Monday, March 5, 2007

The Corner Store..

I like supporting local business. Even though a Home Depot is less than 2 miles from my house, I prefer to get all of my hardware needs from a local chain that still has about 6 stores. Each store probably employs 10 - 15 people, and many are of high school age. You know that store. When you walk in the place the first thing you notice is the wood floors. There is always a smiling young face wearing a nail apron willing to take you to your asked for item. And although you may pay pennies more, you are in and out in no time.
Every time I go to Home Depot, I end up wandering around up and down the aisles looking for some help. When you finally do flag down an orange vested worker carrying a can of paint around, he very politely says" I'm sorry sir, this is not my department, but I'll send someone over right away." A 1/2 hr later your still seeking help.
I feel nearly the same about pizza. My 17 year old son eats at Little Caesars 5 days out of 7, because it's on his way home after school. But our pizza of preference is still in the same location it has been at since 1957. It's an authentic little Ma and Pa place called Sicilys. The place doe's mostly take-out, but it can seat up to 20 people at a time. Their pizza hasn't changed at all in the last 50 years.
Unlike their mega-chain counterparts, the crust is limp but strong and chewy. The sauce is thick and garlicky, the cheese is hand grated, and they slice the pepperoni by hand still. They know me and my son by name, and they always give us the same table. We never finish the whole thing, and my son eats the rest the next day. It was a great childhood tradition for me, and now I have passed it down to my boy.
It's something that just him and I do together, because the women in the household don't like the location of the place.
It's not in the best part of town, but thats where it is.
Are you lucky enough to have part of your youth still doing business? Or do you have a local business that you always frequent? G-Man wants to know.....Peace


jillie said...

I'm FIRST!!! I think I have to go and change my underwear!

jillie said... for my comment. I so know what you mean about the local places. There is a Mexican place in Milwaukee that I LOVE to go to on National Ave and it's not in a very safe neighborhood. BUT...they have thee best food and margs are great. It's an old house converted into a resturant. They serve large portions and it's all on paper plates. I've had a lot of good times there and lood forward to more.

Mmmmmm...and those mom and pop pizza places...YUMMMMMMM!!!!

tsduff said...
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Strumpet said...

I know a Pinky's strip club in Vegas.

Anyhow, I have a couple of those places.

My favourite being Gene and Jude's Hot Dogs in River Grove.

I celebrated my 35th birthday there, it's how much I love that place.

There is nothing else like this joint around.

It's cool incarnate. Only because it is the most uncool thing ever.

SignGurl said...

There's a cute little drive in place close to our house called Jon's Country Burgers. You can do the drive in thing or you can sit at a booth and order your food over the phone that goes into the kitchen. It's expensive as hell but I remember going there with my Grams as a kid.

I eat every day at the local bar and grill in my home town. They have the best food and cheapest prices. You can get the soup and salad bar for $2.99.

lime said...

my hometown has this italian place for pizza and hoagies. they also have a nice sit diwn section for full dinners. they make all their own dough for even the hoagie rolls. their sauce is awesome too. just the best food. and it's all family running it and shouting back and forth in italian to each other. best hoagies on earth.

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry for pizza!

javajazz said...
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G-Man said...

Mornin Jenny. I love places like that. I missed you yesterday, and I'm not happy about it.

Limey, God I can smell that oven now. I hope you've taken your family there.

TC, I can eat pizza every day!

JavaJazz, I want to Thank you..Faletin me be mice elf again!

gab said...

There is this little grocery store out at the lake by the house I grew up in. When I was a kid it seemed like it took forever to get there and it seemed super market big. My brother and I went back there a couple of years ago and wow is it small! lol but all other places I loved to go as a kid are gone progress you know. But in SD there are still pleanty of mom and pop every things and those are the best places to go. When we lived there the pizza place and jc penneys and movie spot are all in one store. Don's pizza penneys and rent movies! Iand he has the best pizza. The other pizza place is in a gas station and even though we tried it a few times Don's is a whole lot better! Gosh now Im home sick again.

lime said...

oh yes, g-man, when we go visit my mom a trip there is often in order.

javajazz said...

i just actually got that that was a Sly song...i really really dont know these guys' music (was that grammatically sound?) but now i know who they were cuz you just linked up the're a genius!!
among many other things!

Anonymous said...

Sly and the Family Stone guys are wealthy????
I thought all the rich white record guys ripped them off like they did all the great black artists.

Ameratis said...

There is a hamburger place called Lonnie and Pats in my hometown that is great. You can get a big, juicy, greasebomb of a hamburger that is soooooooo good. We use to go there when I was a kid and it is still there and still just as greasy and hole-in-the-wall as it was when I was a kid.

My Dad has a place in his hometown in VA called the Dairybar that has been there since he was a kid that he has to go to everytime we go visit the family. He loves the killer slawdogs.

mist1 said...

I love Home Depot. I get all slutted up and shop there when my self esteem needs a boost.

G-Man said...

Gabby, Thats what I call one stop shopping..

Trini, I'm glad that you can share childhood memories with your children!That will always be the place that mom went to as a kid.

Mr. Rick, that was a huge surprise to me too!

Imp, Greasebombs Rock!!
And a slaw dog huh? Thats sounds fiber filled. I love having Miss Melodie visit me.
Someday when your famous, I'll always say I knew you when!....Galen

Lisa you are so kind.
I'm hardly a genius. More like an old goofy stoner, thats listened to a few tapes in his day! You solved that little riddle quite well, I might add....G xx

Jodes said...

I know what you mean G, there is a market down the street that i go to once a week for coffee. I have to do laundry in a mat and go to the Market everyweekend to break my 20 or even if I do not need change I go for that coffee. It cost a buck for a regular size and it is run by 2 brothers. they recognize me every week and even though I have never told them my name they know why I am there. hope to see you around today.

G-Man said...

Mist1, You have a very funny and sexy blog. Thanks for comming by. And I happen to LOVE slutted up women....Galen

Jodi Girl, this is the last you'll see of me here....I'm going to work now! But I'll be around!

javajazz said...

i dont know TC! ask TS Terry! those dudes were at her last office party!
and by the way, she could really use a tin of that people repellant at her office today, poor thang...i think they pulled a G-man on her, with regards to fulfilling her blogging obligations whilst at work...the nerve! i personally think a little extra curricular blogging aids productivity in the workplace rather than inhibiting it

javajazz said...

G!! have a gorgeous day!

javajazz said...

G, just saw your thingy up above, you're a genius!

and those old tunes, well, we know more of them than we think we do!
that stuff was just in the air all around us!

i only listened to folk and jazz as a kid so its surprising i knew that one!

Oshko, you are gonna sell SO many cars today, your boss is gonna end up begging you to blog more! i just know it!!

javajazz said...

(i just like the name Oshko cuz it reminds me of one of my favourite belligerant mystics, Osho...)

barman said...

You know it can be a chain and still be OK. My parents, every Sunday, go to this one Dominoe's. They know my parents and they do not even need to order, they know right away what they want. The give them the old crust that the chain has stopped doing for the longest time. They give them about a $2.00 discount. If my Dad should ever show up with out my Mom they ask about her. My parents know the entire family from the Dad, the Mom, the Son that I believe is taking over, and the daughter. It is certainly a social time for them and they always get way better then you would ever get just walking in the door yourself. So even though this is a big chain it still can be Mom and Pop.

I think the thing I remember most is this yogurt place by my parents. It has been there at least 30+ years and they certainly fall into what you are talking about. Not the cheapest but still the place to go.

Man, now I am going to have to go check out the place by Sign's. A good burger sounds so good. If I could only find a good cheap mexican place I would be in heaven.

Anonymous said...

G-Man - work??? Be strong - don't let it interfere!!! They suck you in, promise you pay, and then make your work....blogging is way more fun, and really just as rewarding :)

One of my favorite places around here is a little Pizza Joint (must be all about pizza around here today), its a fun place to hang out and its the kind where everyone knows everyone. They actually have bar and serve alcohol too and every night of the week if you go in between 8-10 you get free pizza slices with every beer purchase - its freakin awesome pizza too!!!! It reminds me of college haunts. Anyway, the cool part it is now my daughter got a job there and so she gets to be around that quaint and fun environment of old.....

Happy day to you!


jillie said...

I think we all ought to go and rescue Terry...take over Pinkys and have one huge party. Yes, and even have Sly come and sing and Lime can bring some of that yummy food she's talking about and sign gurl...we'll feed you for $2.99 AND have some fun.


jillie said...

I'm hungry and it's all g-mans fault!

javajazz said...

isnt it weird that pizza is
so popular? even my daughter,
who is lactose intolerant,
loves her pizza...she has a
new ritual that you peel off
everything on top (of the
pizza, thank you!) cheese
included, and still eat the
crust...maybe she should just
go out and buy a....FOCCACIA!!!!
(sorry, i love saying that word)

javajazz said...

ya, can totally see Terr running
the bikers pizza joint with her
sweetie B...hey, would you guys
hire me to be the belligerant
counter person, T? i'd be SO
well behaved you'd be shocked!
c'mon kids, lets do it!! we'll
have live jazz and i'll bake my
special brownies....(NO, not
those!! if only you knew how
very straight i was....!)

SignGurl said...

Ha, Jillie! I figure if I go to a buffet, I could only eat about a dollars worth of food. Eating out is so cheap for me now. I rarely pay over a couple of dollars for my complete meal.

G-Man said...

Barman, I need to check Signs place out too. It's probably only about 40 miles away.
I like Dominoes, But a ma and pa place is much homier. And I love frozen yogurt.

Meg sweetie, working is getting to be a drag. I wish we were busier, so that the boss would be busier. I miss you terribly!!!...Galen

Jillie Bean, I miss everyone, But you and Signgurl the most!!!
I can't endure this absence much longer. I think you both will be sick of me tomorrow. I only work a 1/2 day, so I'll be on the prowl!!
Be warned.....Galen

JavaJazz, you are saving my reputation. Thank you Lisa for all your help. You are so generous with your time and great positive energy!!
You Rock.......Galen

javajazz said...

shucks baby, you're too kind...
but everyone misses you in the daytime..i think you should quit your job and just blog...

i was still thinking about all the old businesses here that have been around forever..i think Toronto has a pile of places like that, even whole neighbourhoods like Kensington Market, with that old world feel, and The Danforth,
The Beaches... sometimes its like new york here, lots of great old restaurants, hardware stores... our neighbourhood butcher shop that my grandmother used to frequent is the one i go to now, theres a funny old lunch counter my son just adores that's been around since the 1950s where he gets his all day breakfast after his jazz gigs here...but i think China House is my personal opened in 1958, and our family used to go there on sundays and the place was wall to wall people with lineups out the door, tons of noisy families, everybody knew each other, great chinese food...i still get my takeout from them, and the old Chinese man who owns it, is still there, all cute and little...i dig reminiscing...thanks mr G...

MONA said...

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! G- Man..Sniff sniff..Do you know, my favourite haunt used to be the senselessly constructed house...& they have pulled it down and set up a women's hostel there!!! I came to know only two days ago!!!

G-Man said...

Mona, I'm sorry that you are sad. Is this a house that you grew up in?
The Memories that you have of the house, will always be strong. And they will never fade. Don't be sad sweetie, G-Man is squeezing you with a big hug now.
((((( HUG))))) oooooox

G-Man said...

JJ, Toronto is 10 times better than NY to me!!
I always feel safe.
You can always get around.
It's very multi-cultural
The dining is excellent
Lisa lives there!!!!!!!
10 times better....G

jillie said...

So Jenn and I can make a g-man sandwich?

G-Man said...

Jillie? You and Jenn may have anything you want.
Whats mine is yours!

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man..don't you just love this snow?
well I have to leave in a bit to negotiate around all the bluehairs at the grocery store.):
Have a great day.

DarkAngel said...

I'd have to go looking through the phonebook of my hometown to see what still exists .. I'm originally from Jeffersonville IN/Louisville KY ... I've been here off and on since I was 15 and still don't feel like I've ever really resigned to staying here the rest of my life.

I do know down in Louisville, there's this kickass seafood place called King Fish right down on the river by the water tower that hasn't changed in 30+ years that Greg and I have driven 3 1/2 hours to just to have dinner at, sit on the shore and watch the barges, yachts and smaller boats.

Have a great day, G!

Jodes said...

good morning!!! a wonderful morning too my friend!!! ;)

Jodes said...

i gave you the day off, but there is a catch, come back and see.

Strumpet said...

Gene and Jude's are famous for their 'rubber dogs.'

They do serve them Chicago style, if you like. They don't have ketchup anywhere in the entire place.

I get mine plain.

They are also famous for their terribly wonderfully greasy french fries that come right on the dog. They have great Americanized tamales and they serve grape soda. They are also famous for being cheap and one of the only things in that neighbourhood that is open late.

People come from all over for Gene and Jude's. My small suburban hometown is famous for Gene and Jude's hot dogs.

There is ALWAYS a line out the door. There is no seating. People just sit in their cars in the parking lot and eat. Or they stand outside along the windows. When it's cold they stand inside along the windows.

It's SO good. And service is speedy, even when the line seems a mile long.

jillie said...

g-man....ok, I'm thinking your 1/2 day is up...where in the hell are you?

I DO have things to do around here you know....haha

Anonymous said...

G-Man.....where you be?

Now its you I am missing.

We seem to do that.

Check Gmail.

Hugs, Meg

MONA said...

G- man..((((HUGZ)))) thank you so much..I love you, just like dan says, you love me.

G-Man said...

Angel, I pass through Louisville at least once or twice a year, I'll have to check it out.

Jodi, congratulations sweetie on your promotion. You deserve everything you get!

Megalicious, I'm going to make you smile tomorrow...G-Mail...

Jillie Bean, I've already sent it to you..
Check it out...G xxx

Mona, The G-Man sure loves a big hug. Especially from you!!

Fries on a dog, is definately a Illinois thing. I wish every place did that.
Sunshine Strumpet!

SignGurl said...

I'm here to see some skin! Give it up!

barefoot_mistress said...

Sorry Im late but you know Gman, I was born in I have no idea what restaurants are still open there...I'm sure I could still buy some goat milk from the old ladies grandkids out at the edge of town though!

Plus I have moved so much inmy life, being a Navy brat and all, I don't really have a home town....

But when I go back to Venice and Los Angeles, or to San Francisco, I will eat my way through those places!O
OK now off to your HNT~

Cazzie!!! said...

My kids go to the same school I went to when I was a kid, and some of the teachers are the same!! The office lady is the same!!!
The chinese take away shop s the same, very yummy Special Fried Rice..must have it again someday :)

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