Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Voices from the Past

Hmmm, maybe I DO live in the past! Anyway, if you are not a baby-boomer this post will be vague and meaningless to you, unless your upbringing caused you to skip a generation ot two.

TIME: Any Saturday A.M. circa; 1953 to 1963

SETTING: Your living room, sitting in front of your B/W TV that only gets 3 stations... You turn the set on, and while it is warming up( it has tubes not circuit boards)a voice bellows from the kitchen,"no TV until your chores are done." Ma! ..."don't sass me, you need to burn the papers". (in those days you had a 50 gal drum in your back yard where everything was burned except tin cans) " You know when I was growing up, we would have had to milk the cows and feed the chickens before 8 o'clock.." But Ma, we don't live on a farm! "..and we had to walk 5 miles to school every day....(blah blah blah...) When that was finally done I snuck back in the front door and settled in in front of......' A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi Ho Silver! The Lone Ranger'..... What great TV shows.

commercial 1.) " Ohhh N.E.S.T.L.E.S. Nestles makes the very best, Choooooclut!"(w/ Farful)
Then came Sgt. Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police....'on King, on you Huskies' and every show ended with..'well King, this case is closed'.

commercial 2.) " Double your pleasure, double your fun, with Double-Mint Double-mint Double-mint gum"....Then came an array of viewing that boggled the mind.......
Wild Bill Hickock....with Andy Devine as Jingles
Sky King.....with his niece Penny...and his plane the Songbird
Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans.....Happy Trails To You
My Friend Flicka

commercial 3.) "Heres Buster Brown, he lives in a shoe, heres his dog Tag, he lives in there too.
Then the array of cartoons........
Heckel and Jeckel...The talking Magpies
Mighty Mouse.....' Here I come to save the day, that means that Mighty Mouse is on the way'.
Beany and Cecil....With Nya uh uhh..Dishonest John
Bugs Bunny and Friends..." Overture curtain lights, this is it, the night of nights, no more more rehearsin and nursin of parts, we know every part by heart. Overture curtain lights, this is it, we'll hit the heights, and oh what heights we'll hit...on with the show this is it!

commercial 4.) " I love Bosco, Bosco's good for me. Chocolate flavored Bosco, is rich and chocolaty.. Mother puts it in my milk for extra energy, Bosco gives me Iron, and sunshine vitamine C. Oh I love Bosco, thats the drink for me!....and the topper before you had to go somewhere.
American Bandstand...'Well Dick I rate this record an 8. It had a good beat and it's easy to dance to.'

God, I feel like I just came out of a time warp.....And this is only Saturday morning..Stay tuned.


SignGurl said...

Hey, I can say I get almost the same memories from 1973. My how times have changed. Everything comes at us at the speed of light. We could all use a little patience.

Another great post!

erika said...

Ok mine is a little different. But I remember Saturday mornings not being able to watch Bugs Bunny before my room was clean. So that meant I missed all the cartooons but I got to watch Sir Graves.

Limey said...

oh man, i sooo miss the bugs bunny show....

Strumpet said...

Bosco was the fucking shit, yo!

I SOOOOOOOOO miss Bosco!!

It was entirely too yummy.

gab said...

I remeber all of those and we never ever seen comericals for bras or womens personal products. When I could work I used to shout Here I come to save the dayyyyyyyyyy!

crabcake said...

I'm so freakin old. I remember every single one of those and I can add the old Pamper shampoo commercial. the one with the little lamb.

Ok. I'm not even gonna think about this or the fact that my MIL keeps telling me when I get older I'm gonna shrink. Shrink??? I'm only 5'2" now. If I get any shorter, people will trip over me.

G-Man said...

Signgurl..Thanks, I once got a great lap dance from a chick named Patience!

Erika...Sir Graves? Ghastley! rock! As do all of your alter-egos.

Chandra...YOU are the Fucking SHIT! And Bosco can't even come close to your yumminess!!!

Gab...The adult commercials come later in the day, and a future blog thanks.

G-Man said...

Crabcake...Thanks for visiting, please sing me few bars, c'mon don't be shy.

Strumpet said...

I loved Bosco so much and you brought back so many memories of visiting my grandmother and loving that shit... that I had to look it up online.

It apparently is still available!

It's now in a squeeze bottle, though. =( That old bottle was WAY kinds of cooler.

It says I can find it at the Jewel. Though, I've never seen it there. I shall perhaps just have to look harder.

I'm quite excited about this little treasure hunt and will keep you posted on my progress.

Now that I am older, I drink skim milk instead of whole, but I bet it would taste even BETTER in skim and would last longer cos I'd be using less of it cos skim is thinner.

My mouth is watering right now, but I think that's because I was thinking about my last lapdance. Her 'name' was Mia. That was awhile ago. I think it's high-time I head out for another one.

Thanks, Galen.

You now have me on a quest for a lapdance and Bosco.

Now, I'm thinking about pouring Bosco on my stripper and licking it off. Maybe for a price in the champagne room...

I'd promise to clean her up after!

crabcake said...

Ok. Ok.

(I can't believe I actually paused my game to do this but here goes)

me me me meeeeee.. cough cough.

Pamper, Pamper, new shampoo!

Gentle as a lamb, so right for you!

Gentle as a lamb? YES, ma’am!

Pamper, Pamper new shampoo!

No please, don't throw money. It makes me feel so cheap and tawdry. Just stick some dollars down my britches.

G-Man said...

Nothin tawdry about you! ..I..can't..get the money...down any...further, your long-johns is all bunched up.

Manny said...

I remember some of them. Mostly I remember school house rock!

G-Man said...

Manny, I got socks older than you!