Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Biking For Burns HNT


lime said...

booooooorn to be wiiiiiild!

HHNT! you rock!

erika said...

Gman you look good on that bike!

G-Man said...

You got my Motor running!

You'd look good on the back!!
I'll be right over sweetie. xoxoxox

jillie said...

Yeah baby..that's what I'm talkin about!



G-Man said...

Jillie, I have an extra helmut!!!xoxoxox

tsduff said...

What is that? A police special? A modified road king? You belong to the road Galen - such a great picture!

javajazz said...

wow, what a sexy lookin thang...
(bike aint bad either!)
you wild beast.

cathy said...
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javajazz said...
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javajazz said...
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MilkMaid said...

HOT! :)

Great bike G-Man...ride safe!

cathy said...

Boys and their toys, chuh!

MONA said...

G-man, knock off that tummy will ya!
& he invites secretary to sit on his lap..[grumble grumble] Who can sit on his lap with that paunch alrady sitting there.

Ok G-man, I have decided to resign from both my posts, as a professor of Kamasutriology[ cant stand it anymore] & also from the post of your secretary [ cant sit it anymore.

I Am Frrrrrrreeeee...YAY!!!!!

Cazzie!!! said...


Anonymous said...

I love the bike galen and you look great on it.

uhhhhhh, where's your helmet young man????

G-Man said...

Yes Terry, Good eye..
Thats exactly what it is.

JJ, thats as much skin as your going to see from me..

Good Morning Milkmaid,
We've got snow on the ground this morning...
Yuck!! Thats why your in Texas...xo

Cathy.....And your point?


Cazzie, I bet there is great riding in Australia! Thanks a bunch Baby....G

G-Man said...

Mornin TC, I'm glad that you asked....
In Michigan of course, you are required to wear a helmut at all times.
This was a charity fund-raiser for the Hurley Hospital Burn unit. Since there were 4000 bikes, it was Police escorted..
And ALL police escorted events...Helmuts are not required...Thanks for asking...G

SignGurl said...

Scootch up! I need a ride. Maybe not today though since we have f@$%ing snow again!!!

G-Man said...

I know Jenn, What a bummer...But I always have an spot for you...

..In my heart too.xox

barman said...

WooHoo... I must say, that left hand looks like it is holding something. It looks an awful lot like a cup. Could it be a cup of Tim Horton's? Now that would be a trick.

And ALL police escorted events...Helmuts are not required...

See now there is something I did not know. Very interesting.

Come back free spirit Mona, come back...

MONA said...

I am hovering around barman!...But I am stll free. YAYYYYY!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, since you ask, what's the difference between a helmet and a helmut? lol

javajazz said...

G-man, i love you just the way you are, you wild beast! i have fruit salad and cumquats just waiting for you...(whats a cumquat? oh nevermind!) xoxox

javajazz said...

the difference between
helmet and helmut...
i always had that question
about grey and gray.

javajazz said...

we have fucking snow here too,
Jenn! what a drag, huh?

javajazz said...

hey, i've seen your wrists you know!
and your sexy forearms
and your shoulder,
your pretty face
AND your running shoes!

Ameratis said...

"Obviously" noted Columbo " This picture is older because the grass is too green and the trees too full of leaves to have been taken recently. We should pursue that further...."

tkkerouac said...

Rock on, Happy HNT!

jillie said...

You are one hawt sexy biker and we love you JUST the way you are....

I have a helmet of my own but I would love to share yours! Move on over baby cuz I coming up for a ride!


Get your motor runnin....Head on the highway....lookin for whatever comes our way....BORN TO BE WILD!

barefoot_mistress said...

Ohh I wanna ride! Can I please?

Gman, I want to steal your skelly background for a few days, and we can pretend like there was thievery around here...ok? Can you show me how to have the skellys?


buddha_girl said...

Yo yo! What's shaking?

Crabby said...

How much does that puppy weigh?

barefoot_mistress said...

Hey you werent first at my HNT this week, what gives?

cathy said...

You'll like this. Remember when I left a comment on the wrong post?

I just left a comment for Mona on the wrong blog!

EBEZP said...

Awesome bike G. Not my favourite HNT I must admit but hey a man's got to do what a man has to do......
Nice 1 G

Serena Joy said...

Easy Rider - lookin' good!

G-Man said...

Barman, I wish I could hold a cup of Tim Horton's delicious while riding, but it's a thumbs up!!

Mona, and I thought you liked it here..

TC, It's not polite to correct someones piss poor spelling!!

JJ, my little love-button, You are so sweet to me. Thanks for all of the support that you throw my way..I really appreciate it..actually it's Kumquat, but I just being a bit naughty. xox

Tracy, I'll be right over, I know you'll have a great HNT..

I remember Columbo always saying that he had just a few 'loose ends' that he had to tie up.And your right, that pic was from last June.
Thanks Imp xoxoxxo

Theres always room for Jillie...or is that Jello?...No I think it's Jillie...xox

Mistress, whats mine is yours yourself!...Galen

Hey BG, Hows my favorite Teacher doin? xoxox

Crabby,..A Road King tips the scales at about 700# s, it has to haul my butt ya know!!

Hey EB, I know you've been to a few Biker Rallies too, Thanks for visiting....G

Cathy, Hahaha, thats so funny...BTW, tomorrow is 55 day...I'm ready!!

G-Man said...

I've missed you this week girl. I thought you only gave up week-end blogging?..But I'm glad your back!...g

Serena Joy said...

No, still blogging away, just been too busy to catch up with everybody as often as I'd like.:)

jillie said...

Serena's back...wooohooo!!!

Manny said...

But could it haul both our asses?

G-Man said...

Jillies FRONT!!
Jillies Ass!!

Anyway Serena, thanks for fitting ole G-Man in your busy schedule...
You Rock baby!!

G-Man said...

Manny? You know that there is No Way, that you wouldn't be riding with G.....I get all tingly just thinking about it...xoxox

SignGurl said...

How in the hell are you going to fit all of us hotties on that one little bike?

Jodes said...

love it!!!!! you rock!!

G-Man said...

Signgurl, as long as I got a face, you girls have a place to sit...

Oh, you mean the Bike?

Just like Baskin-Robbins,
Take a Number!!

G-Man said...

Are you back yet?

Strumpet said...

A 'Helmut' is a common German name for a male.

A 'Helmet' is a protective casing worn over the head area in sports and other recreational activities.

A 'Helmet' is also a slang term used to describe the tip of a cock.

Unless he's German. Then it's 'Helmut.'

'Helmet' is also a REALLY cool band to bang your head to, dude.

Barman, I miss your mohawk picture. That thing ruled.


That HNT pic is way too much fun. You just look like the happiest camper around for miles. Seriously.

Smile-inducing vibes just exude outta that shot.

Very cool.

P.S. I'm eating crunchy chocolate eggs out of a pink basket. It's REALLY hard to just eat one. I've eaten five! They're yummy!!


I've decided that you can't stop being the Prof of Kama Sutra-related naughtiness until you next tell us how to say 'shit' in Hindi. I'm sure people are getting sick of how much I choding say chod already. I need a new word. It's your civic duty.

Ms. Sign,

Your flower is pretty.

wmy said...

I so want a ride...please!!!

I could be your backseat bitch...whadoya say??

MONA said...

O all right strumpet...But let me remind you, that shit has nothing to do with kamasutra. Kamasutra is a total sex related thing, It is a blue magazine of the ancient India.I think that way Indians are the perpetrators of porn.
But I am still the professor of Hinglish & Hindi so I guess you can ask me anything related to that

So strumpet Shit is called 'Pakhaanaa' in Hindi. It is also called 'Goo'. Diorreah is called 'Dast' & dyesentry is called 'Pechish'.

& the process of shitting is called [ you'll laugh at this] 'Hug' or Hugna.

Like if you ask a person whether he has finished his business you say " tum hug aaye?"..Tum= you; aaye = back from. The sentense means are you back from hugging [ now that hugging is Hinglish there.

MONA said...

Hi Galen..good morning [ it is 6: 57 here] Still riding?
Stop riding & start walking!

MONA said...

& of course I like it here Galen, otherwise My free spirit wudnt be here!

G-Man said...

Hi Wendy!! Come on right now. I'm not booked thru the week-end..BBrrrrrrrr!
MICHIGAN! Don't like the weather? Wait a minute!

Mona? OK, lets get this straight. This morning you turn in your resignation with much glee I might add. And now your teaching again?
Because Strumpet asked you to?
Damn, that girl swings a lot of weight around here, Thanks Strumpet!

I'm glad you like it here Mona....One more thing. I guess you would never go up to someone in Agra and say, "I need a hug!"...

javajazz said...

not if she keeps
talking shit to them.

G-Man said...

Hi Lisa!!
Come read my 55 Lisa....

BTW xx

Strumpet said...

Choding Pakhaanaa opens for Foxy Cargo at the Grindhouse on Friday. Don't miss it.

We'll be giving away free copies of the new Blue Kama Sutra (featuring all new illustrations by members of Foxy Cargo) to the first fifty concert-goers.

Now let me get this straight, Monakins...You'll give lessons regarding cuss words in Hinglish...but no Kama Sutra-related inquiries will be taken at this time?

I can deal with that.

How about ass, Mona?

How do you say, 'ass?'

Chod my ass you choding piece of pakhaanaa. Am I getting the hang of it? ...or not really??

MONA said...

well strumpet, Ass is called 'Chootadh' in Hindi. It is also called 'Gaand' & euphemestically "pichwada' [ backside].
Now it will make a perfect alliterationofied[hinglish] expletive.
Chod my chootadh you choding piece of pakhaanaa.

G-Man said...

OK, This is way too freaky!
Strumpet, you and Mona are on your own!.......Galen

Strumpet said...

Chod my chootadh you choding piece of pakhaanaa.

I do have a thing for alliteration, so this is working out well!

Sounds like the name of Foxy's next album.

Oh c'mon, Galen, it's fun!!!

I figure if you're going to have a mouth like a trucker, you might as well be a trucker in as many languages as possible.

This way you can get your point across no matter where you are and also because Chi is indeed a huge melting pot in and of itself. You never know when a phrase such as this will come in handy.

Now, I just have to work on proper pronunciation.

Mona rocks.

javajazz said...

oh Strumpie...sheesh!

ya, i meant to say, too,
Galen looks so incredibly happy
on his little bike.
its a great shot!

Lady Roxanne said...

wow.. you did some serious changing over here.. or have I been gone that long?

G-Man said...

Chod This Foxy Cargo!!

Yeah that did feel kinda cool!!

JJ, your so sweet!

I don't see you for a month, then you comment on my past post!!
Galen misses you so much!
I still do, and always will, love you Rox.xoxox