Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food Fest......

OK, I've been putting this off long enough....The beautiful and very talented Cathy, has tagged me on a meme. I'm supposed to name my 5 favorite restaurants in my area where I eat....

1.) HomeBoy Bar- B- Que.
This is a tiny little place that mostly is just take-out.
It's a husband and wife operation and it's only open from,
11 am-9pm Wed-Sat.
They have all your favorite rib-joint fare, but 2 things are worth mention!
For 4.99 you get this Kick-Ass beef briscut sandwich, with one side.
The sides are all made from scratch.
Baked Beans..with huge amounts of pork in it
Cheesy potatoes
Redskin potatoes
Home-Made slaw
And the other great deal is the rib-tips..
For 5 bucks you get a box of perfectly seasoned tips,
that you can not eat in one sitting...It's that huge!!

2.) La Azteca.
Another Family run operation, that does mostly take-out,
But it does seat about 30 people!!
When you walk in the place it smells WONDERFUL,
immediately your mouth starts watering and you can't wait to dive in!
It's in a real rough part of town, but ironically it's such a great place that when you walk in the door, everyone is very friendly and polite..( They should be at the UN )
The Beef Combonation plate is only 8.95 and you get...
Mexican Beef Stew
A taco
A tostada
A tamale
An enchalada....It is all superb!!

3.) The Badawest.
A family run Lebanese Restaurant.
OMG...The smells that greet you when you walk in the joint,
are out of this world! They have your typical Middle-East fare,
But they really do Lamb up right!
I always order the Lamb with baba ganouche...
Or my favorite is the Lamb with Hommus.
I always ask for extra toasted pine-nuts in my dish,
And they always graciously oblige...
The Taboule Salad and Fatoush Salad with toasted pita chips,
are to die for..The Lentil soup?..Outfuckingstanding!!

4.)The Hong Kong Buffet.
This is the class of Chinese Buffets.
Everything is just outstanding...Very top flight!
But the best thing about it is the quality of the Sushi!!
It's sooo fresh, and sooo good, even non-sushiers love it!
And the dessert table is worth the price of admission...
The Flan is to die for!!!

5.) The Starlight Diner.
Flint is world famous for it's Coney Island style hot dogs!
Reason #1 is the Koegel Hot Dog..
This company has been in business for over 90 years,
and their quality standards were always much higher than the State Standards!
The hot dogs " snap " when you bite into one and they NEVER give you heartburn.
The coney sauce is NOT a chile sauce, it's thick, meaty, and drier than chile sauce.
But it is Oh so very good. If anyone should ever pass through this area, and they see a sign for a Coney island, I highly recommend trying one, I'll do a post one day on the history of the Flint-Style Coney's...
The Starlight also grinds their own beef for the Hamburgers...WOW!
They are voted the best in town every year.
The onion rings are home-made and big and thick and always perfect!
The best part is that they are open 24/7..
The owner is an old Macedonian gentleman named Alex Popoff, his son Kosta runs it with him and one of them is always there. The head cook in the kitchen is Alex's wife Magda. Most of their
children also help out there. When I walk in the place Alex always flashes me a huge smile and yells out.."Oshko", He always comes over to my table to talk no matter how busy they are, and it's all I can do to keep him from picking up my tab. I love the Starlight.....Breakfast Anytime!!

I hope that this fulfilled my tagging obligations.....Peace ....... Galen ( Oshko )


Queenie said...

Sounds fantastic, if I lived there I would need elastic in my waistbands. Whats Succatash? I've been tagged by topchamp for this, I'll do it next week.
You never said how hard it was to stick to 55, maybe I just talk to much.
Looks like I'm first!!!!

javajazz said...

Oshko! i love you!
i want lamb with hummous
for breakfast...
(you'd love the Jerusalem
Restaurant just up the street
and snapping hot dogs?
oooo-weeee! you dont
find those every day!
yummy, mister knowitall!

S said...

Yum, my stomach is seriously growling right about now....

You have a delicious variety of yummy selections in your town...even more than mine..we got Mexican food, Thai food, Italian food, cheeseburgers and fries and hippie food..thats about it....we can get everythign else, we just have to leave town to do it!


I just want me a big old cheeseburger right now with fries for breakfast!

MONA said...

GALEN! HEY! Now my mouth is really watering like niagra falls!!

What a description of sumptuous mouthwatering dishes.

& I love pinenuts !!

But Right now I feel like having a Bhalla with Sweet n Sour Chutney :)

snowelf said...

Hey Galen,

I love the word OutFuckingStanding. I mean really, that's an awesome word!

I think I gained three pounds just reading this post. It sounds delicious! ;)


cathy said...

Oh my goodness! Your descriptions of the food were so good I think I gained 5lbs just reading this post.

Thanks for being a sport:)

lime said...

ok, i am officially drooling on my keyboard...that's bad...

i just have one question....what are they doing serving flan and sushi at a chinese restaurant??

thos emom and pop places are the best, absolutely the best. no chain can even begin to compare.

Breazy said...

oh my I am now craving Mexican food! all that talk about tacos and stuff..mmmm!

Hope your day is going good !

G-Man said...

Hi Queenie, Succotash is corn, carrots and lima beans..It's a southern thing!

The 55 is a lot of fun, and the Lovely Susie is the 'S' commenting below you here...

Hi JJ, I love all ethnic foods..Thats why I love Toronto so very much.
One of the reasons...xoxo

Morning Susie, I got a little carried away on this post I guess..
Nothing better than your favorite burger joint eh?

Morning Mona, Yeah Pine-Nuts rock!!
And I love Chutney as well...
(((Big Hugs))) xox

Hi Snow, your home early today! You have the day off?...I DO!!!! Yay!!!

Hi Cathy, I hope I did your tag proud!!

Hi Limey, yeah the sushi and flan are odd, but they are great!
The Starlight is sooo good, and they really make you feel welcome!!

Breazy, whats happenin Baby? They have Mexican Food in Tennessee?
My 'day off' is great, how about you? xoxox

Serena Joy said...

Ooo, HomeBoy Bar-B-Que sounds like my kind of place. I'm crazy about good BBQ. The Starlight sounds fabulous, too. God, I'm starving now.

G-Man said...

Good afternoon Serena, whats great about that place is, It's a family thing. His wife is called HomeGirl, and she bakes these Huge Brownies as well..
Thanks for stopping by!

ann said...

thank goodness I read this after eating my booooooring tuna salad... my mouth is watering, positively salivating especially at the mediterranean food... think I'm gonna have to seriously raid the fridge and if I put on weight I know who to blame....

javajazz said...

toronto's got a shmillion
restaurants...its kinda like
new yawk in that way...
very diverse food
from all over the world...
AND we let cars in front of us
on the road...sometimes.

SignGurl said...

You said "Kogels" again. I've got some in the freezer that I'm going to have to get out. Yumm........

S said...

I so am doing a 55, and an HNT so be ready!

Serena Joy said...

Oh, my God, brownies too? I could move into that place.:)

MONA said...

& I love vanilla icecream on a chocolate brownie sizzler..

& it is thursday here.. so the Galen HNT is up at my blog :)

G-Man said...

Susie, I'll be ready!!

Serena Joy, They have the perfect business, they see their family all day, and they have 3 days off!!

Mona, your HNT is awesome, your beauty is indescribible!!
Thanks for treating me and the world...xoxox

S said...

OK exactly one hour from when? I was in the bathtub! Naag Champa bubbles, no less. I can tell ya where to get it on the black market...special prices just for you pal....

Tell em Lefty sentcha..
BB soon, dont need to be first, just best! hahahahah just kidding!

Breazy said...

They do have Mexican food here in Tennessee and it is delicious! Nothing like a day off eh?

I am doing great! I will be even better this time next week because my kids will be out of school and I am so ready for that!

G-Man said...

The first AND the best!!
Susie...Your Hot!!

Breazy, thanks sweetie!

Gledwood said...

Can you actually buy preBBQd food in Flint, Michigan? Wow that IS civilized. We have to smoke our own under the rain ...

What an entertaining blog! I found you via Pink Ginger's which I think I found via Dan the Man's which ...well that's ages ago in the past.

I also know a G Girl. I just checked that u r no relation.

If you do come to mine NB my "new kitchen clock" is on my blog sidebar not my kitchen wall. Everyone else seems to have got totally confused ... right I'm off to get drumsticks of the chicken variety now. So see yer later.

"gledwood vol 2"

tsduff said...

Okay, missed the comment box - left it at the spot below... sufferin succatash is the only type I know... :-D