Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tattoo HNT


wmy said...

yeah yeah yeah baby baby baby
I love me some harleys!!!

G-Man said...

You Rock Baby!
I can't tell you how big I'm smiling now.
You deserve to Blog Whore out the G-Man. Good job!!

DarkAngel said...

Very kickass Galen!! Only 9 more to go and you catch up with me.


DarkAngel said...

P.S. I HNT'd ...


DarkAngel said...

*snickers* pick your jaw up darlin' ... pbbbbt.

nitey nite,

G-Man said...

Well I actually have more, which will be sported in due time.
Thanks Angel, stunning as always....Galen

Strumpet said...


What big guns you have, Galen...

And VERY nice ink. GREAT colour.

Your Harley tatt is very, very cool, dude.

I keep looking at your picture. It makes me want to feel your muscle.

You were trying to inspire that feeling, weren't you?

Good job. It worked.

Cos I want to touch it.

Your muscle.


G-Man said...

I'm psyching myself up for your departure you know. The only thing that thats stopping a total meltdown on my part, is the fact that you really need a vacation. And you'll be happy to see your mom.
When you step off of that plane, Florida for one week, will be known as the Double Sunshine State! I'm very very happy for you Chandra.
Much Love.....Galen xo

Autumn Storm said...

I must admit I never was one for tattoos, but the sight of this one is making me feel all hot and bothered. :-)

Trée said...

Bitchin' tats.

jillie said...


I so want another tat but just don't know what it is that I want OR where I want it.

You rock!

jillie said...

Tree said bitchin...lmao.

Strumpet said...

I'm psyching myself up for my departure too.

And I'm really hoping that my computer connects to something when I'm there.

I'm wondering if I can use my mom's Verizon Wireless card on my computer. I would imagine that would work.

I hope she has her comp and stuff in FL with her. I didn't talk to her today, I'll probably talk to her Friday and I have to remember to ask her that then.


If I can't get online when I'm gone...I'll miss you too, Galen.

God, I KEEP looking at that picture! I have a major upper arm thing.

G-Man said...

The exceedingly lovely Autumn Storm. It's always a pleasure to see you baby. Everybody misses you terribly. Thanks for stopping by.

Tree, Thanks dude!

Jillie Bean, You have some awesome Tatts yourself Hot Nurse!!
Maybe we could have a contest as to where they should go?

My upper arm? Hahahahaha
Ahhh, the beauty of modern photography!
You are so kind to say so Strumpie. If you have PC access that would be grand, but you'll be too busy anyway to blog. You have fun and party, we'll all be here waiting for you and your vacation stories!!!

Top cat said...

Great looking Tats g-man.
A Michigan man always bleeds blue don't they?
HHNT dude!

SignGurl said...

I'm going to have a hard time keeping my mind on working today. A man's arm is my second favorite part of a man's body. Wanna guess what the first is?

G-Man said...

You got it TC, I always have my colors on!

SignGurl, that makes me feel like such a naughty boy!! xxxxx G xxxxx

lime said...

nice ink g-man. i like the harley ring that matches the ink. yeah i'm weird in noticing details like that. great guns, dude


barman said...

Love both tats. (oh dear I typed tatas at first, shame on me). Having grown up in SE Michigan one has to love UM, it just is in your blood. Now I am not into Harley's (nothing against them, just not into bikes) but that tat just looks so good. I need a fix. Where is that Harley sound when you need it.

Great HNT there big guy!

Top cat said...

jenn..would that be the BRAIN??

buddha_girl said...

Wowie! Love the tats!

I should try the HNT thing but am too lazy to get the pics up on time each week.

I love the arm shot. Truly!

Ameratis said...

Great tatoos. I am the weird one that was distracted though and asking in what are you sitting? LOL

Jodes said...

cool!! I love tattoo's - I am just tooo chicken to get one. My hubby put a fake one on me over the weekend, half of it rubbed off before the day was over. but it was in a cool spot. ;)

barefoot_mistress said...

Ooh very nice! Wanna see mine? :P
WHats the M for? Ohhh Michigan????

Ok I am going to get one or maybe two more will be a teeny little white doggy bone above a gnarly scar I have on my ankle from a rope burn I got while playing fetch with my Rio.....who was too good for this world...
And the second is a great big red heard with a dagger going through it that will say Gary! Hah just might be more like some elephants walking around my ankle.

HHNT Galen and really cool ink!

Jodes said...

did you call me a bimbo over on TC's??? are you mad? I prefer hussy.

jillie said...

G-man bleeds blue like I bleed the green and gold...hahaha!

Well, I am always open for suggestions as to where the next one should go. But I have to make my choice first. You have to "feel" you know what I mean and get your mind out of the gutter!
Well, on second thought keep it right where it is cuz that's what we love about you!

Lime...thanks for pointing the ring out. Nice!

Meg said...

Hey G-Man, love the Harley wait....LOVE THE HARLEY ONE!!! Milwaukee's best :) Now, about that Michigan one - I suppose if your silly enough to have that put on your body, then you might as well be brave enough to show it off!!!

One of your two favorite cheeseheads,


Great pic btw....HAWT!!!
(in soooo many ways....)

javajazz said...

what cute little arms you have! how revealing and perfectly HNT of you!
i finally noticed a little something hiding on your right arm too!
mornin' Glon!!

gab said...

Nice tat there g-man! I love Harleys and hubby and I once talked of getting one for each of us and doing some traveling. Then I hurt my back. Now if we get one it will need a side car and I just dont see a Harley with a side car!

jillie said...

That's right Meg! Don't you let him forget that!

Top cat said...

once a cheesehead always a cheesehead.

tkkerouac said...

very sexy, now come see mine!

Manny said...

Hey Baby...

Please tell me you have OSU on your other arm. Or at least Brutus on your hiney.

G-Man said...

Trini, you always notice details. Thanks I take good care of them.

Thanks Barman, I knew you'd love the BLUE!!!

Buddha Girl, Pick out something thats meaningful to you and DO IT!!!

Imp, I am in a Monte Carlo SS, Thanks for noticing...G

Mistress, your ankle ain't that big. Now a Cobra...........

Jodi, I love you sweetie, I was just seeing if you were paying attention!

Meg and Jillie, HD, Milwaukees Finest!!!

Gabby, you'd be awesome in a side-hack!!

Tracy, I'll be right over! Now leave it up for more than 5 minutes OK?

Manny!! You promised you would never leave me again........
Brutus on my ASS?
Only for you!!!

Oh but TC, These cheeseheads are HOT!!!

JJ, I'm waiting for my treat!!

Top cat said...

nothing better than a Hot cheesehead g-man.:)

Manny said...

I didn't leave you babe. I was on a time out is all. Sadly enough, I'll be timing out a lot for the next few weeks. Please don't take it personal. I need you!

Manny said...

BTW, My hnt's never brought me 35 comments, let alone the 55 tc got.

G-Man said...

OMG Manny! You were in jail? You are on a tether? A time out?

TC? We both love Hot Cheese then right?

MONA said...

tatoooo??? hmmmm...does it hurt when they poke those needles in your arm????

MONA said...

tatoooo??? hmmmm...does it hurt when they poke those needles in your arm????

SignGurl said...

TC gets all the love for figuring out my favorite male body part.

G, you need to leave an anonymous secret on my post.

G-Man said...

Hell yes Mona!

Hell yes Mona!

Sign, I left 2!
I made them both very obvious...C'mon...G

jillie said...

Nothing finer than a Harley between the legs...OH MY!

G-Man said...

Jillie for once I agree with you! hahahahahaha

javajazz said...

i'm not even gonna touch that one.

Strumpet said...

I can think of something finer...

That e-mail Jillie!

The one that G-man requested be sent to me... of THOSE would be mighty fine between my legs.

Where the Hell would I get one of those things? What is it??

That thing is amazing.

I don't think I'd ever leave the house!

SeaRabbit said...

Wow... that announced the colour well... ;-)) Happy belated HNT!