Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday 55......Fleeting......

The grass is very green,
The temperature will hit 90 today.
The heat-index is stifleing,
The Fourth-of-July is past us.
But the next Holiday is Labor Day,
And the deer are turning darker
The days are getting shorter
The starlings are starting to flock,
And it's only 36 days to kick-off!!!!!

If you enjoyed this and/or wrote a 55 of your own,
Please leave the G-Man a comment and tell him.
The beautiful Susie left the hosting duties in my
humble hands today...she will return on Sunday!


snowelf said...

Galen, you know how to cheer a girl up. ;)
Put her first.

snowelf said...

And OH YEA!!

...36 days bay-bee!!!!

G-Man said...

Hey sweetie, good job!!
A football fan?

Serena Joy said...

I was getting into it, thinking of cool fall days and deep shadows and woodsmoke and then you said ... football. You said it very well, though, so I can take it.:-)

Strumpet said...


J Morgetron said...

Mine's up early too.



barman said...

I played this week too. Very nice and only 36 days... I can't wait but those first few weeks are just to warm...

gab said...

Yeah the joys of summer! I hate complaining about the heat because it wasnt long ago I was Bitchin about the cold of winter. Thanks G-man you do a great job on the 55

G-Man said...

We all have our little things we love in life.
I have a few..xobgxoxo


Yours was very good Jodie, thanks for playing!

You did a good job son!
Thanks for playing...G

Why Thank you Gale, I'm glad you liked it..G

MONA said...

Ditto here except the last line...

55...dont feel like after my last night's more than 2000 :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Gr8 55

javajazz said...

the deer are turning darker?
man, thats freaky!
tho i did notice the trees are starting
to lose their bright green on top...
back to school
that was fast.
excellent 55 mr knowitall
you little writer, you!

ps Brian is in Stockton now...
at a Howard Johnsons, even...
he made it over the border this time!
(tho i wish he were closer to ours...)


evalinn said...

Great 55! And what a responsibility! :-)

Little Wing said...

Little night owl here. Mine is up.
Your's is pretty cool!

G-Man said...

Are you writing a novel?
I love you anyway.xomrxox

Hi Cazzie,
I already had my history lesson sweetie..xox

The deer are always lighter in the Spring, thats not too freaky.
Thanks for the compliment, and I'm so happy that Bri is on his way..Love..Galen

Happy Birthday Evalinn!
I really think you should try your hand at the 55....Please?

Thanks Jadey,
I already read yours, and it was very touching.

SignGurl said...

G, you are making me sad about summer ending. You know how hot it makes me.

As I said before, my 55 is up and has already had many visitors. Thanks for sending them my way.

Irish Mama said...


You rock! Loved it! And mine is posted, very sneakily, from work. I'm so dedicated...just not to my job!


snowelf said...

Okay G-man,

Mine's up. It's not my best work, though.

love ya!

(and yep, I LOVE football too.)

Ameratis said...

Hey G-man, gosh I can't believe it is almost football season again!

I wrote a Flash Fiction 55 today too :)

Snow White said...

Okay G-Man, I'm flashin' today. You'll have to scroll to find it, but it's there. I have an unplanned theme "thang" goin' on again.

Loved yours. Being a teacher, I hate to see summer end. However, football season does soften the blow a bit... and the promise of college basketball to come!


Crabby said...

36 days till butt whuppin season. WOOOOO HOOOOO!

The deer get darker? I didn't even know that. Good 55! and educational too. LOL!

Jodes said...

what up dude

MONA said...

I would write one one day galen. it is not a novel but a post.The comments of which seem to be longer now! :)

Charles said...

What's this got to do with vessels? :)

Flash said...

Well, got my football update from the most surprising sources, a 55.

And of course, the Flash played.

J Morgetron said...

PS: Your 55 is one reminder in a long list of reminders that soon Morgetron will be returning to work. EEEEK! Reality bites!

Manny said...

And then there's College football.

G-Man said...

Hi Baby, Your was very good for someone that was not going to do one!
Thanks Jenn..xoxox

Hey Irish Mama, thanks for visiting...Yours rocked as well...Galen

Another Football fan!!
I'll need your support in a couple of weeks!!
Your 55 was very well done...Galen xoxox

Hi Melodie,
Yep...Just around the corner!!
Your 55 was awesome Impy.
Thanks for telling the G-man..xoxox

I love it when you flash!
Lets see that again...
Yeah Baby..xoxoxox

Hi Jodie Girl,
You've been busy I know!
Thanks for finding time for the G-man..xoxox

Once you start writing...


Are you still winning?
I voted for you!!

And you played very well!
Thanks again for playing!
You Playa You!!

Teachers Rock!!!
But look how well rested you are!!

And we all know who's comming to the Big House this year...
And I'll be there!!!

Rebicmel said...

Okay Mr. G-Man Morgy said I was supposed to tell you I did a flash 55, it's my first attempt at it and you can find it at, thanks a million well if I had a million

J Morgetron said...

Hey G-Man ... I see that Missy just visited. I was just coming here to direct you to her very first FF55 because she was being a little shy, but she beat me to it.

And ... I have been getting more rest lately. Bad for the chats ... but good for the Mama.


Two weeks and I'll be Mrs. M. again. WAAAAHHHHH!

G-Man said...

Welcome to the Jungle!
And what a great 55...
Please come back..Galen

Good Morning Mrs. Morgetron!!!
But just think of all the Apples you'll be getting!!
Thanks for the heads up..
Galen xox

Crabby said...

G, I'm not winning. I'm dying over there. Can't all you guys please help an old lady out and go give me a thumbs up? Here's the think...I'm not real good at putting links in comments. THE LINK?

G-Man said...

OK OK, I just voted for you again....
at the risk of the .....
"Wrath of Signgurl"
You had better win!!!!

Manny said...

Happy dance...

lime said...

oooooh, don't remind me.....

G-Man said...

Can I have this dance?

Hi sweetie,
I sure have missed you.

Manny said...

yes g, I'd love to dance with you.

G-Man said...

Awww Thanks Candy Cane..

MONA said...




G-Man said...

I love a hug from a beautiful woman..xomrxox
Thanks sweetie..

S said...

Thank you gman!!!