Thursday, July 19, 2007

55 Flash Fiction....FICTION!!!!...(maybe)

To hold her hand
To smell her hair
I need her touch
But she's not there...

I hear her breathe
I her her scream
I hear her laugh
But she's just a dream...

Can you love an illusion?
Will emotions fade?
(..Naw, I don't think so)
I will love her ALWAYS
Till my dying day......


Serena Joy said...

Wow, G, that is really beautiful. And I guarantee it will evoke the same sentiments in the elusive she.

barman said...

You are talking about a Tim Horton's Coffee, aren't you?

Very nice indeed Galen.

Who Hoo ... Serna is #1. I was oh so close.

G-Man said...

Fiction remember??

Yeah, Tim Horton's
...yet so far.

gab said...

Me it must be me! Hugs

Serena Joy said...

Hehehe. Of course.

S said...

Oh I love it when you write about me!


Very well done sir!

Snow White said...

Wow, G-Man... talk about a change of pace! I like it! You ARE the man! xoxoxo

Little Wing said...

Wow, look at you! In touch with your feelings!
I will try my hand at my first 55 flash fiction!

javajazz said...

oooh mysterious G...
poet G
romantic G
you ARE in touch with your feelings...!
very sweet...

G-Man said...

It might be!

Yes Serena,

The Queen of 55's
All Bow Before the Mistress!!

The breathtakingly beautiful...Lady Di.xoxox

Tell me when you post!
Hopefully, I'll give you my expert opinion.xoxox

Thank You so much for remaining friends, I hope we get the Brian Riddle solved soon...
Galen xoxoxo

MONA said...


For once! this one did not disappear!!!!

Beautiful verse...

MONA said...

I think most of us can relate to that....

javajazz said...

what do you mean for remaining friends?
was i going to stop?
so far Brian's not leaving tomorrow either
and we might be up to around 6000 dollars
in lawyers fees...just to get him across the
border appropriately...charming.
thanks sweet pea...xoxo

Anonymous said...

wow, that's really beautiful.
You are something dude.
Great writing.

G-Man said...

Thanks for relating..

Thats not what I meant, but thanks, and I hope it gets resolved soon.
Lots of love..Galen xox

Thanks TC,
I love the 55..
Have a great week-end.

Strumpet said...


You are such a tease.

It's a good thing.

This one's great, G.

As are they all.

Charles said...

Dang, and I thought the G was a manly man. ;)

I can relate to those feeling towards coffee, but is the pronoun "her" appropriate for coffee named "Tim Horton's?"

Did you read my last message on your last post?

snowelf said... sweet!!


SignGurl said...

You know that every woman that reads that is going to think it's about her? I know you knew this.

It's very beautiful.

Flash said...

A 55FFF poem! Fantastic!

MONA said...

YAY! Sign Gurl! how true!!
Galen does not love just some woman, he loves WOMANKIND!

Yayyy!! Galen!!! Three Cheers!

MONA said...

GALEN!...I think someone is impersonating you on other blogs! I think you shud put in a complaint at bloggers!

Ameratis said...

Always luv your flash fictions, mine was not fiction today but hey it was a post! Hooray :)

snowelf said...

Galen, I did put in a complaint, but they wrote me back and said there was nothing they could do...


Cazzie!!! said...

This has to be put into a Hallmark card made me well up here mate!

SignGurl said...

The blog police are here.

*looks around*

What's going on?

G-Man said...

Hi Strumpet,
I'm a tease?

Charles My Man, I did indeed. Thanks for the heads up. I do not know what possess's some folks, maybe they have too much time on their hands eh?

SnowElf Thanks,
I read yours already, you Rock Mama!!

Whatever do you mean?
I know that I will love you always..xoxoxox

Thanks brother,
I'll have to see if you continued your smoking gun series...

What blogs?
I wanna go see!!!


Awww, Snow thats soo sweet of you, thanks for looking after the G-Man.

Hi Melodie!!!
Glad you are back semi-blogging again sweetie

Ooops, Cazzie,
I gotta go get my History lesson!!
Thanks baby..xox

Handcuff me please!!!

MONA said...

that was a typo oops!
its other blog...snowelf's

I hope it does not gravitate to other's

Someone is after you Galen! EEEKS! I hope it is not so...

MONA said...

Ok Ok.. Fiction FICTION!!!

so let me re phrase :

Suppose if hypothetically this was not a fiction then Perhaps Galen must have been a lover of Woman kind... of course HYPOTHETICALLY!

G-Man said...

Yes Mona.
Lover of all woman kind.

Snow White said...

Have a great Saturday, G-Man! xoxox

MONA said...

GALEN! thanks for that utterly wonderful xomrxoxox!!!

Strumpet said...

I'm in line after Galen for the handcuff action with Lube Gir...I mean Signgurl.

I LOVE that picture.

Love, love, LOVE!

As in I adore it so and think it rocks and would post it everywhere possible if it were me in it.

I am quite jealous.

Hot stuff.

And, yes, I am proud to say that my Astroglide is right here next to me on my coffee table.

Right where it always is.

Granted, I live alone and don't entertain I can get away with this.

But, I'm pretty sure that even if that weren't the case, it would be there anyway.

Rock on with your lubed-up self!



SignGurl said...

Strumpet, you must not get me all worked up this early in the morning! I got my handcuffs ready for G and you are next!

S said...

Mr Gman
When you are the host of 55, you can rebel too.
If youmake a 55 with 66 words, I will not mind.


Crabby said...

Barman, you KNOW he's talking to Hortons. LOL! No question.

G-Man said...

Where do I sign up?

Yeah I never thought of that..hahahahaha...
maybe I will...xoxox

Yes I'll admit it..
I'll always love Tim Horton's..xoxoxox

Strumpet said...

I'm so excited we don't even need lube.

Wait, we can use 66 words?


If I only knew!

jillie said...

That is really a beautiful 55!!!

Hey thanks for the heads up too. I emailed Autumn.

G-Man said...

No Strumpet..
It's not 66 words..55!!
But who's counting?

And besides, no one's ever going to question a Juicy Girl like you...
Jenn had to get you going didn't she?

Hi Jillie Bean,
No problemo Baby..xoxox

Strumpet said...

I'm counting.

You know how anal I am.

But, I only count my own.


And I like it when you call me Juicy Girl.

G-Man said...

Juicy Girl,
Juicy Girl
Juicy Girl.....
Yeah You Like That???

..Oh, I can't be forceful to you sweetie, I'm sorry I'm such a wuss when it comes to you...xoxoxox

MONA said...


lime said...

awww, you've gone all mushy and romantic on us now.....sweet, gman. still as well done as ever.