Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr. Knowitall Asks....


Ya know, sometimes being Mr. Knowitall is a real
challenge. Some weeks I need some help on the more
philosophical dilemmas. This is one of those weeks!!
Here's a few question that I would like some feed-back on.

* Is it EVER OK for 2 straight men to ride on a Motorcycle?

* Should you tell a total stranger that their zipper is open?

* In Court, do Athiests have to swear on the Bible? Hindu's?

* Is it OK to use room freshener as a Cologne?

* Do you tell people that they have a booger hanging?

* In crowded movie theaters, which armrest is yours?

* Do you need a Silencer to shoot a Mime?

* Speed of Light, Speed of Sound. Is there a Speed of Smell?

* Can FAT people go Skinny-Dipping?

* Do Chinese people get Tattoo's of English Writing that they know
NOTHING about but it seems Trendy?

* If a Hermaphrodite goes missing, should you put the "Have you
seen this person" picture on a carton of Half & Half?

Mr. Knowitall grows weary from all this inquiring.
(Plus I have a Home-Made Pizza in the oven)


Margaret said...

ha ha ha. You killed me with the first one and it just kept getting better!

(and both armrests belong to me!)

You need to give your philosophical mind a rest after all this. Enjoy a beer with your pizza!

Margaret said...

Oh my! "Monopoly!" :)

Me said...

Hahaha! Okay, here goes.

1. Sure. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

2. Only if it is.

3. Why would an Athiest want to swear on a Hindu?

4. God, no.

5. Only if they do.

6. All of them.

7. Only if you are also a mime. Otherwise, there's no law that YOU have to be quiet.

8. I'll let you borrow my husband to help with your research.

9. Yeah, you stumped me here.

10. Gotta be at least one. English speaking people can't have a market on that kind of silly.

11. Again, I got nothing here.

Sorry i couldn't be more helpful. Enjoy your pizza! :)

Brian Miller said...

no yes no only in certain dilemnas yes both yes yes sadly yes hmmm....

the walking man said...

The walking man came, pondered these ponderings and decided that these are questions only one such as yourself, one who ponders upon such, can answer. Except for one

A person hears fart before they smell it thus the speed of smell is slower than that of sound.

Yet the smell can be blinding which indicates a convergence of two dimension.

When the smell makes one go blind it moves through the olfactory system to the ocular faster than light.

G-Man said...

Thank you Oh Sagacious One!

Akelamalu said...

All very valid questions G. I'm not sure I know the right answer to any of them, or even if there is a right answer. :0

izzy said...

I will answer with 55 on Fri!
you have to figure out if it is fact or fiction!

Katherine Krige said...

Hmm, very deep questions for so early in the week. I too am not sure on those answers.

But on that note, I think I need to blow my nose, check my zipper and eat something. God/Krishna speed on finding a zen light/sound/smell for your queries my friend

Nara Malone said...

1. Yes, if there is a woman in between them.
2. No
3. The Amish don't...
4. Yep
5. Nope
6. Any one I want
10. Only in cursive
11. *smile*

lime said...

i tell people about their zippers and boogers if i can do so discretely. as the mother of a teenage boy i can assure you there is a speed of smell....and a half-life. and i don't skinny dip, i chunky dunk.

Mama Zen said...

That last one killed me!

Secret Agent Woman said...

No one has to swear on a Bible - in fact, when I'e been subpoenaed for various court cases (expert witness type stuff) there was no mention of a Bible. And Quakers can't be compelled to take an oath at all for religious reasons - the Quaker viewpoint is that you ought to be telling the truth all the time.

Of course two straight men can ride on a motorcycle together. But why would they want to?