Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday.....

Hi everybody!
If it's Super Bowl Sunday, it's time for G-Mans World Famous...
Gorgonzola Dip!
This much stays constant, One Part Gorgonzola (8 ounces)
Two Parts Cream Cheese (16 ounces)
One Part Apricot Preserves (10 ounces)
The last addition is your own special twist that makes it unique to YOU!
I've used ...Chopped Walnuts, chopped Proscuitto, chopped Bacon Bits.
Today I'm leaning to the Savory by adding BOTH chopped Onions AND
Bacon Bits fried extra extra crispy..
Along with the typical Chile, Buffalo Wings, and Cold Beer, a good time will be had
by all! This year me and Reese are going to a Super Bowl party in our own
neighborhood (About 4 blocks away) The Police are out in full force today.
As they should be!
Have a Kick Ass Week Peeps...../.


Mama Zen said...

That sounds hella good, G-Man! Go, Ravens!

Fireblossom said...

That sounds really good.

Fireblossom said...

PS--MZ beats FB to be first on a post by G Man. The stars have clearly aligned!

g-man said...

Holy Shit you're right FB!!!
I'm gonna buy a Lotto ticket today

Brian Miller said...

dang....sounds good to me as well...i love the superbowl if for nothing else than the food people come up with...and the commercials of course...smiles.

Margaret said...

The commercials are the only reason to watch it and the food if it is as good as yours! YUM!

Akelamalu said...

I'd prefer the dip to the sport. LOL

izzy said...

Dip sounds excellent ! went out to celebrate a friends birthday- watched her eat yummy dark chocolate cake!
( I ate a wonderful fresh lobster roll) Have a great week!

TALON said...

It's a scientific fact that everything is better with bacon :)