Tuesday, April 3, 2007

ASK MR. KNOWITALL...........

A Mr. Richard Fader from Fort Lee New Jersey asks....Dear Mr. Knowitall
Well Richard, some bugs, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals do indeed hibernate! But though the bear is known for it, it is not a true hibernater. It does gain fat, and when Winter arrives it does sleep for long periods of time, but not continually. At regular intervals, it rouses and wanders about, but doesn't eat too much.

A Mr. Richard Noggin from Columbus Ohio asks....Dear Mr. Knowitall
Because they are not grounded! There must be a complete circuit for the electricity to pass through the body. If the bird could stand with one foot on the ground, and one foot on the wire, then it would get fried. In every case in which a human got electrocuted, part of the body touched the wire, and another part touched an uninsulated object, such as the ground, or something touching the ground..

A Mr. Richard Weed from Skokie Illinois asks.....Dear Mr. Knowitall
The black dot is fecal matter. The white stuff is urine. They come out together at the same time, and out of the same oriface! The white stuff, which is slightly sticky, clings to the black stuff..

A Mr. Richard Dicks from Butte Montana asks.....Dear Mr. knowitall
Before the advent of clocks we used sundials. In the Northern Hemisphere, the shadows rotated in the direction that we now call clockwise. The clock hands were built to mimic the natural movements of the sun. If clocks were invented in the Southern Hemisphere, perhaps clockwise would have been in the other direction!

Sorry folks, Mr. Knowitall grows weary of these tiresome questions. Same time next week!!
Thanks for stopping by.......Peace. ...................... Galen


DarkAngel said...

Nite Galen!! MWAH!!


G-Man said...

Angel? Hehehehehehe!

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, I love these Q & A posts, you certainly do know it all hey!!!

javajazz said...

Dick Weed and
Dick Dicks.
very funny Galen.
you're officially either:
1. nuts
2. quite funny.

Autumn Storm said...

Where have all the sexy men gone?

Happy Wednesday, Galen.

Strumpet said...

You sure seem to attract some real peckerheads there, Galen.

I think Mr. Dick Weed sounds kind of hot, though.

Can I contact him through you?

Let me know.

MONA said...

hi galen..that is indeed informative.I didnt know about the bird's fecal matter.All the others were known to me.

I guess that qualifies enough to be a mr knowitall secretary!

But as a Professor of the department of Kamasutriolgy, my class contines in your last post...

cathy said...

Ok so I didn't know about the bird shit but I can't say that it has been a great impediment to my progress thus far.

Little bird, flying high
Drops a message
From the sky
Man below, wiping eye
Thanking God that cows don't fly

I didn't write this poem.

Leigh said...

Thanks for assisting in helping me learn something today.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

you've got more dicks in this post than a Friday night at a San Francisco bath-house.

I like the birdpoop question cause I didn't know that about the white stuff.
Interesting and informative.
I salute you Professor.

lime said...

dear mr knowitall,

in reptiles the excretory system and reproductive systems unite in a single orifice known as the cloaca. is that the same term in birds for the unified pee hole and poop chute?


barman said...

What are the odds that all of your questioners are a bunch of dicks?

Wait a minute, I kind of just asked you a question so I guess that makes me... never mind.

I love it especially about the bird droppings. I wonder if I can pass that on somehow?

Thank you Mr Knowitall.

G-Man said...

Good Morning everybody, I had some PC problems this morning,and I was off-line for awhile..
Thank God for 17 year olds eh?...Ok back to Biz.

Good Morning Cazzie...
Yep, Thats my Name!!
As long as it concerns potty matters..Hahahaha

JJ, You forgot the most important one...
Dick Head!!!

Autumn..Good morning Sweetheart...
Oh! Is that a question for Mr. Knowitall?
All of the sexy men have turned gay! All thats left are middle aged, over fed, ass-holes....

Yes, you can reach Dick Weed at any time thru me!
I am always at your service Strumpet..xoxoxox

Mona...Please come here and type a memo please!!
No chair, here sit on my lap!

Cathy, you are so Literary, thank GOD, you've found my blog!!!
Thanks sweetie xoxoxo

Morning Leigh, I hope you are still not snowbound up there..
Thanks for getting out xo

Morning TC, A bit chilly this mornin eh?

Limey, Your favorite TV show growing up must have been Meet Mr Wizard!

Barman, I'm your Bird shit Guru son!!

SignGurl said...

You have no idea how much I've missed the banter here!

Strumpet said...

Awwww...welcome back, Ms. Sign!

Hope you're feeling better and enjoyed your choding.


Cool pic.


Ask him how tall he is for me.

MONA said...

no problem galen dearie, I can sit on an air chair.

jillie said...

Mr. Knowitall...why are all of these questions asked by men named Richard?

jillie said...

Yes, just being a smart ass AGAIN...lack of sleep last night.

Dog up barfing...into the litter box again. They just can't get enough of that almond rocha...yuck!

G-Man said...

Jenn, You have no idea how much we've missed you!!

Strumpet, I think that Richard Johnson is your kind of guy, I'll have to introduce you to him!

Mona, you are a woman of many talents my dear. Air Chair?
Hahahahaha..OK, Take a note...
Remind me to always be on my best behavior around Mona...

Jillie? Almond Roca ROCKS!!
I don't think that it is for Doggies though!..But The G-Man loves it...

Strumpet said...

You know...I've never had an Almond Roca.

I've heard good things.

I will have to try this...Almond Roca...

And what colour hair does Dick Johnson have?

Ameratis said...

Dear Mr. Knowitall,

Why do only men named Richard write to you?


Why did I choose Accounting as a profession?

LOL Happy Hump Day!

barefoot_mistress said...

Except for the bird bird info, that was quite informative.
The bird poop info, I could've lived the rest of my life without ever knowing that fact, thank you very much!


jillie said...

Ummmm I like almond rocha but not the kind the dogs had....ewwww!

Cat turds....tc's been hanging out with Jody again...lmao

G-Man said...

IMP!!, Because you are smart thats why..And a very good actress, you have to act like you enjoy your work, hahaha

Susie, I aim to please..
Mr. Knowitall...xoxox

Jillie, cut it out now...xoxoxox

Autumn Storm said...

Well, you've proved yourself with that answer, you are indeed Mr Knowitall. :-D

jillie said...


cathy said...

I've got 2 55s ready for Friday.
RU up 2 it.
mine are very saucy:)

jillie said...

I don't know Susie...I've laid awake many a nights wondering...why is there a black dot in the middle of the white stuff...Now I can share it with the rest of the world. MORE crap....LMAO

G-Man said...

Autumn, I tell it like it is baby...*smooch*

Jillie....Almond Roca..
You make me laugh so hard! Thanks for always making my day. xoxoxox

Cathy...Thanks for reminding me..You Rock!!
A saucy 55 eh?
I assume we are not talking Hollandaise here?
Oh I'll be ready, and this time it will have a plot and a central character!!! ..Later xo

Kristen said...

I love reading about Galen :)

Manny said...

g baby, I left my reading glasses at work.

Still love me? I still love you.

jillie said...

That's what I'm here for or so they tell me....


SignGurl said...

Looking for skin.......

javajazz said...

i still cant believe
i missed Dickhead.
(well, you had it disguised
as Richard Noggin! hey
i'm not THAT bright!)
okay, maybe i am...

jillie said...

Ummmm g-man...it's after 10:00

JJ you are very bright!

Yeah, you heard signgurl...


G-Man said...

KJ, you were fucking Off The chart this week!!!
Everybody reading this should go see what an AWESOME HNT is.....
It's Kristen..xoxoxoxox

Well Manny if you can't read this then.......
Never mind, of course I still love you.xoxoxo

You got it!!

JJ, you know I've already posted don't you?
You and your past posting ..Hahahaha

javajazz said...

hey, theres always something to say about yesterdays stuff, you know.
no, i didnt know you posted until i got here, silly! i was out playing at some weird thing tonight, so i missed all your nude action here...

G-Man said...

You mean like left-overs?