Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We'er Number One..............

Happy Hump Day Everybody!!! I can almost guarantee that at one time or another, I have been the very first Commenter on one of your posts..I guess in blogging circles, if that feat is accomplished with any regularity at all, you are referred to as a Blog Whore.
Now I have been called that on more than one occasion. Whether that moniker is deserved or not remains to be seen. Some people think that I get some sort of perverse delight in being the first to "Mark My Territory", Hahahahahahahahaha....Me?
Be that as it may, I have had my moments. But there are some other famous firsts that may be of greater interest to you.......

Buzz Aldrin was the first man to take a dump on the Moon

Before he became the First French King to lose his head,
Louis XVI was the First French King to brush his teeth!

George Bush was the first U.S. President to puke on live TV!

Joseph Stalin, was the first dictator to have a theme park named after him,
Stalin-World was built in 1950 in Lithuania

Fatty Arbuckle was the first alleged rapist to have a chain of fast food restaurants named after him

Henry Laurens, a statesman from South Carolina, was the first person to be formally cremated in 1792

James Madison was the first President to wear long pants instead of knee britches.

The first Frisbees were invented by children on the Oregon trail. They flung discs of Buffalo dung in a Frisbee-like manner during play

The first World Testicle Cooking Championship, was held in Serbia in 2004

The first big screen Tarzan was not Johnny Weismuller, it was on old silent actor named Elmo Lincoln..

The first actor to play 007 James Bond, was an actor named Barry Nelson.
He played him in an early 1950's TV drama production of "Casino Royale"

Thats What I know about being first!!.......Peace.......... Galen.....


jillie said...

OMG...I'm one...now I gotta go back and read

jillie said...

To be the first person to make dookie on the moon. Now THERE'S and accomplishment.

Frisbee's? OMG...That's just gross...lol.

Happy Hump Day G-man...
Just a markin my territory...lol

Cazzie!!! said...

I love 007, delicious viewing everyone of them.

MONA said...

Addendum: Mona was the first person to take Hinglish to the coasts of America...

Lady Roxanne said...


your just quick thats all..

It takes being quick..

( an a slight blog whore)

to be first as often as you are..

Much love to you..

cathy said...

Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary)
1st reigning queen of England

Queen Victoria
1st English monarch to live in Buckingham Palace.

Elizabeth II 1953
1st monarch to have a televised coronation.

Margaret Thatcher. 4th May, 1979-28th November, 1980
First female Prime Minister of the UK;

Cathy. 1987, Brighton-Metropole Casino
First female to make it onto a dice crew in a British Casino
(that’s craps to you)

LOL. I didn't change the world but it felt pretty good at the time.

tsduff said...

eewwwwwww - a dump on the moon? A dubious honor, to be sure. gross.

And as for the first spew on the tube... just a first in a long line of rather un-stellar accomplishments... yes?

G-Man said...

Jillie, you can mark anything of mine, anyway you choose...xoxox

Cazzie....I believe that you are my first Aussi Chick to visit and link me...Thanks G xo

Mona, the first Hinglish Professor is quite an honor to have..
Galen xoxox

Roxi....You better be careful, I could get real used to you your visits. You know how I feel about you. xoxox

Cathy, That was one crappy job thay paid well....I bet!

Why Terry Duff..
My favorite Ornithologist!
So very nice to see you.

Anonymous said...

Did I ever been the first in something, somewhere... ??? Ah... Probably the first at work and in my neighborhood to have a home computer... 1990... For sure many people were already having one... but no one around me...

Queenie said...

I was in Serbia, in 2004, judging the testicle cooking Championship!!!!!!!!!!!

G-Man said...

Searabbit, you've had a PC since 1990? No wonder you are so damned good with one...xoxox

Queenie, It's not nice to mess with the G-Mans head like that...
Were you really?

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man. You never cease to amaze me with your facts and information.
I didn't know that about James Bond, cool.:)

lime said...

lol, i am so rarely first on anyone's blog.

i am such a pedant though.....that guy from SC must be the first american cremated? becuas ethe hindus have been cremating people forever....

but you know, g-man....you were the first to hear my big news for today...and that's because you'rwe so special.

Jodes said...

happy hump day - it will be a good day.

Erin O'Brien said...

You were the first mann to give me a compliment today (over at Roxy's place). Thanks, baby.

Queenie said...

Would I lie??????????????

snowelf said...

Hey Galen :)

This was a really fun post! :) Totally made me laugh!!

And I LOVE frisbee, but that buffalo dung thing is really gross!! I'll take a nice plastic whamm-o, thank you.

Yikes, that sounded really dirty!


Leigh said...

I don't think I have ever been first for anything. Hmmm.. Nope!

Happy hump day!

gab said...

I'd rather be anywheres but first unless they are giving away money then I wanna be first

MilkMaid said...



Barb said...

Which George Bush puked on live tv?

javajazz said...

George the Elder...
i felt so sad for him!
god forbid they should
ever miss anything
on national television.
(k, we're not supposed to
be talking barfaroni here
on the blog of sensitive
G-man, please...)

Kristen said...

Hey.........I'm number 23.......does that count??

G-Man said...

TC, yeah thats a great trivia question, I believe it was on the US Steel hour, and they changed him to an American Agent..Jimmy Bond!!

Yes Limey, and it was all I could do to keep my big mouth shut!!

Jodi Baby, it was a very good day indeed!! xoxox

Erin O'Brien,
You'll get many more too, if you are a friend of Lady R's!!!
Thanks for visiting!!

So Queenie....How did they taste?
And how were they prepared?

Snowelf, E-Mail me something, so you can be on my addy list, and I'll send you a real frisbee from my dealership!!

Leigh, you are the 1st Chick from British Columbia to comment on my post today...That counts for something eh?

Gabby, as long as you are here thats all that matters..xoxox

Milkmaid, I just got back from our local Bike Night...It was awesome!!

Green Bay Barb?
From colorado?

JJ, you are so right!
I hate pukers, and all talk of puke!!
Thanks sweetie!!! xoxox

KJ, you better damn bet it counts for something.
I'll check your new blog out...xoxox

Jodes said...

heads up!! ;0

MONA said...

Good morning Galen. How are you today?
I am perfectly fine!

Big Smiles :)

javajazz said...

how was Scooters?
(love that name!)
hope you had fun!

G-Man said...

Jodi...some yahoo beat me there...But thanks for the thought...

Mona, I got a big smile for you too...

JJ, I had a great time.
I LOVE trashy biker chicks!!! Thanks xoxox

javajazz said...

biker chicks
are trashy??
i thought they were sexy!
g'nite party animal.

S said...

OK but wheres your HNT...and quit calling me a ho, you choady!

Queenie said...

Now do you really want to know? I hate to see a mans eyes water!!!!

ann said...

and always I am last

I love to have the last word.. LOL

tsduff said...

Not all are trashy. I promise.