Thursday, May 3, 2007

Scooters HNT


SignGurl said...

Beautiful bike!! I love this picture of you. G-Man in his element.

Sorry I got this up so late. I couldn't get logged in properly. I had to drag my butt out of bed because I had an epiphany about a way to post this.

buddha_girl said...

Dammit! I was almost first! Does this mean I'm sloppy seconds? Sheesh!

Love the pics! You've made a smile cross my face before walking out the door to work this morning!

G-Man said...

Thanks Jenn,
I'm just glad that you are OK, when it wasn't up, I kinda freaked out..
You did a great job as always...xoxoxox

Buddha Girl!!
Nothing sloppy here baby.
And I'm happy to make you smile..xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

You seem very serious biker here..;-)) Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

I love love love this bike and I'm not a biker
You look like a very cool g-man.
Doesn't it hurt when you put your helmet on because of all the mrknowitall info crammed in there?

MONA said...

GALEN! You look preety much angry there!

G-Man said...

Good Morning Searabbit!
I am always serious when I ride..You have to watch out for the other person ya know...xo

TC, Thanks Mr. Rick, She's a beaut. And the helmut? I have to set a good example for Lime now....
Besides..It's The Law!!

G-Man said...

Mona....NOT angry, serious!
Good Morning to you sweetie..xox

Queenie said...

Cool, go man go!!!!

MilkMaid said...

Serious is the only way to ride. Looking SO good G!

Cazzie!!! said...

WAY cool :)

barman said...

Looking good G-man. looking good. I really like this picture of you.

javajazz said...

Signgurl had an epiphany
in the middle of the night?
some people have all the luck...!

G-man, looks like you have
enough room in your back seat there, for a little travelling buddy...

now it looks like a police bike!
cool, baby.

jillie said...

You're looking mighty lonely on that bike g-man...I'll be RIGHT over!


erika said...

That bike fits you!!

You look great G-Man

MONA said...


lime said...

oh g-man, that rocks!!! can i be your bitch?

and don't worry about setting an example. i read people the riot act who ride without helmets, even though Pa repealed it's helmet law a couple years ago. I like my brains IN my head, tyvm...

HHNT you bad ass bikerman!

ann said...

vrrrr... vrrrr... vroom vrooom vroooom

G-Man said...

Thanks Queenie,
I love it when Royalty visits....G

Whats Happenin Milkmaid?
Why don't don't you and the Milkman ride on up here?

Hey Cazzie, hows my little Aussi cutie doin?
I'm ready for tomorrow's history lesson....G xox

I hope you got a line on some great Bourbon, and Saturday's winner..
I've been missin my good friend...

JJ, I got plenty of room for that skinny tuchus of yours..Anyday, anytime!

Jillie, My lovely Angel of Mercy! Come on...xox

I know you like bikes..
Where you been?
I sure have missed you! xox

Mona, I love your big hugs...(((HUG))) back at ya!!

Yes, and we can take turns being each others bitches!!
Biker Babe..( with an attitude )
You Rock Limey!! xox

Lady Ann, Oh My!!
My post just got a little classier!!

Kristen said...

I've never been on a's on my to do list!!!

Happy HNT!!!

G-Man said...

Kristen...Thats easy to arrange. Thanks for stopping by on your way to party central!!
Derby Week-End AND Cinco de Mayo...xoxox

jillie said...

You look like you are deep in thought...were's my bitches!


MONA said...

Good Morning Galen! Its another morning here once again.
Love you All.

S said...

Sheesh lookit how late I am..I was too early last night..and now i'm lateeeeeeeeee

I dont care I aint getting a autorickshaw maybe, but not a bike!

HHNT Gman!

snowelf said...

Um...Galen...Um...Mr. Know it all... Sir?

What is HNT?


Manny said...

Scooters are titled as motorcycles in Ohio. The Ohio Revised Code states in part...

Ahhhhh ah ah aha haha

And you need a motorcycle endoresement to ride one and please do not forget your financial responsibility.

6 years ago a 16 yr. old was tearing up some elderly ladies lawn up in Cleveland with his precious scooter. Well she called her local newspaper and all hell broke lose here. Ahhhhh ah ah aha ha The media accused the state for taking away childrens toys. Listen up! These are not toys my friends. I could go on and on, but I just don't have the energy. You can thank scooter season for this. Sigh!

Manny said...

Good night sweetie.

G-Man said...

I'm right here Jillie dear!! xxxxxxx

Good Morning Mona,
Nice of you to finally get up!! xox

You are never too late, you are just a little early..xoxox

Snowelf, for those that participate.
It means Half Naked Thursday. You post a pic of yourself, that exposes any skin...
Any amount that you desire...You should try it. On this page, you should visit Searabbit or Lime, they both play very creatively!!

Manny, don't give me that legal Mumbo Jumbo!
I'm just glad to see you!

javajazz said...

skinny tuchas, huh?
you and i both know
if it werent for that thang,
i'd probably be dead.
anyway, thanks for the
biking offer...
i'd probably get all nauseous
and scream (and not in a good way)
if i got on anyones bike.
i'm not inclined that way,
if you know what i mean....
i need walls ceilings doors around
me when i'm on the road...
the more the merrier.
sorry i'm such a wimp.
i make up for it in other ways...

G-Man said...

Lisa, just hold on real tight!!!

javajazz said...

(you just want to hear me scream.)

javajazz said...

hey, we posted at the same that possible?
i reckon it is!
hey mr knowitall,
where ya been?
(you dont have to answer that)

javajazz said...

oh coooool
11:11 !!
woo hoo!

G-Man said...

Yes, it's called....

javajazz said...

oh hi there.
i was just talking
to your twin brother
(with the gun)
on email.
small world, huh?

javajazz said...

yikes my computers doing weird things....
its scaring me...

G-Man said...

Welcome to the G-Man zone!!

ann said...

classier... moi? ::blushing::

not when I think of men and leather in the same breath