Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flash 55..........

Hey Boss, he did it!
"Who did what"?
That fancy schmancy scientist you hired, developed a new product!
"Really?...Lets go see".
( The men enter the lab )
Limburger.....The Boss
"So....Limburger, details please"!

...It's creamy, smooth, spreadable, AND delicious.
But alas,.....No Name.

"Limburger!!!!!....Call it something, YOU'RE the cheese whiz"!!


Serena Joy said...

Yum. I love cheese. But isn't Limburger that smelly cheese? You made it in 55 words, though. That rocks.:-)

G-Man said...

Cheeze Whiz?????
Get It?
and Thanks..xoxox

snowelf said...

Galen!! You rock!
Now this is a 55 I could relate to!! ;)
Dangerously cheesy!


Serena Joy said...

I got it. You ARE the whiz. And thank YOU for getting cheesy.:-)

Breazy said...

See ya when I get back from the beach! Oh yeah, you have been tagged! LOL!


Littlewing said...

Cheesus, what a whiz you are big daddy!!!!!!!!!!

S said...

Ok how did I know it was gonna be about food?
Im not up yet.....

Thanks for playing gman!

MONA said...

Thank God!
Only half of it disappeard today!!!

But still it did!

Cheese... that is what you say for a put on smile!!!

cheese... Yuck!

Sorry G- man!

evalinn said...

Great 55! Have a nice weekend, Man of Knowledge.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hahaha too funny, yet elaborately devised Dear Galen :)

barman said...

You and not writing about food would just be un-natural. Well unless it is about Tim's or riding or ...

G-Man said...

Galen got up late.....
So I'll answer all comments tonight upon my return from work tonight..
Carry On everybody!!

javajazz said...

hey, Knowitall...
wake up!!

Top cat said...


Snow White said...

G-Man, you always know how to make a girl smile... even if it is a cheesy grin! xoxox

jillie said...

It ain't easy being cheezey!!!!! Taken from a real cheezer here. Ewwww....limburger cheese. That stuff is the WORST on earth...


Charles said...

Actually, after having worked at a specialty cheese store as a first job, I'd have to say that Limburger is not the worst smelling cheese. That award would have to go to German Hand Cheese. The stuff was so bad smelling, we all would rather have worked with Limburger. It would come into the store pre-wrapped, in foil, then wrapped with plastic. We would then wrap it again with Saran and heat seal it. The smell would be on your hands for days, despite the number of times you would wash your hands, and you'd be washing them more often trying to get the smell off. Horrible stuff. We actually had people coming in looking for Limburger, and they liked it for the most part. Some just wanted it to put on people's automobile exhaust manifolds. We'd try to "upgrade" those people.

Ameratis said...

Sheeesh that was cheesy! LOL :) You are funny as always G-man! :)

Flash said...

thank god his name wasn't Funkyfooter or something.

great work though, if not cheesy...

S said...

Ok everyone my 55 is up...I will be over later to check yours out...or Gman, my hired hand, will for sure get there before I do!

I wrote about something Mr Ratburn lost in Hawaii...

lime said...

LOL, you crack me up with these every week. at least now i know what cheese whiz is....i thought it vaguely resembled melted plastic.

MyUtopia said...

Great 55!

Strumpet said...

You know...I've never tried Limburger.

And a Strumpet has to try everything once.

Cheese Whiz, way kinds of retro cool.

I haven't had it since I was a kid.

Crabby said...

Talk about your cheesy posts.
AND WHY THEE HELL HAVEN'T YOU VOTED FOR ME YET MAN? I'm gonna get knocked off the top 10.
I admit, I'm not sure what the top 10 is exactly but I'm there and damn it to hell....I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT A LOT! I have 6 votes. I only need...I forget. Somebody on there has 50 or something. I know they didn't vote for themselves cuz...I tried. It won't let you. Not that I would cheat or anything.

SignGurl said...

You are too clever Mr. KnowItAll.

I'm glad you liked my 55. I thought of you when I wrote it :)

P.S. I like the cheese in a can that you squirt on crackers or straight into your mouth. Yum!

Serena Joy said...

Uh-oh, Galen overslept. You must have been up too late last night.:-)

Manny said...

All cheese is good.

Nice job. I really should try this 55 stuff.

G-Man said...

You Wisconsin girls Rock!!

Good Job Finally!

Hi Breazy,
Thanks for stopping by.

Hey JD,
Thanks for the kudo!

Susie Dear..xoxoxox

You don't like cheese?
I'm sorry..xoxo

Thank You Woman of Beauty!

Hi Cazzie,
Do you have Cheese Whiz is Aussi-Land?

Whats hapennin Bro?

Is that you sweetie?
I missed you..xoxoxoxo


That was just his name!

Thanks for that little lactic tour!!!

Hi Melodie, G-Man sure misses you..xoxox

Are you old enough to read this stuff?
I wanna see some ID please?

OK Susie,
I'll be right over,
read yours then go to the Bar...xoxox
PS. I'll visit all that you don't ...promise.

I happen to love Cheeze Whiz..xoxox

Thanks again for hanging around...

Strumpet dear,
Thanks for supporting me onh the Cheeze Whiz thing.
That means YOU ROCK!!!!!

Your 55 really touched me.. Thanks xoxox

Ok OK I'll see what I have to do OK?
I love seeing you out and about..xoxox


I love BOTH cheese and Manny!!!

gab said...

Ewww cheese whiz!

MONA said...

galen! It seems to be 'making up' for having appeared half earlier!!

Now it is disappearing for full five minutes before reappearing again!!!!

Serena Joy said...

Yes, Galen??????? :-)

G-Man said...

You live by the Home of Spam, and you don't like Cheeze Whiz? xoxox

Why is my 55 haunted?

G-Man said...

You Know SJ.......!

Serena Joy said...

Oh, thaaaaaaaat! Sometimes I am as dense as a maroon.:-)

G-Man said...

That'l be the day SJ.

Serena Joy said...

Well, that'll be the day...

Buddy Holly, 1957.

gab said...

Nope I do not. In fact I cant stomach spam much any more either. Silly me

tsduff said...

I'm sorry Gman - I really thought I left a comment earlier! Don't know where it went.

I'm a major cheese lover - but I stop at Stilton.

Strumpet said...

I've never tried Spam either.

I seriously need to get onto this food group of weird shit.

I have to admit I'm scared though.

Which is probably why I've never tried either of them.

tsduff said...

Galen - I do stop at Stilton - meaning Limburger is out of the question. Stilton, on the other hand, is the food of God. :-D

G-Man said...

You are correct!!

Spam is revered in Hawaii!
As a kid we had it all the time, but as an adult?...I can afford ham..hahahaha.xoxox

OK Terry,
NOW I Understand!!!
Anyway, at least I got to see you Twice today..*wink*
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

First you need two pieces of buttered toast,
While the toast is still hot, slather it with Cheeze Whiz, then you put on several slices of fried spam, pile it as High as you like, then enjoy!!! Yeah Baby!!!!

Only trouble with that is, you better be prepared to drink LOTS of water because I think that you would have just injested about 2000 Mg's of sodium..Hahaha
Love Ya!!!!..Galen xox

Strumpet said...


So you eat Cheeze Whiz and Spam TOGETHER!


But, if it has that much would be a rare day I ingest such a thing.

Sodium gives me that bloaty feeling. Then my jeans don't fit how I want them to and you get that muffin-top action. I don't dig on that, cos then i have to pick a tee-shirt that hangs lower and it's really annoying.

In fact, Bang just told me about a tailor lady last night that will take any old baggy rock shirt and tailor it to fit you hot as fuck for 8 bucks.

I'm starting my pile today. She just found herself her best customer.

I can't fucking wait!

Oh, by the way, good morning!


Charles said...

Hope you're having the ride of your life this weekend. Ride safe. Ride to live, live to ride.

Falco said...

As for stench (stink for the less pretentious among us), the following are world class: armpits (where the Left Gard wasn't applied), toe cheese, Limburger, and another which shall remain nameless in order not to offend any delicate sensitivities. Hint: sounds like a San Francisco neighborhood.

As for Cheez Whiz, it ranks right in there with the other old krafty fake cheese product -- Velveeta -- the real plastic innertube patch stuff.

G-Man said...

...Muffin-Top action!
THAT my dear, is one of your best ones yet....
And thats why Galen loves you so much!! xoxox

Charles my Boy.....
I love that Harley-Phrase!
Thanks for the blessing.. G

Ya gotta admit though, Velveeta makes a DAMN good grilled cheese sammich..
And That gooey shit it melts into for Quesadila sause is awesome...Thanks for visiting me again Falco.

Did I shun my Little Texas Redhead today??
I need to be tied up and spanked very vigorously, hard, and often!!!
...Or Vice Versa..xoxoxox

MONA said...

hey Galen! Good morning to you!

Strumpet said...

Oh, Galen...

I'm so glad to have made you laugh.

However, it's not very funny when muffin-top action occurs!

javajazz said...

the cheese wiz....
the big cheese!
G-man, you a brainy yak!
(miss you...!)

G-Man said...

Hi Mona,
Right now isn't it about your bedtime?

You have more cute pet names for Cooter Events, than anyone in the world.
Thats why you are a ....
"Bad Motherfucker"!
( Even though you will read this and write me back and say..."Oh Galen I am so NOT a bad motherfucker"..But you really are...xoxox)

I know for a fact that Cheeze Whiz is an essential part of your Dietary Regimen..
Thats OK, I love it too!

SignGurl said...

Velveeta makes me puke. I can't stand the texture of Velveeta in my mouth. What?!!??? Shuddup!!

SignGurl said...

P.S. Strumpet IS a bad mother fucker!!!

Strumpet said...


I am SO not a bad motherfucker, I just like pretending.


This is why!

Muffin-top action is NOT any sort of reference to mine, or anyone else's 'cooter.'

Muffin-top action is the action that occurs above the top of your jeans when you have that bloaty feeling, (usually a result of eating too much sodium and therefore retaining water,) and your pot hangs outside the rim of your jeans. Instead of everything keeping that nice smooth hourglass line. It sucks. It gives the appearance of a muffin top that sits on-top of the baking cup the rest of the muffin is in.

Muffin-top action.

It sounds a lot more dirty than it is.

I am sure I could come up with other ways to use the term without even trying, but in this instance I was referring to a VERY girly thing that we all must deal with from time to time.

No matter what shape our figure is in.

Even men can experience muffin-top action.

There ya go.

Strumpet: Sensitive, girly-type, that just likes to pretend she is a bad motherfucker but is really just a big pussy.


Secret: Strumpet only crosses streets when the street signal says to walk. If the bright orange light is flashing, and no cars are in sight, she will still not cross the street.

I am NOT a bad motherfucker...but, my blog is the one that says, 'bad motherfucker,' cos I dig on Pulp Fiction so much.

Okay, enough of my predictableness in saying I'm not a bad motherfucker.

Have a great day!

G-Man said...

Hahahahaha....I was Right!!!!!