Monday, April 30, 2007


It's a well known fact that The G-Mans favorite beveridge, is a large regular coffee from Tim Horton's...with double cream! Krispy Kreme coffee is good. Dunkin Do'nuts coffee is good. Starbucks Coffee is very strong and most excellent.
There is an excellent small chain from the Flint area called The Coffee Beanery. There you can also buy fresh coffee beans by the pound. For years the most expensive beans in the house was called Jamaican Blue Mountain. Kona Coffee is also good and quite expensive. But the worlds most expensive and exclusive coffee almost defies description.......But I'll try.

The world's most expensive and exclusive beveridge is made from a coffee bean that has passed through the digestive tract of a cat. The excretions of the Palm Civet Cat are collected from around the coffee plantations of Indonesia, and are sold for about 75 bucks a cup!
Luckily for coffee drinkers, the Palm Civet ingests only the ripest beans, and then internal fermentation by special enzymes adds a unique flavor and removes a source of the coffee's natural bitterness. The beans are then passed whole and and untarnished into the cat's poo!

Hmmmmmm, OK don't stop me now, I feel like ramblin a little...
China is home to a great vintage called, Three Penis Wine. It is made from one part Seal Penis, one part Dog Penis, and four parts Deer Penis. Of course it is used to cure impotence. But it is also used to cure anemia, shingles, and memory loss.

Cow urine is sold in India as a sedative; as a cure for cancer, AIDS, TB, and as an antiseptic aftershave.

A little closer to home, The Yukon Territory is the home of The Sour Toe Cocktail, which gas only two ingredients: an amputated toe and the spirit of your choice. The only rule is...
"You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but the lips have got to touch the toe"!
The original artifact was discovered in an unused log cabin by a RCMP in 1973. It was used in drinks for over 700 times, until a drunken gold miner accidently swallowed it..

Jeez, an Ice-Cold Pabst Blue Ribbon even sounds good right now.... Peace.... Galen


S said...

Eww~ I'm first

Now youre gonna get everyone started again with that palm civet nonsense... we already been down that road.

Sorry you missed Rufus!

G-Man said...

Well Susie, everything on blogdom has been discussed at one time or another...
Have a glass of Three Penis Wine and chill out!

DarkAngel said...

best coffee flavors in the world are Highlander Grog ... then Ravensbrew Coffee makes Wicked Wolf, Three Peckered Billy Goat, Dead Man's Hand, and other fun named coffees guaranteed to tantalize the tastebuds.

*hugs the G-Man*

Whiskey or Bourbon ... trust me, if it's Algebra, it's a whiskey.

G-Man said...

Angel, I got the whiskey now.....Crown Royal xox

S said...

Ok Gman I got Rufus up now, just for you! :)

javajazz said...

i got excited about the coffee, (not starbucks), but the 3P wine? hmmm. though i can understand why one could cure pretty much anything with a little bit of...oh, i'd best not go there...
you've pretty much said it all!

Cazzie!!! said...

Ok, so now I know everything..or do I, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I found a dead bug and spiderweb in a candy bar once, right in the spot I bit into. I get sick just remembering it.):
Some of these are just gross.
Poor kitty!

G-Man said...

Susie, You really didn't have to go to all that trouble....Really!
But any act of kindness thrown my way is very much appreciated...xoxox

With a name like JavaJazz, it has to be good...
Good Morning to you Lisa!

Stick with me Cazzie, and you soon will know it all!!!

Top Cat!
Thanks for not mentioning the brand name!

MONA said...

good morning Galen
Oh no! Cow urine is not SOLD in India. It is avaliable at every nook & corner FOR FREE!
Only very few staunch Hindu believers use that urine theraphy.Otherwise it is not used in so many variety of ways. Some urine addict must have desseminated that knowledge which is completely misleading!

TC, It is a well known fact that on average, a chocolate bar consists legs of six insects.
I do not eat chocolates!

lime said...

hahahahm yes, the hijackers covered the palm civet poo coffee in detail a long time ago, but it is so gross as to be worthy of repeat. hahaha.

locally, we had some very unsavory sorts claiming to cure AIDS by blowing ozone into the patient's rectum. they are now in jail and presumably having their own rectums filled with something other than ozone.

G-Man said...

Good Morning Mona..
You can never trust a Urine Addict can you?

I let this pass on TC's comment, but I have to mention this..

Just last year, One Hershey's Kiss was on my desk, just sitting there.
Right in front of me and a customer, a white, maggot-type worm crawled tight out of the top of the candy by the tip, all wiggly and stuff..Ick!
Thanks for the info..xoxo

G-Man said...

Can you condense Ozone?
I'm looking into that..

SignGurl said...

Do you think the alcohol kills the bacteria in the toe? Ewwwwww......

G-Man said...

Yes Jenn. In fact, When Lord Nelson, the great British admiral was killed in action, they stored his dead body in a vat of Rum for the journey back to England.
Not only did it preserve his body, but the crew drank the Rum after he was removed....
Thanks for asking!!

javajazz said...

Ha! Lime! funny...!
ewww TC gross!
but i'm gonna transform
the yucky critters in the chocolate
comment by saying that i am
an extreme chocolate lover
and in all my years of consuming chocolate, aint no critter ever emerged from my beauteous silken chocolate bars, or favourite hershey kisses either...or my homemade chocolate cakes or chocolate brownies with pecans...
yum yum yum!
i love chocolate
i love coffee
love love love
(love is all you need,
remember TC's post from yesterday!)

good morning Galen...!

Jodes said...

oooooh, you are talkin my language when it comes to coffee...........................i could go on and on and on and on.

Queenie said...

Your joking-yes!!!!!
If not, Ill risk a coffee, pass on the penis wine and not a chance in hell i'm touching that toe.....

jillie said...

With my toe/foot fetish there is NO way in hell my lips are touching an amputated toe!!!


Good blog g-man...where in the hell do you come up with this stuff?

ann said...

just as I was remembering the pleasures of Blue Mountain coffee and reaching for the kettle, I read the rest


snowelf said...

Hey ya Galen,

I actually knew this most disgusting of coffee facts! Now I feel smart!


Hope you are having a happy week!

--snow, who once drank a bug that landed in her coffee at the zoo...Ew!! It was so gross I blogged about it!

gab said...

I dont drink coffee much any more. But Mr. Gab likes it strong your spoon would stand up...but hey Im not telling him of those "special beans"!

Anonymous said...

As we are two coffee addicted, and both love very good coffee, I'm gonna share a little secret here... Go have a look at the Coffee Detective
It is a must, if you are a coffee lover... Yes... I am very close of te coffee detective irself... ;-))) and I'm not gonna say more... this is quite a clue...;-))
We own a Keurig one cup at the time coffee maker, and I swear to God that I never had better coffee all my life... I tried the Kona (10% only in the blend) and tis is one of the sweetest taste in the world...
The palm civet coffee isn't a non sense as it really exists... but rarely see on sale... This is probably something very unexpected as taste... Maybe one day, I will be able to tell you what that cat coffee is about...:-))

I will pass my turn on three penis wine... I like wine, but have no impotence problem... ;-)

G-Man said...

JJ, You Love Chocolate so much,
You should have called yourself, Mocha Java Jazz!
Maybe Love is all you need...xoxoxox

Jodi, I just missed you this morning...G

Queenie, I'm joking no!
These are all true stories..

Jillie, you don't have a foot fetish...xoxox

Ann, Thank you very much for being so understanding...
I am forever in your debt. You actually have Blue Mountain Coffee in your kitchen?....Wow!!

Snowelf, thats because you are smart, and quite talented also I might add! I am having a very happy week thank you..Galen

Gabby, that makes 2 Minnesota girls in a row!
How Bizarre!! I sure have missed you..xox

Searabbit, The Coffee Detective eh?
If you say it's the best, I gotta check it out....xoxox

javajazz said...

mmmm mocha java jazz.
chocolate is all you need.
i was all over that coffee
detective site...yummy!!!!