Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Name Game.....

Ok, so much for old TV intro's, hows about a little movie name dropping? This is just a lazy Saturday Night post that everybody can enjoy, and have fun with.....
Do you have a favorite movie name? There is no rhyme nor reason why certain names trip your trigger forever. If you like Horror Films, of course you have Michael Myers and Freddie Kreuger. But these names to me are not exotic enough ! Now mind you this is just my own warped opinion, there is no right or wrong, if you don't agree with anything I say, post something yourself...But to me when I hear the name, Kaiser Souza, chills run up my spine..
Also I am kind of partial to Hannibal Lector...Creepy, because he is so real! Of the movie monsters, the two names I really like are Count Dracula's real name...Vlad Tepes..Vlad the Impaler! And a mild mannered man, as long as there is no full moon, Lawrence Talbot...
These are just neat names to me....I always liked the name of a squirrly little man in the great Bogey movie The Maltese Falcon. A part played expertly by Petter Lorre......Joel Cairo.

In almost everyones profile, they have listed their favorite movies. In my profile I have listed Jeremiah Johnson. I love that movie, and I can almost recite every line by heart. My two favorite names in that movie are his Mountain Man buddy..Del Gue, and the name of a Flathead Indian Cheif named Two Tongues LeBeau. I will blurt out lines from that movie without warning, and for no apparant reason at times, just for a grin..Towards the end of that movie when Del Gue was saying his last good bye to Jeremiah, as he rode off he had a magnificent shouting soliloquey..I'll only give you the 1st lines.." When I told my Mam and Pap that I wanted to be a mountain man, they acted like they was gut-shot!!"...Sometimes during a bad month in car sales I will stand up in my office and loudly declare.." When I told my wife I wanted to be a car salesman, she acted like she was gut-shot!!" Some know what I am talking about, some look like THEY was gut-shot!..Do you incorporate movie lines into your daily talk?

Finally, I have always loved very old school Comedy Movies. My two favorite characters were
W.C. Fields and Groucho Marx. They had the greatest names on screen...
W.C. Fields had names like....
Ambrose Wolfinger
Larson E Whipsnade
Egbert Souse'
Gretchen Schickelgruber
Eustace McGargle
Mahatma Jeeves

Some of Groucho's monikers were...
Rufis T. Firefly
Otis B. Driftwood
Dr. Hugo Hackenbush
J. Cheever Loophole
S. Quinton Quale
Wolf J. Flywheel

Now, all you have to do is tell me your favorite movie character name..
This can be in the form of just a comment, or a challenge , or an essay...... Peace.. Galen


lime said...

woohoo, i'm first for a change!!!

it's late so this will be brief and i'll come back when i think of more but...

buford T pusser....izat tv or a movie? i fergit...

pussy galore

simon birch (which is also the title)

G-Man said...

Limey, it was a movie first, "Walking Tall"
And Honor Blackmon, played that Bond heroine from Goldfinger...You look so cute. xoxoxox

tsduff said...

Yes - our cult classic is Meatballs (Bill Murray) and also All of Me (Lily Tomlin, Steve Martin) - we quote lines from them verbatim and feel that there is a line in Meatballs for just about all of life's situations! My kids all spout quotes (especially: "I thought it was his foot") and I am always saying lines, to which the other person in the conversation has no idea whatsoever...

I also have Jerimiah Johnson in my favorites - it was the first date I went on with my first husband. I actually bought the video some time ago, and watched the movie on tv just a few months ago. I like the part where Jeremiah notices his Love's swollen face - and then crudely shaves his to please her.

Guess they don't call you Mr.Knowitall for nothing... wow!

cathy said...

can,t join in at the moment as my husband is doing his disapproving turnip impression but I'll be back later.

Manny said...

They're all going to laugh at you!

Stupid is as stupid does.

It puts the lotion on it's skin.

You can't handle the truth.

I don't know what I'm doing here g. I'm just having a little fun on a Sunday morning.

Manny said...

Get away from the window, I need you on the phone!!! Please.

See, I have people skills. LOL

Top cat said...

well of course my Bond girls..
Holly goodhead.
Any Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder movie is full of funny quotes and names.
Young Frankenstein: I am not a Frankenstein. I'm a Fronkensteen.

Niagra Falls "slowly I turned, step by step,inch by inch"

SeaRabbit said...

I really like "Trinity" from the Matrix...
and "Dr. Strangelove"...
"Frank N. Furter", from Rocky Horror P S...
"Vince Vega"... from Pulp Fiction... this is so mafioso... lolol...
"Captain Jack Sparrow", is quite convincing...
Wow... it feels like I could go on and on... ;-))

Top cat said...

g-man..the link to the world clock is:


G-Man said...

OMG Terry...
I use one particular line from Meatballs all the fricken time...
And it's usually in a situation where there is some stress, " It just doesn't matter, It just doesn't matter"!!
God, I love your visits!!

Cathy join the 'Married to a non blogger Club'!!

.."it puts the lotion on the skin?"..Jaime Gumm
Manny, I love your list.
Thanks for playing along.
Come back with some more.

TC, you took the words right out of my mouth..
I love all of the Bond women's names.

And don't get me started with Mel Brooks movies..
" Puttin on the Ritz"..
" Igor?.. no Eye-Gore"!!

The Stooges? I quote them every day...
" I'm a victim of circumstance"! (sorry Pam )
Thanks Rick...

Searabbit? You love Dr. Strangelove?
And how it is also titled?
..."or how I stopped worrying, and learned to love the Bomb"..
You can go on and on Jo!
You are welcome to come every day, and go on and on...And you would not be the only one doing it either...
And I do love all that do go on and on....Galen xo

G-Man said...

Thanks TC, I can always use some extra linkage!

Jodes said...

crazy names - missin you and everyone - HEY ALL FROM ATLANTA!!!

love ya

javajazz said...

cathy is married to a turnip?

javajazz said...

G, your mind is like a little
wickipedia thing!
you know all this STUFF!
is that a Sagittarius thing?
you just know all these things!
see how cool you are??

G-Man said...

JJ, I think she meant..
"Turnip your nose"
that sort of thing...

Well, now I am just enjoying the fruits of a misspent youth...

Hi Jodi, I see you visited TC before me huh?
And that single minute, cost me my spot in history.....Grrrrrrrr

jillie said...

Good morning sunshine :o)

Well, no sun here just FOG and the fog horn is a blowin.

My solitude is now winding down. I have to say that I have truly enjoyed it to the hilt. It's great having the whole house to yourself and just do what you want when you want. Just too much of a free spirit I guess...


G-Man said...

Hi Jildo!
It's definately Spring here! You survived a drunken week-end at least. I hope the fog clears soon, but wherever you're at Jill, the Sun is shining bright!!
Thanks for keeping your titty squeezing avatar up.
You Rock..........G xoxox

Strumpet said...

My top 25.

These are in no particular order.

1. Edward Scissorhands
2. Chet
3. Jake Ryan
4. Riff Raff
5. Alabama Worley
6. Lloyd Dobler
7. Mr. Pink
8. The Frog Brothers
9. Hanover Fiste
10. Randall 'Pink' Floyd
11. John Bender
12. Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams
13. Rusty Griswold
14. Jack Torrance
15. Carrie White
16. Zed
17. Gertie
18. Aurora Greenway
19. Lando Calrissian
20. Ripley
21. Lana
22. Tony Manero
23. Duckie Dale
24. Riff Randell
25. Randy

This list of movies IS in a particular order as they correspond with characters above.

I thought it would be funner this way.

(And, yes, 'funner' IS a word.)

1. Edward Scissorhands
2. Weird Science
3. Sixteen Candles
4. Rocky Horror Picture Show
5. True Romance
6. Say Anything
7. Reservoir Dogs
8. The Lost Boys
9. Heavy Metal
10. Dazed and Confused
11. The Breakfast Club
12. The Evil Dead Trilogy
13. National Lampoon's Vacation
14. The Shining
15. Carrie
16. Pulp Fiction
17. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
18. Terms of Endearment
19. The Empire Strikes Back
20. Alien
21. Risky Business
22. Saturday Night Fever
23. Pretty in Pink
24. Rock 'n' Roll High School
25. Valley Girl

Bonus: Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Meatballs always made me WISH my parents would send me to summer camp.

Unfortunately, I only went to band camp once on a scholarship and it sucked. Though we did watch the Dark Crystal and that was kind of cool.

G-Man said...

Excellent term paper Strumpet...I do believe you went from an 'A+' to an A++ with that one.

16 Candles...What a great movie!
Farmer Ted...
"Very Hot...Very Hot"

" I just loaned my panty's to a nerd"!!

Rusty Griswald..
My favorite from that series was Cousin Eddie!

As always Sweetie..
You Rock!!...xoxoxox

jillie said...

No drunken wknd here...I actually REALLY behaved! NO LIE and not an April Fool's

It's just foggy here over the ocean and starting to clear up.

Robert's flight was delayed because of it. Oh well, I am enjoying the last of my quiet time alone...


MONA said...

I remember that once a Russian Minister came to India. His name was Zabardasti Boobspreski.Translated into Hinglish [ Hindi+English] it means "pressed boobs by force" LOL...PPL were in pealsing of laughter while addressing him.

MONA said...

peals of laughter [ correction]

G-Man said...

Jillie, It's good that you took a couple of days off of the sauce!!
Keep it up..xoxoxox

Mona !!
Those darn Russians!
They do have some crazy names..

javajazz said...

ha! Lando Calrissian!
see, i wouldnt have known that name
if Mr. Trivia hadnt told me it...
i showed G-spot this photo of my son with Billy Dee when he came to hear the boys' band play! cool huh? he is SUCH a sexy beast...kinda reminds me of, oh, i cant remember his name now, its driving me nuts, he has nice teeth, a little moustache...i'll remember it in about 2 months...
sexy beasts...
i have zero favourite movie characters and and zero favourite movie names, well, i just cant really remember anything...but Strumpies list is quite might jog my memory a bit...i did love how very sweet johnny depps character was in edward scissorshands, how bizarre they made that neighbourhood...i kinda liked Cliff Robertson's character in Charly...always like the premise of when retarded people get unretarded and then stick it to all the mindless losers who used to poke fun at them, not that i'm hostile or anything...i liked K-pax too...Breakfast club was cool. even sappy stuff like The Terminal (not just cuz tom hankie was looking for the last jazz musician) and even Steel Magnolias, some great funny stuff in there...
okay, i'm not a movie person, make me stop...

S E E Quine said...

` I like Severus Snape. Just because.

G-Man said...

Yep JJ, we were just talking about him weren't we?

Nice to see you Professor!
I'm glad you got your PC fixed.
So I can get my Sequine fix.

And since it's such a nice day now. I think a little Bike ride is in order...
See Ya all later!!! Galen

lime said...

tc will love this if he is a mel brooks fan....

we were in the local hardware store...a buxom lass walked by and my son picked up some hardware for the door and said....what knockers!...he was 10.

we also quote quite a lot of monthy python

lime said...

oh and g-man..if you love cousin'l be gla d to know...

don't worry, he's just yakking on a bone is commonly heard in theses here parts.

mr lime also searched in vain for a dicky to wear under a too tight sweater the last time we went to his family's for christmas

jillie said...

How about Blazin Saddles....It's truw it's truw...from the late and great Madeline Kahn.

DarkAngel said...

Sway ... Sara Wayland's call sign in Gone in 60 seconds.


Manny said...

I woked' up.

G-Man said...

Limey, I know that you you love Monty Python..
They have great quotes.

What Knockers!! Hahaha

Clark, We don't need a grill around here!!

Jillie, I know Blazing Saddles by heart..

I often quote Lilly von Schtoop.." I'm tired..
so tired..They're always comming and going, and going and comming... and always too soon"!!

I love Governor LaPetimine, and Mongo!
Remember when at the end they are in the theater,and Headly LaMarr
runs up to the concession stand and urgently demands..."Raisonettes"?
I say that all the time, and people think I'm crazy... Hahaha.. I Am!!

G-Man said...

Angel, A Vin Diesel fan?
Thanks for playing..xox

Manny? Is that a movie quote, or did you have a nap?

cathy said...

Ha! Bond Women, mobile sperm recepticles the lot of them. Ian fleming was an misogynist rivelled only by Ernest Hemingway.
A stroke of genious was the selection of the name Brian for "The Life of Brian".
Favourite quotes,
"Go away he's having his tea" and "What did he say?"
"He said blessed be the cheese makers, but he didn't mean only the cheese makers he meant the makers of all dairy products."

Now I will digress because you can't beat a name like Ford Prefect for a galactic hitchhiker and my favourite quote from that book, "Do you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect he's a frood who really knows where his towel is."

Manny said...

Dude! You're the coolest.

I love Jack Nicholas. I find I can get lost in his roles.

The newbies don't seem to be as talented as the older ones. Same goes for the new singers. I just don't feel them touch me inside the way the older ones do.

G-Man said...

Cathy, there are no bad answers here at the Jungle..
Your characters and quotes are quite interesting.
As far as the Bond women go...Ian Flemming died 30 years ago.
Thanks for playing...G

Manny, You mean Jack Nicholson right?
Not the Golfer from Ohio!
And I like old school myself...

Hey, That reminds me of Old School..

Frank the Tank...
" Blue..Your my boy!!"

barefoot_mistress said...

Mr Turkentine
name film

Brad Majors
name film

Pippi Longstocking of course.

Yes, brazilian, gman, but you know Im a do it yourselfer! ;)

cathy said...

Yes, Fleming is dead which is why I used the past tense. If on the other hand you are claiming that he is not responsible for more recent portrayals of bond bimbos then I am forced to disagree. He is guilty by association. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

cathy said...

Barefoot Mistress, YOU DO YOUR OWN BRAZILIAN! I am so impressed by your bravery,G-Man can't you give her a medal. I get my brazilian done by an albanian LOL.

cathy said...

Cant believe I spelt genius wrong how stupid is that LOL.
Boing, time for bed said zebedee.

wmy said...

I like to go around dads a gynecologist, and he looks at vaginas all day long (said in a kids voice of course!) you know what movie thats from, mrknowitall?? do ya, huh huh, do ya??lol

G-Man said...

Hi Susie, I'm being a true sport and not looking anything up..
So I'll pass on Mr. Turkentine..
But Brad Majors?
He was with, Frank N. Furter and the boys, was he not?...RHPS!
Thanks for stumping the G-Man..

Cathy, many many people talk to themselves on my blog.Hahahahaha
You are very welcome to do the same.
An Albanian waxes your Cooter?..Dang Cathy!
You are indeed brave!!
I love all the Bond Bimbos...But I'm a guy..
I can absolutely understand your point of view...Thanks....G

G-Man said...

I don't know for sure, I'm guessing, Kindergarten Cop..
If I'm wrong, Congratulations...
You Rock, Thanks for playing!....G xox

jillie said...

Are they talking about a Brazilian wax? OMG...I've never had the guts to do it...I've watched the painful faces and NO THANKS....

You first...LMAO

MONA said...

No..SERIOUSLY G man.We are into a process of coining a new language which is generally being accepted by the term HINGLISH.That is a language which is a mixture of hindi & english words.
Long ago Indians coined another language called URDU.It was a mixture of Persian & Hindi languages. That happened when the MUGHALs from Mongol annexed India.The Mughal Dynasty ruled India for 400 years.Their language was persins & the subjects were hindi spaking. So slowly this language Urdu came into being.It is now an officially accepted language in our country & we have a very rich culture of Urdu Literature as well.Infact Urdu Poetry is one of the best in the world.

MONA said...

Galen, I came to tell you that you have made me very happy the comment you left just now at my blog.Thank you so much my friend. I am very lucky to have you all here.LOADS OF LOVE (((((HUGS)))))

PS. typos in the last comment, that was 'Persian' & ' Speaking'

G-Man said...

Mona, I love you because you teach us all something new every time you visit. You should be a College Professor!!
Thanks sweetie, I'll file that knowledge away, and try to remember it.....G

Jillie, I love you because you are Jillie!!

You Wax?

I Shave!!

cathy said...

Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe.
" I'm older and I've got more insurance."

aside: combine my love of shakespeare with my bikini preparations and I'm waxing lyrical

G-Man said...

Cathy, you've only been with us for about a week, and it seems like months. I know you must have your own little group of kindred souls that you frequent, but my God you fit in so perfectly here. This is my blog and I'm here to tell you that I really enjoy your comments, wit, and charm. Please feel free to hang out, make new friends, and visit any of my reguler list of fellow bloggers.
I hope that you feel comfortable and welcome here, thats what this place is all about....

I love your asides:
I feel like such a groundling!

Top cat said...

"that ball is loooooooong gone Al"
Happy Opening Day!

G-Man said...

Same to you Ernie...

cathy said...

I've only been blogging for 2 months. I got my first comment from a fellow blogger on 8th Feb so I've been searching for like minded bloggers for a whole 3 wks.
You,lime,serena and a few others are my kindred souls you silly great lump:topcat is under investigation and mona is next up on my list.

G-Man said...

Well Cathy my dear, search no more...All the regulars here at the G spot are careing, kind, and fairly knowledgeable!
You'll see....

And you don't have to tip toe about anything..
I always like to be set straight...
You'll love Lime, she is very playful and smart..
Mona...well Mona is very unique. She teaches me something new every day.
JavaJazz, she is a very spiritual person, and very talented.
Jillie, she is a nurse, but is so funny and kind, you'll love her to death..
Signgurl, is the nicest person there is.I would be nowhere without her.
And you've met Top Cat,
A very kind, talented, and funny man..
I can't list everyone, but you should go and visit the folks on my link list, you'll see who fits your mind-set.

Geez, I hope I do!!!

I gotta go to work now,
please feel free to send me an E-Mail OK?

MONA said...

Good morning Galen, how are you today? the sun shines so brightly, please come out & play.:)
Hey Hey..don't be misled by that nursery rhyme...It is evening here & we all are gearing up to face the full moon headon.The Taj Mahal is open for Moonlight viweing tonight...It Glows like flourecent in the moonlight & and Ocassionally a diamond or some other stone, embedded in it & which is still there because the British failed to see it & steal it, will catch a moon ray and will gleam like a star.It is a most wondorous site to behold.

javajazz said...

ooh baby, full moon at the Taj Mahal...what could be more beautiful than that? Mona, lovely photo of you, the most accurate depiction of Mona yet...
my friend used to hold an event 'round the full moon, where we would go and improvise music and people would come to this space, all dark with little lights and candles and stuff, and they would dance or swirl about the room to the music, or we would play to their dancing, and some would bring a drum and some would sing or play their didgeridoos or lie on the ground and have music and sound swirl about them, all in honour of the full was neato...

Top cat said...

g-man, thank you for your kind words, you're a good buddy.

I hope cathy realizes I am more than just a handsome

javajazz said...

spiritual and talented! yesssss!
maybe i should start a church or somethin'...i do need a job.
or i'll disguise it as a cafe,
and i can get a karaoke machine
and sing, oh right, i dont sing,
uh, i'll call it The Vibrator Cafe,
or, no, Good Vibrations, ya, that'll sell...and Strumpet, sweet Strumpalicious, the coolest, wisest realest, person around, can be the manager, and she can bring in her brother to play on weekends and i'll bake brownies and do laundry...
i'm still working on the concept...

barefoot_mistress said...

SO, is it braver to wax oneself?
Braver to subject oneself to Helga, the wax queen?

Self self self

I think there is no way I will ever let anyone mow my lawn...I can handle it myself thank you.

Have a great day, Gman.....

javajazz said...

Cat's a beautiful cat...
he makes navy bean soup
from scratch (no pun intended)
and homemade bread!!!
AND he plays geetar!
and hes nice
and kind
and hangs out with his wife.
and they do special things together
like listen to music...
what's not to love...

javajazz said...

hey, Mr. Knowitall,
how 'bout you change the name
of your people magnetizing blog
to The G-spot!!
i d-double dare you!
it's such a cool name!
maybe Signgurl can hook you up,
as it were!
hope everyone continues to send
healing energy to Signgurl...
and love to G-spot! (not Mrs. Sign's, she already got that attended to the other day, thank you very much...)

jillie said...

JJ..that is a GREAT idea! I double dog dare ya....xoxo

The "G" spot

DarkAngel said...

Gone in 60 is a Nic Cage movie. Angelina is just dead sexy.


tkkerouac said...

Bill Murray in "What about Bob".

I have an amazing skull babe to send you to go with your skull blogskins, wish I could figure out how to link it to you.

MONA said...

Javajazz. Thanks for your kind words.
Yes moonlight is beautiful & ROMANTIC. It is indeed a heady & a hearty amalgam of emotions.

Did I just say emotions? O boy!...

Galen sweetikins, have a great full moon night.& You too tops & evreyone else.

Say! This is the friendliest blog!& so is Tops blog.& the rest of the blogs...come to think of it!

tkkerouac said...


gab said...

Forrest Gump!

Strumpet said...


If you're gonna do my laundry...

I am SO in.

Especially if I get to nosh on brownies.

We can hold Iron Chef Brownie cook-offs!

Wanna guess what the 'secret ingredient' is gonna be?

Also, one can never be too rich and one can never have their g-spot attended to too much.

cathy said...

mona, I hang my head in shame when i think about some of the things my forebearers did.

g-man, cooter? Truly we are divided by a common language:)

cathy said...

just seen javajazz comment about my hubby LOL.

Manny said...

Yes...Jack Nickolson damn it.

They're all going to laugh at me!

Ahhhhhh ah aha ha ha

I tried to tell you I didn't keep up on all this movie stuff. LOL

jillie said...'re going to ruin my reputation if you keep telling everyone I'm nice...LMAO

WELCOME CATHY!! wooohoooo!

jillie said...

I just checked out that skull chick image...HAWT DANG!

G-Man said...

Mona, what a beautiful description, of such a special place..You are so Fortunate!!

Barefoot Mistress talkin bout weed whackin!!
GodI love this place!!

Jillie, and JJ, I'm not renaming this place The G-Spot...
You know how many unorgasmic and curious people would wander here for Vulvic Intervention?

Angel, I was just checkin to see if you'd come back!.Hahahaha

I remember that movie now,..
I was wrong!
You was right!!

Tracy, I'll check it out, but you may have to give a day or two OK?
I'm Very Low Tech...

Gabby, back from your trip I see..
"I got shot in my buttocks"
Thanks sweetie...xo

Strumpet, Make sure you saute' your secret ingredient before adding it to the batter....Just a bit, it releases know!!

I know EXACTLY where the G-Spot is, and how to tend to it properly!!!

....Soooo, I'm not doing your laundry anymore?
Why sweetie? Just cause it took 3 months to get your undies back?

Cathy, now your quoting Shaw?
Your way too smart for me!
But stick around, you can teach me a thing or two....Please?....Galen

Manny, we knew who you meant...*smooch* xoxo

Jildo...Nice, Naughty, and Nuts...xoxoxoxox

Strumpet said...

THC Butter = One Fabulous Ingredient for MANY a recipe

This, I know.

I have a cookbook dedicated to the stuff.

I don't use it as often as I'd like...especially since I lack cooking gas due to laziness...but I have one.

The tome is narrated by a cartoon-like skunk.

Isn't that just the cutest thing?

He issues helpful hints along the way inside of those conversation bubbles like in comic strips.

There's everything in there from spaghetti sauce to chocolate chip cookies.

I couldn't tell you exactly what box it's in, though.

But, it's somewhere around here...

As for my laundry, don't worry delicates will still be delegated to you. You can launder all of my underthings including panties, thongs, bras, pajamas and fishnets. Most of these items need special attention and cannot be washed along with scrungy jeans and black t-shirts.

You can also pick-up and drop-off my dry cleaning if you'd like.

You and Jazzy can be my laundry tag team.

The two of you have NO IDEA how much I need these positions filled.

I am the type of girl that would rather buy all new clothes than do a load of laundry.

And believe me, I do.

It's part of the reason I am so choading poor.

Thank God I mainly like to dress in dirty jeans and scummy worn-in rock t-shirts. It makes my clothes last longer between washes.

I buy a buttload of underwear and socks, though.

It's so much easier than washing them.

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL @ choading poor!

G-Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
G-Man said...

Hi Mistress, Mona is teaching us Hinglish!!

Strumpet, if I had a soiled anything of yours, you would never get them back...Sorry!

javajazz said...

so, you're a sniffer, huh, G-spot?
and i was gonna say to Strumpley
that we must clear up this laundry issue immediately, that i dont
recall saying i would DO your laundry, but that the laundromat was part of the cafe jazz club laundromat concept...laundromat meaning do your own laundry then spend money in our cafe and listen to some music whilst
waiting for your washing machine to do your laundry - sure, you can get brownies with that...but then as i read about how serious your intent was NEVER to do your own laundry, i thought, oh heck, i could do your laundry, i'm the Laundry Queen anyway, can do it with one hand tied behind my back and blindfolded on auto pilot, and G can still wash the delicates by hand and do whatever he needs to do with them to make it a pleasurable experience for him...sniff em, get naked, whatever...i warn you though, i do NOT do laundry like a Virgo...but you'd never know when you'd see even your little thongs all folded up....(how can one fold up a string?) i know this is not really connected to anything, but i still have a hard time understanding why women wax their weiners...just thinking out loud is all...i mean, what the hell is that about?
i'm just sayin'...

javajazz said...

i dont iron, tho.
just like Strumpie has a slight
aversion to doing laundry
i just dont iron.

G-Man said...

Ah, JJ. You are just like me...
I don't shave my wedding tackle..
And I don't iron..