Sunday, March 4, 2007

War Pigs!!

Do you have a nickname? Are you known by more than one name?
Throughout my many years on this Earth, I somehow have been blessed by many monikers. You can call me G. You can call me G H. You can call me G-Man. You can call me Galen. You can call me Blog Whore. You can call me Mr. Knowitall..But ya doesn't have to call me JOHNSON!

My first nickname in high school ( other than lard ass )was "The Sheik". Back in the Golden Era of wrestling, there was a very popular wrestler known as the Sheik. He would come into the ring wearing a turban, he always had his arms out stretched to each side, and he had this wild eyed crazed look on his face. Well.....It seemed that instead of doing my homework, I could mimic this guy dead on. And I would of course do so at the drop of a hat! Anywhere. Anytime.
So thats nick name #1...The Sheik
Then in college you seemed to acquire many names. Most people were usually drunk when they said my name, and it came out sounding like ..Glon..So most of my associates called me Glon. Except for my friend Shep, who actually called me G-Man first in this world.
Back in the 70's, I used to sell audio equipment at a chain called Fretter Appliance. Thats was a great job. You got high and sold stereos!!! Life was good. In fact my buisiness cards said..Galen "High-Fi" Haynes..So to the people that knew me then, I was Hi-Fi.
In the 80's, I worked as a counselor at a secure detention prison for juveniles. The clients liked my casual style, so they referred to me as Mr. Galen. To this day, if I run into one of my kids from then,they still say Howdy Mr. Galen...
Every summer for the last 5 years, me and my son help the local Orthodox Church with their summer festival. We get up at 4:00 am and start the fires and help roast over 30 lambs for their picnic. During one of those smoked smoked filled mornings, one of the old Macedonian men had a flashback, and swore to God that I looked like one of their old lamb roasting pals by the name of Oshko. Now Oshko had been dead for over 20 years, but they all said that the resemblance was uncanny. Suddenly all of the old Serbian and Macedonian men just called me Oshko. Unfortunately, one of those men worked with me for years selling cars. And guess what he called me at work? Oshko! So at work to this day, all my co-workers call me Oshko. A little ethnic, but so what?
But my favorite nickname, was given to me by a fraternity brother of mine named Tony M. We had a frat house, and since Nixon was in office, we just knew that our house was bugged. So we developed little code words for certain 'activities'. Of course one of those activities was smoking weed. And since pot was not 'allowed' in the house, we simply said,"you want to go listen to some tapes?'..That meant going out back in my car and burning one. I just so happened to have a kick-ass 8-track stereo in my car, and we always jammed and burned!!
Well I had a fondness for Black Sabboth, and always had it blareing full blast. One night on one of our 'tape' sessions, it seems that my friend Tony had a joint of Columbian. WOW...Ceebo! That was real hard to get back then, and he had a big fat hooter! To this day he talks about that mindless night, all he could remember was the name of the album.
So whenever I still see Tony, he always says..
"My friend Glon....The Master of Reality."
That was almost my blog name, The Master of Reality!!!
NAW, I'll stick with G-Man.....Peace

Do you have a nickname other than your blog name?


gab said...

yep! Beacuse of my name and the way it is spelled and the fact that I do talk to much(hence the name gabalotgal) I have been called the north wind the east wind the south wind and of course the west wind. Im plain windy! in high school I was known as smoky. Nope not in the manner you all would think. I never smoked and never tried. I was known as smoky because all my friends did smoke and I was the only one who didnt. should have been smokless really but some how smoky stuck. Now other than grandma I guess Im just plain gab!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

G-Man is a nice nick name. Easy to remember and sounds very friendly, even though the wall paper in your blog look so evil. :)

Pink ginger is my real nick name. given by my friend because I love the pink picked ginger in a Japanese restaurant. Pink ginger is also a name for an exotic flower in south east asia.

lime said...

in 10th grade i was 'euglena' because of my dominatrix style demonstartion of how that particular protozoan propelled itself (the teacher was a former marine drill sargeant who was a friend of my mom's....when i stood no the desk and cracked the whip it was the only time all year the man was speechelss)

in college i was 'm' for the same reason you are oshko...uncanny lookalike for someone by that name.

in trinidad i was 'meesh' because everyone down there is given a nickname. i think i like that one best.

G-Man said...

Gabby, I don't think you are windy at all. Now me, after bean soup is windy! Smokey is too strange, I'll stick with Gabby...

Pink Ginger? I'm not evil, I'm just naughty. Pickled Pink Ginger eh?
A bit spicy as I recall, much like you!

Michelle? Dominatrix style? You do know me better than most, I can't believe you allowed me to have that image in my very warped mind. And it even sounds HOT...Mistress Euglena!
Sounds much better than
'flagellum protsis'...
I like Meesh as well, then you meet some Yahoo that calls you Michelle Aussi Trini Limey...
But Ohhhhhhhhhh, I love..
Mistress Euglena!!
WHACK!!! Thank You Mistress, may I please have another one? WHACK!
Thank You Mistress......

javajazz said...

wow, this is so cool! i love stuff like this, love the stories from peoples past! (lime, thats funny about your whip cracking muting the drill seargeant! obviously you made HIS day...)
hi pink is such a pretty colour and ginger has so many helpful properties in healing,
what a perfect combination...i'm
sorry to interrupt but you made me think about "Oshko's" choice of wallpaper...funny how we have certain associations with certain images, but i realized that underneath our "Earth Suits", we all probably look like that (maybe not the crossbones!) and how symbolic and appropriate that might actually be for Mr G's site, as he brings so many people together here, and deep down, we are all connected, and in many ways, though seemingly different on the outside, very much the same within...just a thought...after coffee, could be a whole different thought!

G-Man said...

JavzJazz, I really love your take on things. You disect thoughts like no other, then turn it into positive energy. I'm so thankful that you wandered into my place..
I hope you realize that you have your own chair here now? I need coffee as well. So off to Tim Horton's it is......

javajazz said...

what, dont they make coffee
in your house?
oh, Gee, (G), you're gonna bring a tear to my eye...
and thanks for filling my brain
with all this talk of Tim's...
i found myself driving around last night after dropping my daughter off, looking for a late night Tim's that would make me a killin' ham and swiss sandwich for dinner...ended up settling for swiss chalet, yummy chicken and fries! all the food groups!

Top cat said...

very interesting and cool post g-man.
I can't think of too many nicknames but when I worked in child Daycare the kids called me mr rick.

I also sold audio equipment back in the 70's at a chain of stores called Stereoland and yes there was weed smoking and loud stereos.
We barely made a living because it was on commission and a $1.00 an hour.
We all had long hair which was not allowed so we bought short hair wigs to wear during our 12plus hour days.(yes we looked ridiculous)lol
I hated that wig and after a couple of hours you would sweat underneath it but nothing was going to make us give up our long locks of hair.

G-Man said...

JavaJazz, yeah we make coffee, But not like Tim Horton's! No one does!

TC, Wigs? Thats so cheesy!
I remember Stereoland.
I really like Mr. Rick, sounds like a porn star!

MONA said...

O yes yes yes..I remember him...wasnt his name 'Shiek Mahboob'!?

All the names are good...I have been given names Durga, Ayesha , Dizzy and Manu...So many different ppl, so many different memories, so many different lives....from Mona, back to Mona so much water has gone down the river...& thank God, Or I might have remained stagnant & rotted...
Love Ya!G-man, aka, Galen, aka shiek, aka.....

Top cat said...

I'm beginning to get the impression g-man owns a lot of stock in Tim Horton'

Strumpet said...

When I was a kid my brother called me 'Sissy.' But, that only lasted a few, very short he soon learned to talk and could actually say my name. Sort of...

My father always called me, 'Chandra Annie.' My middle name is Ann.

In high school, my brother and I were both in all the plays. And our friends started to notice that when my brother would talk to me and say my name, he would say it really fast and it would come out more like...'Channa,' than Chandra. So, they all started calling me Channa. All of our friends and all of his friends and all of my friends and soon every new person that started hanging out with us got to know me as Channa. As new Freshman would come and start hanging out with us theatre punks, they would really think that my actual name was Channa. Even our theatre director/English teacher called me Channa. It lasted through all of college because a lot of us went to U of I. It even lasted for a few years after that. Until I moved to the city and my bro moved to L.A. for awhile.

I didn't really have a nickname again until I started working for Corner Bakery. I managed there and my whole staff would call me Ms. Chandra. I hated it and I loved it. And they knew that.

When I went back to waiting tables, the whole Snoop Dogg craze was everywhere and my friends started calling me things like, 'Chandrizzle' and 'Chandizzle' and 'Chandeezy.' Somehow it got shortened to 'Deezy.' And for three years at my last job I was known as 'Deezy.' I still have one really good friend from there who still refers to me as 'Deezy.'

At this job, I've had a couple of nicknames. One of my favourites was 'Lulina.' Because the lesbian who used to work there said that I 'looked like a Lulina.' One of the girls calls me 'Chandralicious.' My friend Bang calls me 'Chandra Dee.' One of the other girls calls me 'Chandrella.'

There ya go.

javajazz said...

why did i think Tims was only in Canada? in toronto, the ONLY place i buy my coffee is from my friend Alan in Kensington Market...i never like to give names on blogs (david hasselhoff is the only exception!)
because of google linking things to my plaid ass...nevermind, Terry knows that stupid paranoid story of why i had to make a whole other copy of my entire blog last year...
anyway, Alan sells free trade coffee lots of organic stuff and gorgeous exotic teas from all over the world, but he roasts his coffee himself at least 3 to 4 times per week, and man, thats gotta be the smoothest coffee in his funky store is filled with the weirdest people in town, lots of musicians, writers, artists and lunatics...its very cool....and he plays lots of jazz cds...and hes cute as i am hooked on his coffee and everything else pales in comparison...its my Tims...

G-Man said...

Manu? Dizzy? No Mona dear, you are far from dizzy. Ayesha sounds very exotic, kinda diggin that. Durga? What does it mean? If it means lovely, then thats you! xxx G

Mr. Rick, ( see you never want to tell me anything )We should open up a Tim Horton's. I think that we would work quite well together.
I wish I did have stock in them......G

javajazz said...

woo hoo Chandrizzle Deezy!
i think i like Strumpie
even better than i like Strumpet...
(where'd THAT name come from?)

javajazz said...

mr Rick! ha!
(like a porn star, funny G!)
man, Cat really worked in
a kiddie daycare? woah,
thats so awesome for a guy
to do!
i'd be wearing latex gloves
and a mask for that one!
you must have nerves of steel
and the patience of a saint!

ps G, i love the Tims franchise idea...i'll work there. its my dream to work in a cafe where everyone is really wacked out!

SignGurl said...

Of course, Jenn is my nickname. My best friend's mom in high school gave it to me including the spelling.

I will be forever known to Mr. Sign as "chubby". He said it won't matter how thin I get. He says Chubby in a loving way or I would have to kick his a$$!

In high school I was known as Inga. I was part of a blonde trio, Inga, Helga, and Gretel> (my keyboard is locked in sticky keys and won"t let me punctuate correctly) We were the hot Swedish girl group, lol!

G-Man said...

LISA, OMG! Honey, I absolutely LOVE Kensington Market. That is my favorite Toronto hang-out. It's sooooo ethnic and sooooo bustling and European and old world! Not very many places in North America like that! I remember going into a cheese shop there, and you had to take a number. When you finally made it to the counter, a man with a thick accent started hacking thin slices of wonderful cheeses off of many big blocks. It was quite overwhelming, and sooo cool. The we ate at a restaurant that was owned by a little old Hungarian Lady...There was no menu, you ate what she had on the stove! How awesome was that? God I miss Toronto, and it's only 5 hours away! And for some reason, I'm really diggin the people that live there now...Really diggin them!.....Galen

G-Man said...

....and of course you are very Chandralicious!

What a great array of names you've had Strumpet. I really like Channa, thats seems so affectionate.
Ms. Chandra sound so formal, but there are times that Chandra Dee fits you to a Tee!
To this day I call my sister 'sissy', and I'm the only one that does, so that makes it very cool..
Lulina sound like a female wrestler.
But if ever there was a beautiful Fairy Princess, it is Chandrella! To me you are a beautiful Princess, and always will be....Much Love..G

G-Man said...

Jenn, I hope Mr. Sign only whispers that in your ear and very low at that...

But Oh My, Inga!!
That is soooooo HOT!
And you do look Swedish..
Ya SURE!..

Jenn, you took a poor low-tech ass-hole like me in, and tried to teach me how to survive in blogland. You are so smart and talented and beautiful. I'll always be indebted to you, and always love you. To me, you'll always be my....
SignQueen!...or Inga!

Top cat said...

g-man..yes the Dynamic Duo.
We'd be like the Cheech&Chong of Horton'sville.

java..actually I was the busdriver but helped with lunches, field trips and after school activities.
I lasted 6 months and developed lightheadedness and shortness of breath.
My doctor told me to find a new field of

I'm outta here guys, g-man and everyone have fun.
You folks make my day.:)

javajazz said...

and that, CoffeeCat, and G, is why i wish to be employed in your coffee store, sirs....believe me, you wont be'll be like the live version of this blog, and i will look after all your guests, especially if i like them! we can have workshops and specialty parties with different themes....i smell a business in the air! anyone? only a 5 hour commute you say? jeez, its almost worth it...hmmm...

javajazz said...

Cat, i bet they just adored you at the daycare...the male energy is rare in those places...
the lightheadedness was probably from the diaper smell, i imagine...
and the shortness of breath, i'm diganosing as having been caused by inserting earplugs in your nose...

javajazz said...

G, i was just thinking how cool it would be to have the title of your blog (or even as a sub-title under Mr. Knowitall), as The Master Of Reality...!
aint that a cool name? considering how you always seem to have a sense of what is really at the heart of people and things and stuff etc etc etc...

G-Man said...

Thanks TC, enjoy your Sunday...

Lisa, just stick around OK? And btw, you got the job!

barefoot_mistress said...

Hey G~man, wanna go listen to some tapes?

You can call me Ray.....

barefoot_mistress said...

OK the confession:

Suse became the name that most of my online friends call me from trivia madness, or bare...
but the lucky few get to call be cavebabe or mistress :D

G-Man said...

God I love it when you come out and play. For some odd reason you always know what the fuck I'm talkin about.
I like that in a woman.
Thanks mistress, your so funny....Galen

jillie said...

Well you already know my nick name...a few of them...
Jilldo, Jillie Bean

The neighbor growing up called me Jill Con the Leprechaun because my middle name is Colleen and he said I was a con artist as a little kid. I could con a candy bar out of ANYONE....LMAO!

In Jr. High a boy teased me and called me "lips" I told him he was just jealous because I wouldn't let him kiss mine and that his girlfriend had paper thin!

8 track tape player huh? I had one of those at one time. Lisening to my Kiss and Aerosmith! Jamming them as loud as I could driving my mom bonkers. Yeah, I had a few partying days with the ganga myself. Except our code word was I think we need some fresh air. Yeah

G-Man said...

I'm really groovin on "Lips".
But you are forever our Jillie. And it would be the very best to get a breath of fresh air with you...Thanks ....Galen

barefoot_mistress said...

He called me Cavebabe!
Flutter flutter

barefoot_mistress said...

When we were in HS, my sister and I used to sneak out by the trash cans and smoke pot.....and continued to use that spot as we got older....I haven't been to my parents house in years, but my sister still hangs out by the trash cans when she visits...

G-Man said...

So let me get this straight, we can listen to some tapes, while getting some fresh air, out by the trash cans, and cop a buzz?
Yeah Baby!!!!
You California Girls Rock!!

Jodes said...

i have too many.........

it goes on and on each one is from a different friend or group of people.

javajazz said...

well, i have no friends
so i have no nicknames...
oh, except for Poopy,
which my son calls me
and i call him back,
Lucy, which my kid sister calls me
when she's teaching me an important
life lesson that i previously fucked up...
Fleabutton...(remember Terr?)
i think that was an old family one...
ummm, Rupert.
oh, and Jazzy and JJ
since being Javajazz "onscreen"
which, if the truth be known was a name my ex husband originally made up for me for computer use...i love it. and i love coffee. and stuff.
jazz too.

Pecos Blue said...

Never had a nickname--always wanted one--I like g-mad best

G-Man said...

Jodi Girl?

Your being naughty now aren't you?

Lucy? Poopy? Fleabutton?
I like lovebutton a lot!!
But JavaJazz sounds so...
HIP!...and Sassy!

G-Man said...

Pecos Blue,
is that your real name?

I read your profile, please come back. I really like Carlsbad..
A very pretty place...G

javajazz said...


G-Man said...

Yeah, lovebutton!

MONA said...

Lol...G Man, you are lucky...I have a picture of Durga on one of my posts:" bittersweet bitter"...You will know exactly what that means when you look at her...Now tell me, if she reminds you of me..LOL

G-Man said...

Mona dear, I read that post also. What a great lesson that was learned by you and taught by your wise mother.
No the Durga is scary, you are lovely!
Happy Holi Dizzy...Galen

Top cat said...

good morning g-man.
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun yesterday.:)
Have a good one.

SignGurl said...

Blog on! I'll miss you guys today.

barman said...

Wow, Fretters Appliance. I bought a Sony 27 inch TV from them. I remember them well. A month or so before they went out of business they called my up and talked me into extending the warranty. Yes I remember those slime bags well. Funny I so remember Stereo Land too. We had one right down from my house. I could only drool at the electronics back then.

Not had many nicknames. My name does not lend itself to it very much but I am know as Bry to family and some friends. To work and most people I am known as Barman. My initials are BAR and so a co worker coined that back over 20 years ago. She eventually expanded it to Barman and it has stuck ever since.

There was one real strange one in there. In High School I was known as Big Bird for almost a year. I have no clues where that came from unless it was because I was somewhat tall (but 6'2" is not all that tall) and a little plump around the middle although I did get skinny about that time. Maybe I had bird legs. Anyway no idea where it came from and happy is just died.

I like g-man or g-ster.

Hey not into the dubie scene but lets go listen to some tapes. I will bring along something to imbibe. Oh, leave it to me... I had an 8-track recorder. Not many 8-tracks however.

MONA said...

didnt I tell you already...I am back from mona to mona...

G-Man said...

TC, Yeah a few people wandered in. I'm working from 12-8 today, but probably go in a little early.

Jenny? Gotta work today too? We'll all be here when you get out....G

Barman, I always wondered how you got that name. I thought maybe it was because you closed down a few too many. Sorry about Fretters, I only worked there for two years.....G

lime said...

suse, aka, cavebabe, aka mistress forgets that i always used to call her 'toots'

~mistress euglena

G-Man said...

Mona is fine with me Mona! I like that the best anyway. Thanks for sharing your names with us......Galen

G-Man said...

Trini, Two mistress' like you and Susie would kill me! But.......
What a way to go!


Jodes said...

oh yeah Jodi Girl - duh......... me naughty????? what???

barman said...

Oh I went through my period of closing down more than a few bars in the early 90s. I attended lots of open mike nights and just hung out a lots. Not sure I could stay up long enough to close one down now...

G-Man said...

Jodi, nothing too bad, I was referring to maybe you snuck on the home PC yesterday.

Bryan, We should give it a try sometime!

MONA said...

Dear g-man..I hope I did not offend you..It is just I react strongly to some...because they have held some degree of pain for me...But then I thing I shud not have mentioned them.It is my fault not yours. I thought I have got past them, but I guess I squirmed a bit when you called me that...

Ameratis said...

Dang I have missed most of the conversation!

My brother has called me "Kid" since I was old enough to remember

My Dad has called me "pumpkin" and "princess" and "pookie"

My best guy friend growing up called me "Moe"

My hated names in school were "Mellow Yellow" and "Midget Mel"

I had a friend who we called each other Mutt and Jeff though I cannot remember who was who

I had another friend that called me Lily because we decided in 9th grade that we wanted different names...don't ask I don't know

Now my nicknames are "Drama Queen" and "Mel" though Sexy Boyfriend calls me "Cutie"

DarkAngel said...

My grandfather calls me Rambler -- has since I was a baby ... once I started crawlin', I was GONE!!

No one else is allowed to ever use that name -- my grandmother tried to give me a nickname and I wouldn't take it so she tried to ask me in front of him if I was too old to get called that ... you should have seen his face, you'd thought he'd gotten stabbed in the chest. I was 13, got up in my grandmother's face and told her he can call me that ANY time for the rest of his life AND mine ... she's not the only one to verbally get her throat ripped out over that nickname ... probably won't be the last.

So, that's my fave although I have at least twenty more ...


buddha_girl said...

Better late than never:

Ringleader: from college. I was a bad girl.

Il Duche - from my Daddy

Bubba - from my Daddy. Don't make fun of that name. He's my Dad!

Jeckyl and Hyde - one of my friends/colleagues is always amazed how I can turn from a ball of meanness into a sweet little voice when I have to talk on the phone...and vice versa.

Meg said...

My new favorite....."MEGALICOUS" !!!

Hey you, hope you had a great weekend and your workweek is off to a GREAT start!!!

still so busy, damn.

Take Care,

javajazz said...

i forgot big band teacher
(who coincidentally was also the best jazz trumpet teacher in town) used to shout out in his big funny burly voice, "whatcha eatin' back there, Mouse?" i used to bring in weird snacks with tofu in them (it was my healthy phase...) and he thought it funny that a teeny one such as myself, would always be stuffing her face (especially when she was supposed to be rehearsing...) oh yeah and Lucille was the long form of Lucy...
i like Poopy cuz its for my son and he calls me the same name...i'm so Poopy. poopypoopypoopy

javajazz said...

hey, where the heck is Oshko today?
GLON!!!!!!!! where are you Hi-Fi?
they've got their damn nerve letting work get in the way of your blogging should quit, and take up full time blogging!
your people need you here, dammit!

javajazz said...

also Mr Barman (my son's name is Brian with an I and he is Bri, too!) (and Poopy!)
but you brought back 8-track memories...i thought my dad was
the only one in the universe to have an 8 track left! all i remember from his 8 trach tapes is Herb Alpert and the (and i can never spell this..) Tiajuana (huana?) Brass!! remember them??
ha!! or was it Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66...maybe Antonio Carlos i love all that latin stuff...but i'll never forget those vanilla coloured funny plastic giant 8-track tapes...

jillie said...

Galen can call me whatever you want!

Yes, I will forever be a Jillie...just ask my family.

I am getting bored and restless. I was actually going to try to do some gardening...water my plants and pick some lemons but I almost feel over. NOT a good idea.

ANYONE WANT LEMONS??? I HAVE TOO MANY!!! My tree is overflowing!

javajazz said...

if God gives you lemons
Miss Jillie,
well, heck, girl,
make some lemonade!!!!

picking lemons...
how gorgeous and exotic...
its minus 35 wind chill today
dont even care if its Fahrenheit
or Celcius, its fucking cold here.
how beautiful it must be
to have that warmth all year round...
what are you charging, about
99 cents for 3 lemons?
(thats canadian prices...)
cant you garden
lying down?
i know this is gonna sound a bit weird, but at the end of winter
(when the ground isnt covered
in 2 feet of ice!!) i usually
go out in spring, get down on my hands and knees (tell your friends!) and smell the earth
and stick my fingers into the mud and caress the grass as is turns
from brown straw back to lush green.
i guess we appreciate the change
when it does arrive!

Ameratis said...

I posted a post just for my northern friends today :)

jillie said...

Javajazz...I have close to 200 lemons on my!!! I just mailed about 6 dozen to my brother and Robert took some to his parents and I think I am down to just under a 100 with a ton of green ones that are ready to ripen. I am juicing them and then freezing them in ice cube trays and the put them in zip lock baggies to use in the future for cooking and what not. I guess the fertilizer is working....hahahahaha!

javajazz said...

i guess it IS!!
holy sh*t, no pun intended!
i like the idea of freezing them
too...lemons are so good for you,
they have alkaline properties
within the body..there used to be
some insane drink i made in my hippie health days with fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, and of course, what drink would be complete without (no, not vodka!)
cayenne pepper!!
its supposed to cleanse your system (like Drano, i'm thinkin) and be a real health drink, restore the acid, alkaline ph balance or whatever, i forget...
but i'd dig lemon ice cubes!
or slushies or something!
just the idea of lemon trees is so exotic...once i tried to grow a watermelon for Aunty Jo's annual vegetable contest/talent show (dont ask!) and i got tons of leaves but the watermelon ended up being the size of a was cute.

javajazz said...

Ameratis posted the most beeeoootiful photos of balmy weather and gorgeous colourful flowers, Blockbuster trucks and M&Ms on her blog! wow!
that totally made my day...i even took off one layer of fleece.....!
woo hoo!! what a kind display of warmth! thank you!

javajazz said...

Jillie, you mailed 72 lemons
to your bro? wow!
dont they weigh a lot?
you're so nice!
it must have been hard to get
them all into the envelope...!

SignGurl said...

I'm hoping my day gets better before it ends *sigh*

I forgot to tell you my latest nickname, J Flo.

Crabby said...

Master of Reality? ahhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha! Would that have meant we'd have to call you master if you had used that for your moniker?

Mostly people call me, Lucy, Pammy, or, Red. And occasionally, idiot, mouth, fingers, and some other stuff depending on what I did.

tkkerouac said...

Got enough friends G-Man, I could see you as a Shiek.

jillie said...

Dammit JJ...I thought you were a girl after my own heart...hahaha. Not vodka? What gives?

My grandmother always said the juice of one fresh lemon a day keeps you squeeky clean...

I do use them in my water. But I am also known for my lemon drops at our parties...YUM YUM!!!!

jillie said...

Hey...g-man? Where ARE you????

Come out come out where ever you are?

wmy said...

HOly crap!! You are one popular mofo... lets see...I cut my hair short...and seems like I looked like buffy from that show with buffy and jodie...forgot the name, so buffy stuck for a while. Then, when I was little, my aunt called me turkey...which turned into turkey turk a lurk..and is now just turk...what the hell??

SignGurl said...

Wendy, my sister's nickname is Buffy for the same reason.

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh Mistress Euglena, please forgive me forgetting the name that thou hath betowed upon me in trivia madness...TOOTS!

That's me! Never wear shoes unless extremely necessary! Have a good weekend gman!

barefoot_mistress said...

Be toed upon me! Hah!

javajazz said...

sorry ms Jillie,
i know i'm such a bore,
you'd think i was a party grrrl?
i'm so not, well, not in the
conventional sense anyway!
my great grandma coulda
drank y'all under the table tho!
she lived to her mid 90's
and we always said it was
the whiskey that kept her goin
strong! actually my mom does
pretty good herself with her happy hour festivities...i guess
this stuff skips a generation!

anyway, didnt mr Oshko Glon Hi-Fi man say he was working 12 - 8 today?
so everyone hang on to your shorts.
daddy's comin' home...!
(sometimes i make myself laugh.)

G-Man said...

Mona, I'm here to make you smile, not squirm. Unless of course you like to squirm, then I'm here to please you.
Mona, you are such a kind hearted person, you always make me feel happy!

Imp? I don't see Imp on that list!

Well since I value my life, I'll just say, thanks Dark Angel. I love family stories...G

Il Duche, I remember that from before. It is right on the money honey.
You can invade me anytime!

Megalicious...nuff said!!

J Flo?. That sounds like a female problem!
I like Jenn xxxxx

I really like Pam...and
I really like Pam!

TK, The posting machine!
How you do'in Baby?
Thanks for taking the time to visit me, Very Hot!!

WMY, Howdy and welcome to the Jungle! I like Buffy, but you don't seem like the Buffy type.
You are a lot funnier...
I really like your wry wit. Thanks for playing and please come back....
I do know where you live!

Wendy? Is that a secret?
I love Wendy. And since this is your first time here....I'll refrain from all pig-like comments regarding my favorite place to eat!!

Week-End? Susie, you guys really are laid back on the coast!!

Jillie my love, as always I can't get through any day without my private nurse. xxxxxx

JavaJazz, you are just too cool for words. I feel truely blessed to have had you wander into this crazy place that we call home.....Or I hope each and everyone feels the same way?
JJ, I really dig you!!!
Thank You for watching the place today.. xxxxx

javajazz said...

theres no place like home....
theres no place like home....
theres no place like home....
now, what are the rules for
accepting compliments again?
i'm not allowed to say, "oh puleeze,
just stop it already!"
i'm to smile demurely and what was it? keep quiet?
(can you just imagine that?) ha!

Strumpet said...

Family Affair, or

G-Man said...


You win the grand prize Strumpet.....

Family Affair it is!