Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mardi Gras Fun!


SignGurl said...

Yeah, Baby, Yeah! What's behind that apron?

G-Man said...

Jenn...You are the SignQueen!
That apron has been around for a long time..

And BTW, the saying on it is referring to Crawdads...You suck the heads, and pinch the tails

SignGurl said...

I've heard about sucking the head and pincing tail. Sounds like my wedding night. Did I just type that outloud?

lime said...

HHNT galen!

LOVE the apron, and it's so nice to see your eyes :)

barman said...

Love it, very nice.

Is it just me or do you look like a young version of Colonel Sanders?

Oops, I think I might need to exit stage left ...

G-Man said...

SignGurl, I'm not the only one thats revealing!

Thanks Trini, my bloodshot eyes?

A young Colonel Sanders huh? Finger Lickin Good!

jillie said...

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Bring it on.....

Love the apron.

sg....YOU KILL ME...that was the funniest comment.

jillie said...

I think you've giving KFC a run for his money...

javajazz said...

well, Colonel,
those beads really complete
your outfit.
how ever did you earn them?

ps...the skulls are way cool...

G-Man said...

Jillie,the Colonel can't make Jambolaya like me baby!!

JavaJazz, Beads for Boobs Baby!!!

If you look very closely, you can see my skull ring too!

JJ, I love you hanging around..I love IT!

The Template is the work of the soon to be 100# lighter Jenn!! My Queen!

jillie said...

You know your apron reminds me of my t-shirt that says "shuck me, suck me, eat me raw" I got it at an oyster bar in Whistler, B.C., Canada while skiing. I haven't had the nerve to wear it out of the house. It may make a great HNT picture some day...HMMMM...

Strumpet said...

Your glasses are WAY kinds of sexy, Galen.

Especially next to all these GLORIOUS skulls.

Diggin' the new digs.

Rock out with your cock out...behind your apron.

G-Man said...

Jillie you wouldn't have to ask me that twice..

Strumpet...( smiling and speachless )

javajazz said...

(omg that was just plain dirty!)

man, if i ever lifted my shirt
at mardi gras, they'd take the damn beads back, i swear!

i actually did look very closely
at your ring...

G-Man said...

JavaJazz, the beads are non returnable, sorry..
All tittys, are good tittys, OK?

javajazz said...

well, that's a healthy attitude...

my enlightened butcher Marvin
once said something to the
effect of "more than a mouthful
is too much..." that endeared
me to him forever...

G-Man said...

Marvin Nietzsche?

javajazz said...

boy, are you ever a good speller!!
no, marvin the tiny titty

G-Man said...

Lisa, plum shaped, pear shaped, melon shaped, whatever...

People won't be leering at your bustline then when they talk with you!
They'll be focused on your beautiful eyes.

javajazz said...

(or grape shaped...)
aw shucks mr compliment man,
i'm trying so hard to be
strong here....

G-Man said...

Lisa Stop It!!
Or else you get a string of compliments from here to Moose Jaw!
You know some men say nice things to women because they enjoy making a woman feel good.
Some men enjoy pleasing other women.
Good Night Lisa.....Galen

jillie said...

Awww...sweet dreams to you to galen!

javajazz said...

i just have one thing to say:
Rabbit Rabbit!
(see Terrys blog for
important details!)
sweet dreams, yo...

MONA said...

Now I must be dreaming! WHAT world is this Skeletons all over..YIKES!!!
I came to tell what I said last time...& Now I am speechless!!!!

ps: You are going to eat ALL that stuff!!!! O My!

G-Man said...

Jillie, I'm depending on you today....G

JJ, I saw her post,I visited thanks.

Mona! I can understand you today. I hope you've sobered up some. Thanks for stopping by.

G-Man said...


Please forgive me but I have to go to work now, and my PC there is web blocked!!

Please feel free to comment anything...The Lovely Jillie will be my designated Comment Bitch today when she finally drags her very sweet ass out of bed....Thanks...G

SignGurl said...

I'm on my way to slip slide to work. I'll miss all of you!

tkkerouac said...

Love this blog, thanks for stopping by. Do you need any bleach?

Top cat said...

g-man..thanks for clarifying what's on the apron.
You are a cooking madman.

Ameratis said...

Ok you know I am asleep when it takes me five minutes to get the apron and notice the skulls....oh boy LOL Good Morning!

buddha_girl said...

Stop teasing me! I want that apron! NOW.

Bet you didn't know I love aprons. I have a small collection of them.

Two from Italy and one from the famous Cafe Du Monde!

Excellent HNT!

Jodes said...

WOW, look at the new design, how cool!!! love it. great pic too. you look like a professor more than a car dude.

Breazy said...

Hey G-Man! How are you? I am good , busy but good! You take care and I will stop back by when I can! I miss you!

Strumpet said...

Last Mother's Day I made my mom an apron from the T-Shirt Deli, (really cool design-your-own place here in Chi.) It's a black apron with red fuzzy letters across the chest that say, 'Eat me.'

It has her nickname in script font down at the corner of the apron with a little red glitter rose.

She wore it on Christmas.

erika said...

Hey did you earn that bead?

jillie said...

Awww...g-man! How do I EVER repay the privilege?

I'll do my best ok?

Now I'm under pressure...under the gun.

jillie said...

Strumpet...will you make me an apron? I have one but it's BORING and all it says on it is Williams & Sonoma...duh!

SG...I have a better idea. I'll go to work, you can come over here and put this freakin cast on your foot ok?
PULEEEEEZZZEEEE???? The madness...I tell ya...muuuaaahaaaahaaa!!!

Pretty soon I'm going to start to play duck duck goose again with the dogs. They would lay down and I hit them (TAPPED) on the heads and when I had to say goose, I said "where's the kitty" instead and then they all chased me. Yes, I am a dork!

jillie said...

TC....where ARE you? I may need your help today...I'm a doing double duty here.

Strumpet? You too! No chai tea latte until you get your hawt little butt over here.

Top cat said...

hey jillie..I was just talkin to me mum in Fla.
You're doin a fine job over here.:)

You're a cute mom to your dogs, the game sounds like fun except for the where's kitty part!lol

Top cat said...

hey erika..I guess for guys to get beads we have to drop trow!
g-man..shame on

Meg said...


perfect man, remember?


Love the pic and love these comments. I come here for entertainment purposes...oh, and soooo much more!

been so freaking busy lately. sucks. hope things are well with ya :)


Meg said...


perfect man, remember?


Love the pic and love these comments. I come here for entertainment purposes...oh, and soooo much more!

been so freaking busy lately. sucks. hope things are well with ya :)


jillie said...

Not to worry TC...the cat usually isn't anywhere around although he does tease the dogs and loves the chase.

Tell mom I say hello.'re repeating yourself.'re repeating yourself.

I guess the work load is getting to you...hang in there're going to pull through!

jillie said...

Yeah g-man...I agree with Meg on this one...what's up with all the clothes?

How else are we going to "bead" your ass senseless???

Autumn Storm said...

Hey good lookin'
Whatcha got cookin'
How's about cookin' something up for me

HHNT-G. :-)

gab said...

wow looking good. I wont comment on the saying I thing sign did that enough lol. But its where my thoughts where. Oh and Harley? LOVE THEM!

Louise said...

You are in soooo much trouble now!!!

SignGurl said...

I see you guys kept things going in here.

Jillie, I would gladly trade places with you. Driving was hell today. Sleet, snow, and freezing rain. Ugly I tell ya.

G-Man, I might need to borrow your glasses. I fear my eyes are letting me down 'cause I can't see what's behind your apron.

G-Man said...


My girl Jillie did a fantabulous job of helping me out today, you rock sista!

TC, you are about the best friend a guy can have. Thanks for watchin G's back for him.

TK, I think I need a little more than bleech baby! You are SuperNova Hot!!

Megalicious, tonights the night! SURVIVOR..
I know that you, Me, and the SignQueen will be watching.Thanks sweetie, I been missin you!

The awesome Autumn Storm, Thanks for dropping by again. It's been hell trying to catch you on other blogs. Your much closer here...Yeah Baby!

Gabby,Are you spying on me? Gabby likes Harleys?
Nice seeing you my dear friend...G

Penguin!!Man you disappear more than the elusive Strumpet..I'm soooooo glad your back here..I sure missed you too!

Strumpet...You got your mom an apron that says "Eat Me"? Strumpets Mom must be hot as well!

Buddha Girl, you be an apron freak? You should be careful what you tell the G-Man... xxx

jillie said...

Hey Autumn...I am thinking g-man has something cooking for you!!!

sg...he's wearing those damn pants behind his apron. Wow...bummer about the weather...hey, come on over this's going to be in the 70's. Bring the kids and we'll a go to the beach.

TC can come along too if he behaves.

Next time we want nekkidness behind that apron.

am I right?

Top cat said...

thanks g-man, always fun!
so many beautiful babes, where do I begin.

jillie..can I sit up front with you?

G-Man said...

I'm telling everybody right now....
There is nothing you want to see behind that apron...Trust Me!!!
Jenn? xxx

G-Man said...

TC, these women hang out at your place ALL DAY!!

jillie said...

YAY...the g-man is back!!!!

Does that mean that I'm off now? Ok...we all know I'm off but you know what I mean ;o)

SignGurl said...

Jillie, I'll be right over but I'm leaving the kids here. TC, you have to ride in the back and massage our backs all the way. Please?

G-Man, how do you know what we want to see?

I'm still thinking about Strumpet's mom.

G-Man said...

Yeah SignGurl, Strumpets moms got the old apron protruding!
As do you!

Manny said...

I want some!

jillie said...

wooohooo SG...I'll get the beach bag packed. be have ok? Don't make me put you in the back with the dogs! I know how much they love to chase kitties!!

G-Man said...

Manny!! Finally...
Whats mine, is yours.
If it makes the Man-Eater happy, then I'm all over that.
Thanks for comming by sweetie, I know you had a long day.

Jillie where in the hell are you going now?

jillie said...

We're all going to the beach this wknd. SG, TC...I have to tell Manny AND pack your bags on come on out. It's going to be nice this the 70's. No cast for the sand to creep up into...wooohoooo!!

Beach Party!

G-Man said...

Oh you youngsters, you run along now. I'm having a very nice young lady come over and show me how to tie-dye. Have fun!

SignGurl said...

Jillie, Gman just turned us down. How could anyone turn us down?

That's ok, we have TC. He appreciates us.

Strumpet said...


My mom is hot.

She wears the apron well.

My mom is awesome.

I love her a lot.

I miss her cos she's in Florida right now living it up. She called me from some bar on Fat Tuesday trying to get me to hear the band that was on-stage playing Zydeco and I was in the middle of a shift at work. I'm like, 'Ma! I'm working!!'

She's all, 'but you would love this, see if you can hear it!!'

'Mom, I'm working. I can't listen to Zydeco music right now.'

'Oh, Chandra.'

Mom was a little tipsy. She was having a blast. I can't WAIT for the weather to warm-up so she comes back home!! I miss her.

I have to say, I've read this whole comment thread and have been cracking up! Ms. Sign, you seriously slay me. You rock.

G-Man said...

Chandra sweetie I hope your feeling better. That was a wonderful Strumpet Mom story! I really enjoy your family stories, you always express the greatest fondness and love. How awesome it would be to have you as a daughter or a sister.
It's pretty awesome as it is having you as a friend!!! Thanks xxxxx

SeaRabbit said...

LOLOLOL... getting more unhibited... That's good... always had cooking boyfriends (they were cooking.. no, I wasn't cooking them) until this last one... so I had a real interest about feeding him well (he was surviving on frozen meals since months...) I ;earned that cooking is an art... no.. don't ask me for steak and fries... but anything exotic and with high difficulties... yesssss... I love that... but I rarely eat what I cook.. ;-)

G-Man said...

I would love to cook for you Jo. I would be your slave. Role Reversal for you ma chere!

Meander said...

yum yum!