Monday, February 5, 2007

Game Over...

I've never posted from home before so this is all virgin territory to me....A grand time was had by all at the Super Bowl party. My Gargonzola dip was a huge hit, as there was none left. And I was soundly chastised for Not bringing my Vidalia Onion dip. C'est la vie!
Actually some one else brought a dip that I am totally going to steal. That being a Crab, cheese, and artichoke dip..Yum Oh! I bribed the chick that brought it with a shot of Patron, so she would reveal the recipe', but you'll have to wait until next year for that. They had lots of great food, I won a square on the game, bought several rounds, and won a free T-Shirt..Pabst Blue Ribbon!

What'l you have?
Pabst Blue Ribbon...Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!!

I know that Gabby, Crabby, Terry, and TC, remember that catchy ditty.
( The shit always gave me a headache )

All in all, the whole night only set me back 20 bucks. A small price to pay, to be with good friends. Anyway, now that I know how to do this, I'll be doing this more often!!
G-Man in the 21st century!! Peace.....


lime said...

morning! $20 is indeed a cheap date. glad it was fun. and i think you need to just get over it and post the crab dip recipe. you're holding out on us, dude!

now that you're no longer a 'virgin' i just want to know.....was it good for you?

G-Man said...

Yeah...BOTH strokes!

SignGurl said...

We're all in trouble now! Gman can post from home.

p.s. I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain.

Jodes said...

glad you had fun, so did I!!! Jillie's party was great and the food...mmm, mmmmm GOOD!!!! As for Pabst, my grandfather used to work in the plant in Peoria, Il, that is my hometown. I have never tried it, but it holds a special place for me even if it is cheapo beer.

DarkAngel said...

To answer ya properly, Galen ... oh yeah, the Colts won ... totally blew me away!! After what I saw in the first 60 seconds I was sure they were gonna choke ... but me of little faith ... hey, you think if the Colts can win a super bowl that I can do algebra? Wonders never cease.

Bundle up kiddo ... If I woke up to -6, only the Gods know you needed thermal undies this morning.

*hugs you close*

lime said...

LMAO @ the 2 hump chump.

SignGurl said...


G-Man said...

Sign, I really didn't tell you, but I enjoyed you concert story post today. It was quite G-Man like! Damn good job...G

Angel, I'm glad your giddy with delight. I'm glad someones favorite team comes through for them. You deserve to be giddy!
Your Picture Post?....10 on the Richter scale! What a wonderful treat for your fans...Thanks..G

Lime?...2 hump chump? Your awesome!

G-Man said...

Mornin Jodi Girl, go read the comment that I left on your post..

WHAT???...... SIGN!!!!

SignGurl said...

I was just checking on you, hence my screaming at you.

I fear that my posts are too long to read anymore. No one reads them anymore with the exception of you (there will be a test).

Jodes said...

I did I did. and I commented you staying warm?

G-Man said...

Just like Strumpet says, your posts are your posts. You can say what you please. You Jenn, always have something to say, and I will always listen. Because I love you, and thats what friends are for.

Jodi, your so cute!

Top cat said...

morning g-man, I've been hours trying to fix my new post..BLOGGER SUCKS! I give up.
Sounds like you had fun, I think it was a great game, Prince was awesome and the Colts were the best team.

Strumpet said...

Glad you had fun, Galen. But, I'm with Lime. You can't tease us with the thought of crab, cheese and artichokes and then make us wait a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR to hear what goes into this thing! That's absurd!! You can make us wait a week tops, dude. Like when we're begging at your feet in a couple just gotta give that shit up.

I don't know what winning a square on a game means.

PBR shirts here are like all the hipsters wear nowadays. PBR is having a HUGE comeback in Chicago. If you are a beer drinker and poor and don't mind the taste of a can, Chi is where it's at. Most places have $1.50 or $2 PBRs every fucking day. It's what all the cool kids are drinking. I guess I'm not cool cos I can't do beer. I try and I try and once in awhile I can...but it's just not in me. If I get a beer it sits there all night cos I sip at it very infrequently.

So, are now so stylin'! Rock on!!

20 bucks here would get me two drinks. 8 bucks for the drink and two bucks for the tip. And then half the time, I'd probably get a free lemon drop shot out of it for tipping appropriately. Now if I was drinking a fancy ass martini...twenty bucks would not even cover two. 2 drinks last Strumpet about an hour and fifteen minutes. And an hour and fifteen minutes does not a night make. And if we get right down to it...twenty bucks doesn't even cover cabfare to and from the bar so that you can actually go out here in the winter when it's twenty below. If I could go out on twenty bucks a night...I'd be out every night still. But seeing as a night out costs more along the lines of a hundred...I don't do that anymore.

Anyhow, to make a long story even longer...I am way kinds of jealous of your twenty buck night. AND you bought several rounds including a shot of Patron and your Basil whatever Bourbon? That's impossible here. IMPOSSIBLE.

I'm glad you had fun and didn't have to spend a lot of money. Cos those kinds of nights are my favourites...though they usually don't happen in bars and sex is involved.

G-Man said...

TC, I've been to your place and your doin just fine. I think Manning is a crybaby, but he is great!

Strumpet, Thats the only advantage as I can see, of living in a PoDunk town like I do. You can drive 20 miles to work, in 22 minutes. And I can always enjoy cheap entertainment..The Major theater chain recently lowered their admission price to 6 bucks, and 4 bucks matinee. With what you make as..Waitress Extraordinaire, you would be in the upper middle class here....
But as far as I'm concerned, you are in a class all by yourself..G

lime said...

lol, so i've been told. now cough up the crab dip recipe and i'll tell you the same. heheeeh

SignGurl said...

Is there CrabCake in this crab dip?

Just askin'.

G-Man said...

No Jenn, the CrabCake would freeze the mixture.....

Lime, I promise the recipe before Friday OK..I have to try it out first to see if she was lyin....
or just tryin to get a free shot of Patron out of me OK? OK?
I pass no untried recipes on..
You of all people can relate to that........G

jillie said...

OMG...I remember those commercials all too well...hahaha...that was the stuff we use to road trip with. It killed my gut but we were too stupid to know the difference.

You? Virginal? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ameratis said...

Ohh but did you post from home in your underwear? That is when it starts getting kinky ;)

G-Man said...

JILLIE!! I've missed you so much, They are cutting your foot off tomorrow eh? A one legged bitch is kinda HOT....I go to amputee sites all the time. I hope that your power nap goes well....Later...G

Ameritus the Beautiful!
I'm standing at attention right now.

And as a matter of fact, I did have my Harley-Davidson boxers on while typing that out. Thank you for asking....nothing is kinky in the House of G.....Remember that!

Top cat said...

I remember my Pabst Blue Ribbon days but then I got hip and moved up to Carlings Black Label.

Ameratis said...

ooooo HOG undies...nifty! :)

Nothing is kinky or nothing is too kinky? Remember your sex ya know lol

G-Man said...

Well alrightty then TC. How about the Carling Philosophy, on every can or bottle..

TIME, the maker of beer,
Is also the great destoyer
Shipped from city to city
Stashed away in warehouses
Why even a great beer like ours
Would surely slowly lose the taste
That makes it great

Thats we brew Black Label in 8 different cities across the Nation
We want our beer to be the best beer that you can buy!


Who says the College years were a waste?

Ameritus, I really love Alabama.
whether it's a leisurely stroll along the Tom Bigbee River, or enjoying the sandy shores of the Red-Neck Riviera..Gulf Shores.
I've been there many times and have very close friends in Robertsdale. You seem very nice and Knowledgeable, ask anyone, I love smart Beautiful women....
Thanks for stopping by, visit often and soon.....Galen

lime said...

i do appreciate the commitment to quality control! in alla reas

Ameratis said...

I must say I have never been to Michigan so I can claim the great places I have walked or my friends who are freezing up there at the moment. I do have family in Wisconsin, is that close enough? LOL

Yes I like Alabama as well. I am not orginally from this state but moved here with much anticipation. We tend to receive a bad reputation because of southern region and the "red-neck, hick, hillbillie, uneducated, barefoot, non-paved roads" stereotype that is placed on our beautiful state and the surrounding states.

I have been to each place you mentioned and I actually have vacationed many times to Gulf Shores because of the close proximity. It is great for a quick weekend jaunt.

Hmm I am writing a novel...I will stop at novelette.

I shall visit so often that you might rue your invitation ;)

Ameratis said...

Blah.."can't claim the great places"...should always proofread novelette comments. LOL

SignGurl said...

I always blog in the semi nude. Keeps things flowing.

Who am I kidding, that would mean I was partially clad 80% of the time since I've been on here so much.

G-Man said...

Ameritus, welcome to the jungle.

Jenn, don't forget we have all seen you semi-nude. Several times.
And I for one keep comming back for more! If I want to imagine that you are semi-nude right now, I don't have to archive back too far.....I think I will......G

G-Man said...

You know Lime, I've quaffed a few Yeungling's in my day. Very high quality, just like all things from the Great state of Pennsylvania!!
Very high quality, and delicious!

SignGurl said...

I hid them all.

SignGurl said...

Pst...Hurry and you can be first.

Strumpet said...

That's right.

I'm fucking classy.

And if you've gotta thing for amputees...wait until you see Quentin Tarantino's new flick due out in April. It's with Rose McGowan...yum.

G-Man said...

You know I dig all QT's flicks. Any friend of Uma's is alright by me. Still all wrapped up in your Chrysalis of clothing? Waiting to morph into the Iron Strumpet! I prefer the naked Strumpet, to the overbound Strumpet. But any Strumpet is better than no Strumpet at all. G loves C

Bottoms Up Bitch!

G-Man said...

Thank You Jenn,
As you can see, I took full advantage of the heads up...G

Top cat said...

let's throw the keys in the drawer and get outta here.
No one's gonna buy a car in this crap.

I hear mama's got some leftover beans waiting for ya for dinner.

G-Man said...

How'd you know? I have not talked to one person today. I even have an 800 #....FREE, I'll give it to anybody that wants to call..really

Manny said...

Pabst always made me puke. Sorry g, you said i could always be honest here on your blog.

I'm a Bud Light girl now, so...Give me that recipe damn it!

BTW, After watching the Budweiser commercial, I have decided crab...should stay crab. How about you?

Colts! Yea baby! That's what I'm talking about. Manning...Manny...Almost.

Kristen said...

Come on darlin' the recipe

SignGurl said...

I've been bored out of my mind all day. I was waiting for you to ask me to call. A missed opportunity!

buddha_girl said...

Excellent news!

How the hell was your Loss-of-Virginity-Monday?

G-Man said...

Manny, If you puked I would hold your head. The only girl that I've ever said that to is Sign. And your right, about your sis....Crabby!

KJ? OK. For you honey i'll do it tonight. I'm going out for a bit, then I'll come back and post it.....G

Sign, you've got my number baby.

Buddha Girl, My favorite school marm! My cheery poppin? I've been walkin kinda funny all day..Thanks for askin..G

gab said...

Yep in fact that was the only beer hubby drank when he did drink! Oh god that means Im old! lol

Jodes said...

dude want to be 1st on my post for tmrw?

G-Man said...

Gabby Gale, your still not my age, so quit crying. And I knew you were a PBR crew. How's little Logan?

Jodi, You flat rock!!
I did take advantage of your timely tip thank you. You have a loving and beautiful family, and some day you will look back, and see that these are the best times of your life. And your fucking Hot to boot!!

Strumpet said...

I like it when you call me smartass.

Actually, my heat is fixed. As I was able to sleep in the nude last night. And that was the first time in a few weeks, so the landlord finally came through. Woo!

Also, that it's only -6 out instead of -20 like yesterday helps the stuff comin' in through the cracks in my windows. As now our main concern is all the snow as opposed to the wind.

Man, walking to work is gonna be great!

And I agree...Ms. Jodi is HAWT!

me said...

(tom tom) from the land of skyblue waaaters... oops, wrong jingle... um.. got any more of that cheese dip left?