Thursday, July 19, 2007

Best Friend HNT


lime said...

well if those two fellows don't look like serious trouble!!!!

HHNT you two wild and crazy guys!


Serena Joy said...

Lime's right -- you two look like you're ready for a little trouble. Which is actually pretty hot!:-)

Strumpet said...


snowelf said...

You sweet and sexy darlings! :)


Little Wing said...

well damn, big daddy, I hope that t-shirt you are wearing doesn't ignite!!!!!

jillie said...

Looks like double trouble to me!!!

Great picture ;o)

Little Wing said...

Hey wait!!!!!!!
Where is your goatee????

Aha, the t-shirt did ignite didn't it!

Snow White said...

I know why those flames are on your shirt, 'cause this is one HOT HNT! And I'll be the two of you can easily get into HOT water! Happy HNT, G-Man! xoxoxoxo

G-Man said...

Hey Limey,
You sorta know your way around an HNT yourself.
#1 Eh..? Good Job!!

Serena Joy,
You think I'm Hot?
(Serena Thinks I'm Hot!!)
YOUR HOT!!!! xoxobgxoxoxo

Awwwwww, Yourself My Hot Little Buttercup!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Hi SnowElf,
You always make Galen Very happy...Thanks xoxox

Hey JD,
I got that at Sturgis Bike Week..Thanks xoxox

Jillie Bean!!!!
Hi Baby, You had a Rockin HNT Thanks to our beautiful Limey..xoxoxox

You Noticed???

Hi SnowWhite,
Talk about HOT HNT!!!!!
WOW!!!! Thanks Di..xoxox

MONA said...

oh oh oh!!!! sexy- babe- on- a- bike on fire & in G man's heart!!!

What Next!! [ rolls eyes]!

J Morgetron said...

I need to put a pic of my BFF Heather on my blog. Thanks for the idea.


dickiebo said...

Is that your son?

Cazzie!!! said...

Brothers in arms indeed :)

Anonymous said...

Enchantee, monsieur...???
Nice pic... and I can prevent to imagine the two of at 6 years old...;-)))

Anonymous said...

Great picture galen and I love your t-shirt.

SignGurl said...

G, you look so damn sexy with that grin!

gab said...

now that looks like trouble if I ever did see trouble! Or something like that. Your looking mighty fine there G-man Mighty fine! xoxox

barman said...

I don't know about trouble but I could not help but think about all the good times you to have had and will have in the future. You somehow can just see it. Maybe that is what everyone is calling trouble. Very nice HNT G.

Charles said...

Crap, how am I supposed to leave a witticism, when you don't have anything to be funny about?
Best friends are great, aren't they?

Bunny said...

It's good to have friends. But that blue-n-maize T-shirt is one of the ugliest pieces of #4%^ I've ever seen! Go State!!

tkkerouac said...

He could pass as your brother, nothing like a best friend, happy HNT!

Manny said...

You're so dangerous, I'm locking my doors. LOL

Charles said...

Let him get in first. :)

G-Man said...

It's just a shirt..

Glad to be of service.xo

Yes Alex is my son,
(he is actually 3 months older.)

Hi Cazzie!!
Thanks sweetie, we are indeed!!

Merci Ma Chere,
Tu es tres gentile!!

Hey TC,
Thanks brother,

Awww Jenn,
You make me blush..

Oooooooh Gale,
Talkin sweet to the G-Man!
Thanks baby..xoxoxox

I think you are right Bryan,Always a good time.

If Buckeyes are welcome here, I guess so are Sparties!!
Because Bunny....You are FINE!!!!..Thanks xo

Thanks Tracy,
You know I'll be seeing you today..( along with Bunny )

You've already locked your heart...

(YAY!!!! Manny's Here!!)

Charles my Man,
I'm glad we are both still alive...
And thanks for setting Manny straight!!

barman said...
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S said...

Oh what a cool picture!

HHNT sorry Im so late!
Cali time and all you know.

Charles said...

Did you know that there is someone impersonating you over on Snow Elf's blog? I'd report them if I were you.