Thursday, July 26, 2007

Evil HNT


Serena Joy said...

Woo-hoo, G-man in pink! That rocks. Everybody should look so relaxed and laid back.:-)

gab said...

Hot pink niccccceeeeee! XOXOXO
oh and I answered your comment on my blog if you care to read.

lime said...

LOL, did it burn your skin to wear that???


G-Man said...

Hey Serena,
Being from Virginia, you may not know what a sacriledge I just committed, but yes it seems the Buckeyes did change their school colors to pink!!!
Thanks sweetie xobgxox

Of course I care to read your PC shows it Pink also?

Hi Limey,
Actually, it was kinda fun...Thanks xoxox

Serena Joy said...

LOL! It's this stupid computer that turned your nice red shocking pink.:)

G-Man said...

Shocking Pink....?

I'm your Venus...I'm your Joy and your Desire!

MONA said...




That look on the face!!!!!!!!! are naughty!!

Come here... I want to pull your cheeks... er ears...

MONA said...

did somebody say pink!!!?????

Galen, do you have matching shoes???


MONA said...

ah yes & I forgot...[ I thik I am getting a little forgetful in love]


J Morgetron said...

Pure Eeeeeevillll.

Do I see horns sprouting?


Little Wing said...

You be da man .....G!MAN!

MilkMaid said...

Ah, my favorite day of the week!

G-Man said...

Yes sweetie, you may pull my cheeks and ears.

Everyone sprouts horns around you, thanks..xox

I am?
Hey Thanks Baby

If thats when you visit me, it's my favorite day too..xox

Cazzie!!! said...

woo hoo :)

Anonymous said...

It's the socks that have to match the T...lololol...
You really all seem to make a big deal of the pink... Is it that rare to see on a man?
And Mona is right... you have quite a naughty look there...;-)

Crabby said...

sniff. sniff. I'm so proud. I need a moment.

A wolverine in full Buckeye gear. It''s just so beautiful. This is such a proud moment. Kind of like when I finally passed the parking portion of my driver's test. I never thought I'd see that day either but....there I was, a licensed driver. And now, this.

You just look so damn CUTE! Lemme pinch those cheeks. C'mon....c'mere you little cutie...give us a big Buckeye hug.

Charles said...

You know, I have never figured out why we create these artificial conflicts. You go, G.

SignGurl said...

I'm cracking up at Crabby's love for your attire! Does she know you did this one for her and Manny?

barman said...

Ah the Evil HNT or as I like to call it the anti-HNT. You wearing pink (possible but not what I expected) and you wearing BUCKEYE stuff. Oh dear. Just don't you get used to wearing that stuff now, you hear. The only saving grace is your Harley belt buckle. Well that and you of course.

Of course your realize your season tickets are in jeopardy now.

javajazz said...

Mona wants to pull your cheeks...

you look adorable, i dont care what
colours you're sporting, who could resist
that face!!

i might be missing all the politics of
your fashion statement,
but its probably better that way!

lisa loves Galen...

DarkAngel said...

G .... pink????

Do we gotta take you on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

hee hee ... crazy kid.

*huggles you*

24crayons said...

HHNT... thats awfully bright... LOL

Breazy said...

I love a man in pink! You look like such a happy man, that extra little twinkle in your eyes gives it away!

Great pic!


J Morgetron said...

Down Boy!



evalinn said...

Nice HNT G-man, u look cool as always! :-) I've posted my first HNT, I think u'll like it..?

Snow White said...

Now G-Man, I gotta tell ya... this is one HOT HNT! I'd give anything to know what's going on in your head behind that grin! I hope it was naughty! Happy HNT! xoxoxox

dickiebo said...

Even co-ordinated with the slide. What a man!

Manny said...

I knew you were a Buckeye! And a sexy Buckeye at that.

Serena Joy said...

Goddess on the mountaintop wondered if that shirt shouldn't be shocking blue.:-)

MyUtopia said...

Looks like your fixin to fight : ) verbally of course : )

Strumpet said...

I only have one question.

But, what colour underwear do you have on?!?!

Screw the socks, shoes and slide!


I am enjoying the birdfeeder hanging from the tree, however.

G-Man said...

Cazzie...Woo Hoo to you Too!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed my "colors"
Happy HNT to you Jo!

I'll have you know that there are only 2 women in this whole wide world that I would do this for.
You and your sister....
Thanks..Galen xoxox

Are you referring to the greatest rivalry in the history of Man's Inhumanity to Man?

I hope she knows that this outfit gave me the Willies...
Nice pic Baby..xoxoxox

Barman, here's hoping that none of the other alumni are seeing this!!

Hi Lisa,
Yeah, It's an American College Football thing!
Thanks sweetie, I hope my "nephew" got off all-right...Did he?

Hi Angel,
You likey da color?
Very manly indeed!!
Thanks sweetie, I love your visits..xoxoxox

24 Crayons....
Welcome to the Jungle!
Thanks for visiting, and HHNT to you too...Galen

Hi Breazy,
I always have a twinkle for you baby..xoxox

Bark at the Moon!!
Thats my Buckeyetron outfit!!
Thanks xoxoxox

I've already visited your HNT post...WOW!!!!
You have got some awesome gams sweetie!!!

Lady Di,
I'm sure something wicked was rolling around in my head..
Thanks xoxox

The G-Man always tries to accessorize well...

Even when you disappear, I think of you ..xoxox

Hi Serena Joy....
I always try to shock!!!
How am I doing so far???

Not till the last week in November anyway...
Thanks ..Galen

Hows this......?
Commando Buckeye at your service..
Doesn't SignGurl have a nice Back Yard?
(I'd love to see Strumpets Back Porch)

Charles said...

Yeah, Football. School rivalries, that sort of stuff. The things kids get beat up for that doesn't make a rat's ass. Yeah.

Strumpet said...

My back porch?

I have a very nice little area where you can sizzle your sausage.

SignGurl said...

I want to sizzle in Strumpet's back yard!!!!

SignGurl said...

Ok, Mr. KnowItAll, I did a 55.

Strumpet said...

Ms. Sign,

You are officially invited to come sizzle.

Just make sure to bring your camera.

G-Man said...

"Hail to the Victors"!

Me too!

I'll be right over to read it..xox

Ooooh, Sizzle My Sausage?
And iffin theres any picture taken goin on..
I'm just the Buckaroo to take them thar shots..xo

snowelf said...

Galen my dear, you can pull off anything, can't ya. ;)

Apples abound,

G-Man said...

Hi Snowelf,
Thanks for making it in the nick of time...
G-Man LOVES his apples!!

S E E Quine said...

` I'm scared! I also have that song from Voltaire running through my head.