thanks BG, you Rock..xoxox

Where you been?
I have'nt talked to you for ages!!
I sure miss you xoxox

Jillie Bean,
My little hobbled Angel of Mercy..xoxoxoxoxoxox

Psssst Charles,
Got any "spice"......

Awww, Snow...?
You always make the G-Man feel so good..Thanks

Damn Girl, you better watch it, G-Man is getting used to your visits....And I like it very much.....Galen

Hi Limey,
Thanks sweetie, I'm glad you are feeling Better..
I knew you were OK..xox


I did this for you baby!
I knew you'd like it.xox

Hi Crabby,
I'm glad I've informed you about something...
Thanks Pam...xoxoxoxox

Hey JD,
Bob Segar...A Michigan Rock and Roller...
Thanks for the visit, let go for a ride sweetie!

Serena Joy said...

Nah, Tony Orlando's too old to shoot. I'd feel a little bad about it.:-)

Charles said...

Shhhh, G. Spice is hard to get around this part of the galaxy. If I got caught with any, GWB would probably have it brought to him, it makes you sharper and lord knows, he could use it.

S said...

I dont know if you'd like Tori...:P
She's very alt.

Aint it good
aint it right
that you are with me
here tonight...
the music playin
your body swayin in time
in time
in time
in time
touching you
so warm and tender
lord i feel such a sweet surrender
beautiful is the dream
that makes you mine....
Ahh dooo doo doo doo dooo
Rock me gently
rock me slowly
take it easy
dont you know
that i have never been loved like this before....
and baby baby.....
rock me gently rock me slowly....


SeaRabbit said...

This is indeed a very good song... and that poor guy is probably bitting is nails to haven't follow that wave... ;-)
And Soylent Green is one of my oldies favorites... ;-)) In fact, a real classic... ;-)

G-Man said...

Just askin..xox

..The House of Atrides, may have some!!

Thats a Tori Amos song?

Hi Jo, you make me very happy when you visit me.
Thanks for stopping by, and I really love that movie too..xoxox

jillie said...



gab said...

Oh honey yes I am!

J Morgetron said...

Awww Galen ... You are bloggarrific. You're the sweetest knowitall I know.