Friday, April 27, 2007

E. Pluribus Funk.....

Does anybody remember Grand Funk? They were the #1 American rock group of 1970. In that year alone they had 4 platinum selling albums. They broke The Beatles attendance record at Shea Stadium. In fact, they sold that concert out in just 72 hrs. A record that still stands to this day. They were also the 1st rock group to command $ 20,000.00 a performance!
Well, as if you didn't already know, they came from my hometown of Flint. They have had a moderate amount of success throughout the years, but nothing compared to the glory days of the early 70's. The leader of the group, was a well known local musician named Mark Farner.
After years of debauchery and performing long concert tours, Farner left the group in the 80's.
He found God, and he found peace, and he has enjoyed a solo career for the last 20 years or so.
Recently on some local radio stations, there has been considerable airplay of cuts from Farners new CD. He has been at several media events promoting this new CD as of late...

So cut to Friday Night after work for the G-Man. I've already worked 48 hrs this week, and since I am 1 unit short of a bonus for the month, It looks like I am working on my day off tomorrow...So no Border's for Galen this cold evening, he needed something a little stronger.
I had arranged to meet my best friend Alex at our favorite watering hole..Down the Hatch!
I have posted about this place in the past, it's just a dumpy little neighborhood bar, but I am treated really well there and everybody knows your name, blah blah blah!!!
All I wanted to do was go in, get my hug and kiss from the beautiful Ranay, slam a couple, counsel a few derelicts, and go home!! In and out, Bingo Bango Bongo!...But NOOOOOOOO!
Up on the Billboard in front of the bar was written..Live Tonight for Autographs Only....
Mark Farner..6:30-8:00. Free...
Crapola! The place was jammed! Even though it was only 6:00, I had to park a long ways away!
Luckily when I walked in, my friend Barry had a saved seat next to him. Alex was not there yet.
The place usually has a max of 20-30 people in it.....Tonight? 2-300! What a zoo....
And sure as shit, at 6:30 sharp, in walked the legend himself! Funny, he looked a lot older than me, even though we are about the same age. Hahahaha...Not really, he looked great!!
Anyway, he was a very nice man. He answered all questions, he shook everyones hand, and he posed for all pictures. If you wanted to buy his new CD, you could for 10 Bucks. He even autographed the inside sleeve personally as part of the deal. I liked some of the new stuff, so I decided to buy a copy....Heres what my inscription reads; To Gayland...Mark Farner.
Oh well, one bonus from the evening was, there were lots of HOT 50 yr old Rock and Roll Chicks there!
Have a great week-end....... Galen!


cathy said...
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cathy said...

Who's first. LOL

cathy said...

Now you've done it! Gayland forever. LOL

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, and hot rock n Roll chicksknow how to dance, do the splits and wear great clothes right? Right!!

MONA said...

Hey Galen. That is cool.

Hmmm. work for 48 hours...that is too much???

Music of any kind rocks! literally

Anonymous said...

If I close my eyes I can see the scene, plus HOT 50 year old chicks rule!
Brings back memories of all the great homeboy musicians from this area.
Grand Funk, Amboy Dukes, Bob Seger, Mitch Ryder, Question mark&the mysterians.
Can you think of anymore from that era?

G-Man said...


Cazzie....You better believe it Baby!

Mona, that would be a light week sometimes!
You can't make any money sitting home on the couch!..Rock On!!

How about Dick Wagner and the Frost..
Rare Earth
Iggy Pop
The Bossmen
Alice Cooper...
Detroit Rock City!!!

lime said...

well he sounds like he is down to earth and it's cool that he took time to be so personable and offer a good deal. but 'gayland' oh gees.....another nickname and not one i plan to use for you.

snowelf said...

Hey Galen,

What a big surprise ending to your night! And just when you were ready to relax with some comfortable peace and quiet, too... Instead you're schmoozing with celebrities!

Hopefully you didn't end up in any tabloids! Especially with that nickname! ;)


Tina said...

Gayland??? lol I'll stick to calling you "G" :)

Jodes said...

i know their music and love it but i cannot say that i remember them...i was born in 73.

you online now?? got a new post.

javajazz said...

well, the only reason he called you Gayland is because:

a) he cant spell, and

b) he cant hear.

ps...who the f#%* is Mark Farner?

MONA said...

Galen, The tightest hug in the whole wide world to you ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

G-Man said...

Thanks sweetie, I apperciate that.
He was a very nice guy.

Snowelf, Tabloids...Hahahaha!

Tina Dear, G is just fine with me baby..

Jodi? This is Saturday.
What a surprise..I'll check it out!!

JJ, I explained it in my post.
You didn't read it?
No one ever spells my name right anyway..

Mona...I will always take a big hug from a pretty Lady...xoxox

Jodes said...

yep - gotta catch up with my peeps at some point. ;)

jillie said...

Hey you know who Michael is? His avatar is of a squirrel with "swinging"balls...he left this msg for me on Twinks blog...what a asshole!!

jillie if you need to cyber with other sad bastards like gman how about you do it here, go to his blog or get a sex chat room to do it instead of hijacking posts in more serious blogs?

12:17 AM

I made a comment about his avatar...I thought it cute or funny and now I can't find where he's at...dammit! fucker...

How are you today??

Anonymous said...

That's a great evening!!!! It is so cool that this guy come back to his debuts town and get so close to people after have been such a star!!
Oh! You shouldn't be too disapointed by the bad writting of your name... Afterall, it is not so commun... it's give room to people to have some problems with it... ;-)
Have a nice week end!

Serena Joy said...

Ooo, I remember Grand Funk. Wish I'd been there -- there'd have been one more 50ish rock & roll chick.:)

S E E Quine said...

` Mmm. Funk is the only thing I'll wash off balls. O_o

` So elated the drawing finally made its way to you ^^

` BTW, that guy who believes my Wonkyfoot = Bigfoot is continuing to surprise me!!

javajazz said...

oops, sorry G-ster,
my bad.
me must have missed
the entire gigantic
first paragraph!
(its just that i thought
it was stuff like rock 'n roll
info that i'm not too into
so i kind of breezed over that.
my eyes dont always take in stuff
so well anymore!
still, i think having been in a rock band, one must usually have the prerequisite deafness, and well, spelling, just tossed that in for funnnnnnnnnnn!!! weeee!

jillie said...

I loved GFR in their hayday and use to listen to them all the time. What a blast from the past that must of been for you!!

Rock on g-man!!

lol...gayland? If he only new...;o)

ann said...

excusez moi

Mr G-Man

Mr Knowitall







boo hoo

javajazz said...


I AM!!!!


Lady Roxanne said...

I guess I'm not around enough... Im pretty low on that link list...


javajazz said...

hey Roxi,
at least you're ON it...!!
(cough, cough...)

MONA said...

Galen. Please include Java jazz on your link list. If anyone deserves to be there more than anyone else,it is she.And I'm sure you would agree to that.

G-Man said...

Jillie...I'm a sad bastard? Hahahahahaha!
I've been fine sweetie!

Jo, you are absolutely right. It's very uncommon, and no one ever spells it correctly.

Serena Joy!!!
It's great to see you again...Rock On Baby...

Sequin, you are so awesome, I can't tell you how happy you've made me!!..Thanks....Galen

JJ, I'm so used to it that I think it's funny!

Hey Jildo, It was pretty cool...

Miss Ann....
You may kick me very hard!
Ask anybody, I have a very big mouth!!
Please forgive me?

JJ....( love you.. xo )

Lady R, it's not according to importance, it's the number of letters....
C'Mon Roxi....You are my oldest blogging buddy!!
You were my blogging inspiration!!! xoxoxox


G-Man said...

Mona....JJ is linked to my heart!!

MONA said...

Galen PLEASE do it!
Even if she is linked to your heart, she needs to SEE that!

G-Man said...

Mona, I'll talk to my technical advisor OK?
You are sooo sweet xox.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

G-Man... don't tell me that you can't add a link on your own??? Good Lord!! It is about time I wrote some more posts on my baby blog... you have to learn this very fast... lolololol...
Yes... I was feeling lonely and found this to fool around before bed...
I will write the post about adding links very soon this week, but not tonight... ;-))
Sorry for the deleted comment... too many beers... so many words were missing... ;-(((

G-Man said...

Searabbit, What kind of beer? Please tell me!!

javajazz said...

awww, you guys are too sweet!
MONA, i couldnt get on the computer sooner (my daughter was using it and i was making banana cranberry oat muffins) but i meant to come back to mention that firstly, its VERY sweet of you to be so thoughtful towards me regarding Galen and the "missing link" but what i wanted to say was that Galen and i spoke about this a while back, and he knows that i actually prefer NOT to be linked, for reasons we discussed...(because i'm weird!!) anyway i still maintain that everyone should have complete freedom to do whatever they wish on their own blogs. and Galen is a wonderfully warm and engaging host, who cares a lot about his friends and visitors and treats them all very kindly...but we knew that! xo

G-Man said...

Yada Yada Yada...

MONA said...

JJ, I think you are absolutely right about that. Yes everyone has to be free regarding their blogs.

Galen I take back my words.

Sorry I had no idea about the missing link. I thought you were coughing because you WANTED Galen to notice that you were not there.

But we Do tend to misinterpret sometimes.Incidently I was talking about interpretations & jumping to conclusions recently.

When people listen to others,(specially to people who are not commited to them)They understand in their own way...they interpret it. Then it is not the thing that the other might have said, because something else has entered their interpretation. And because of that the whole color changes, the purity is lost & there are problems.

Tom went to confession and told the priest,
"father, I love my neighbour."
The priest said " That is wonderful. I am glad to that you attendance at sevices in this church has benefited you and taught you the ways of the Lord. carry on the good work. That is the wohole message of God. Love your neighbor as thyself."

Tom went home, Changed into some more comfortable dress, and slipped next door. He rang the bell and said " Is it all right ?"

The Lady said" Albert is out, but this is Afternoon & broad daylight. someone might see you coming here."

" it is alright", said Tom. " I have got special dispensation from Father O Brien."

See? How love can becomes sex & prayer can become infatuation with interpretation?

Interpreatations ARE dangerous. The mind is very cunning; it goes on taking any support... whatever is available from anywhere...for its own ends...

Interpretatins are surely Traps because they make you find many contradictions with people. That is because that time the other person is no more, it is just you yourself who is reflected in them.

That is how one faces a lot of contradictions...

MONA said...

Galen? didnt you sleep?

I have not slept for two days either...

Guess that makes me the Zombie that I am...

Grumpy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ann said...

ah.... how can a woman not resist such a sweet apology?

you're forgiven... mwahx

Anonymous said...

good morning buddy.
The sky is blue, the sun is shining and birds are singing.
I think I smell some bike riding in your future today.
Be safe brother!

Manny said...

How cool. and 10 bucks to boot. Life doesn't get much sweeter then that. Gayland. Ahhhhh ah ah ah

G-Man said...

Mona, If you are a Zombie, then eat my brains now baby!!!

Lady Ann?
I am now, and forever at your service....Thanks

Mornin TC, ridin AND mowing is in today's forecast....Thanks.

Manny, You know different of course. xoxox

javajazz said...

Mona, just to clear things up, your interpretations were not incorrect, you are very intuitive, but i was actually teasing Galen with the cough cough, because we had spoken about this was more of a lisa joke, and as you have mentioned, people can be misinterpreted, and i am used to it because my humour is rather odd and not designed in a manner that everyone gets...everyone is unique and everyone has different ways of being, different traits to offer of themselves...people tend to gravitate towards those they understand, unless they are of a mind that is intrigued rather than threatened by a mind that flows with a different current than their own...again, this is personal preference and certainly no cause for criticism...criticism often comes really from not understanding our own selves, myself included, otherwise, why would we find fault with anything if we are content within ourselves...? life is a journey, everyone on their own path. it is not for me to speak of the paths of others, better for me to just nod in understanding that we all have things to learn and keep to my own path.

what you have said
is very wise, Mona:

"Interpreatations ARE dangerous. The mind is very cunning; it goes on taking any support... whatever is available from anywhere...for its own ends...
Interpretations are surely Traps because they make you find many contradictions with people. That is because that time the other person is no more, it is just you yourself who is reflected in them..."

the mind is very powerful, as you well know, is our too many thoughts that mess things is ONLY us who is reflected in the thoughts we have...take your thoughts away, and the truth of a thing emerges on its own, without our so-called help.

i've heard a saying that says something to the effect of:
"what you think of others says more about who YOU are than it does about the other person.."

and sometimes its more important to be kind than it is to be right.

i must say in Blogland i have some reservations about speaking about some personal issues right here in everybody's face, so if i have some personal concerns, i usually dont like to smear it all over here for everyone to see, and i will privately email someone to discuss it...unless of course, if someone says something totally ignorant and it needs to be addressed openly, i may feel the need to speak out here. i sure do not like to publically embarrass people, and my skin crawls when i sense someone has been hurt by such a comment.
i try to be discreet but again, my level of discretion depends upon how silly i feel that particular day! and back to your point, this can be misinterpreted, depending upon the intuition of the interpreter!

i suppose, as Galen has taught me,
it doesnt hurt to be compassionate to our fellow humans, to think for that one extra moment before we say something potentially hurtful to another...we always have the power to transform a moment from negative to positive.

i continue to learn every day.

Mona, thank you again for your compassion. you were right on.

xo lisa

G-Man said...

I think that I have the smartest and and most talented chicks visit my blog....
"Ooooo, what a lucky man.. he was"!
( and IS )

Queenie said...

That sounds a really cool night, and I'm sure Ann and I would Have Loved to have spent some of it with you!!!!!!
She excepts your apology, but come on Mr g-man who am I?????

G-Man said...

Your Majesty?
Your Highness?


Breazy said...

LOL! Oh man, at least you got his autograph! Sorry I didn't get over here earlier to read this post but I have had a very sick child on my hands this weekend and there has been not a lot of comp time for me. My kids have 22 days of school left and that is counting weekends too so it won't be long til I can play til my little heart's content!

Have a good one!

G-Man said...

Breazy your kids always come first sweetie!!
Thanks for checking in..xo