Thursday, May 17, 2007

Biking For Burns HNT


S said...

Cool didja hide it down here just for me? Lookin good gman! HHNT

lime said...

get your motor runnin...head out on the highway....

looking good gman, except where is your helmet dude? keep that knowitall noggin of yours safe!


G-Man said...

Sorry Susie....
You are so smart to figure this out...
It was loaded in the wrong sequence, and I'm too inept to switch it..
Congratulations, you deserve to be #1...xox

G-Man said...

Limey, I guess this is a wild goose chase HNT...
Thanks for finding it!!

javajazz said...

dang, mr showitall!!
i wanted more G-man.
i tried to blow you up
(as it were),
enlarge you,
(if you will)
but it was still
a teeny photo.
me want more!!
you look HOT!
can you get Sign
to biggie size it?
(i'm just askin')
hee hee!!
i love you G-wildman!
(sorry, i'm all high
on too many photos tonight,
sifting my way thru all
that stuff tryin to beef up
my FF55 and all...)

DarkAngel said...

I love your HNTs. *hugs you*


G-Man said...

JJ, You'll do just fine!!

Angel, you are so sweet to me.
G-Man loves you very much xoxox

cathy said...

I hope you don't make a habit of riding your motorcycle without protecting your noggin.Happy HNT.

javajazz said...

okay, what the hell did i miss?

G-Man said...

Cathy, it was a police escorted ride, and we never exceeded 50MPH!!
Thanks for your concern.
((Big Smile ))

G-Man said...

I ain't sayin.. xox

javajazz said...

i FOUND it
you little shit!
(but you're making me giggle!)
and thanks Sign...
(ps its about fucking time)

G-Man said...

Very intuitve, Lady L!!

MONA said...


You look Bike Happy!

& that Bike looks Galen Happy!! :D


G-Man said...

Mona, when I'm riding I always have a big smile!!
Just like when I see you!
And I have to say this again, WOW!! What a great HNT you posted. xox

Cazzie!!! said...

Purring like a kitten :)

barman said...

Always good to see you on a bike G-man...

Hey I found something at Victoria Secrets (online) that so says G-man all over it. Click here to see what I mean.

G-Man said...

Morning Cazzie,
It's always good to see you. Thanks xox

Barman, Yeah I did love it, and it was on sale for only 28 bucks..
Thanks Bryan!

Queenie said...

Had a look at what 'barman' had for you. Love to see you biking in that!!
Really stupid English woman here but if I do't ask I'll never learn, What is HNT???

SignGurl said...

Well, I'm not sure what transpired here last night, but order seems to have been restored. I can't size the picture any larger because that's the size G-man gave me. I can only make it smaller.

Galen, you look hawt on your bike! Love the shorter hair.


SignGurl said...

Thank you, Lime for helping our buddy.

Serena Joy said...

Lookin' good!

tkkerouac said...

Hey good lookin, Happy HNT!

Jodes said...

sweet, i love it. this is your heads up man!! xoxoxxoo

S said...

He he now lookit all the trouble you caused with your missing HNT! LOL

Remember, Im on PST thats pacific standard gimme a brek with the 55 willya, it'll be there Friday morning, PST! LOL


MilkMaid said...

Only a few things in life, make me smiler wider than a happy man on his bike having a good ride.

:) Looks great G!

lime said...

signgurl, was an easy enough fix as yo uknow. we gotta keep this character straight don't we?

and gman, i notice you have completely ignored cathy and me regarding your use of a helmet....

ann said...

where are we going? ;>)

Leigh said...

No helmet?? Happy HNT

cathy said...


G-Man said...

Queenie, It's when you show a pic of yourself, and you must expose some skin. Some people can get very creative with this theme. You may show as much or as little as you choose to..
C'Mon...It's easy, you did a 55 did you not?

Signgurl, I'm sorry I'm such a Putz..Forgive me please? xoxoxox

Hi Serena! Thanks for stopping by again.

Hi Tracy, I know you'll have a great HNT, I'll be sure to visit. xox

Jodi Girl, thanks sweetie, but I had to go to work. xox

Susie, I'll remember about tonight. But I get soooo excited about seeing your HNT AND 55's, that I can't wait!!
You Rock Baby...

Milkmaid, You make me smile!!
Thanks xoxox

But Limey...It was police escorted!!
Trust me, it was OK.
Besides, I wear it 99% of the time..xox
Thanks for careing..

Ann....The open road!!

Hi Leigh, I hope it's getting warmer up there.
Thanks for stopping by. xo

G-Man said...

Cathy....You just popped up out of nowhere...

I gotta go to my son's Symphony Band Concert tonight, as my wife flew to Europe today for 2 weeks...YAY!!!!!!
....Anyway, I'll br posting mine when I come back later on, then I'll go visit em all..xoxox

javajazz said...

that was tres Sagittarian...
enjoy Reece's concerto, baby.
thats nice that you go to hear
his concerts...
another trumpet son, huh?
you, me, Terry...anyone else's
kid play trumpet?
and if not,

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

you look cool Galen. I think many girls would like to have a ride on your HNT.

G-Man said...

Hi JJ, I'm gonna go out for a bit to my little pub.,..see ya later xox

Hi sweetie, I'm soooo glad to see you!!
You Can have a ride anytime.....xoxox

S said...

OK im working on my 55 now, but not posting til like...midnightish PST ok, so wont be there til you get up.

javajazz said...

woo hoo mister G!
have good fun!
(are you gonna let Pink Ginger
ride on your HNT?)
i think she'd look
mighty beautiful on there!

G-Man said...

Susie, maybe I'll stay up to be first eh? Hahahaha...xoxox

JJ, I'm back...and ready to post!

Breazy said...

very cool HNT! Looks like you were havin' fun! HHNT!Sorry I am late getting here!

G-Man said...

No problem Breazy!
Better late than never!

Queenie said...

I'll think about that one, any particular day?

G-Man said...

Half Naked Thursday Queenie!!
Now you know all of our blog secrets...xoxox