Saturday, March 24, 2012


The enigmatic Corrie/Me has tagged G-Man on a Meme.
Although I usually don't participate in these
self-disclosing posts, she is a very loyal follower,
and she's a Canadian to boot eh?
She asked me 11 questions that she'd like answered, and
she asked me to tag 11 others. I'll answer her questions,
but I won't tag anybody. Lets get started....

1.) As a child did I have an imaginary friend?
A.) No, but as of about age 12, I pretended my pillow was
Bridget Bardot!

2.) Have I ever seen a Ghost, or had a Prophetic dream?
A.) Does Astral Projecting during a Peyote Trip count?

3.) Whats your biggest addiction?
A.) Home Made Tamale's

4.) What would you like to be or do when you grow up?
A.) Own a 12 seat Diner that was only open for Breakfast
and Lunch.

5.) What was the last concert that I attended?
A.) Gosh it's been awhile..Sturgis Bike Week...Tim McGraw.

6.) What was the last Movie that you saw?
A.) Ghost Rider II in 3-D

7.) Beatles or Stones?...and why?
A.) The Beatles, because MOST of their songs were so Positive!

8.) If you could be invisible for 24 Hours, where and why?
A.) I'm not sure, but I think that Lady Gaga would be involved!

9.) If you were on Death Row...What would be your last meal?
A.) Lobster Tamales!!!!!!

10.) If you had one regret in life, what would it be.
A.) Not finishing Grad School, and Not going to Chiropractic School.

11.) If I joined the Circus, what would my act be?
A.) Rabbit Tamer!!

There you go Corrie, Thank you for asking.... :-)


Helen said...

Well ... if we didn't know you before ....

Cloudia said...

Lobster Tamales (sort of)
at my place NOW! (Tempted?)

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Yvonne Osborne said...

A funny early morning read. My favorites were 1, 2 and 11.

Brian Miller said...

dude...had the best home made tamales in san jose one year....

lady gaga...interesting....ha

Me said...

Awww...G, you played! Always love to learn a little more about one of my fav blog peeps! :)


Teresa said...

Loved hearing your answers to these. I feel like there's a whole side to you that you keep hidden.

lime said...

oh i love that you took a page out of the silly book for this. love #2. and let me know when and where for the diner. i'll be your first customer.

hope said...

It is the simplest answers which explain the most. :)

hedgewitch said...

Who knew you had such eclectic tastes and stuff. Cracked me up with the very first answer. And I don't even want to think about number 8.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Here's a little bit of synchronicity - the last big concert (not icluding local shows) I went to was Tim McGraw. I'm not a fan, but I went on a date and I wil say it was a good show. Lousy date, but good concert.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit tamer
Hmm sounds dangerous...

Akelamalu said...

You like Lady Ga Ga?

Nice to get to know more about you G. x

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

I'm the one that tagged Corrie, and I entertained the notion of tagging you too, G-Man. Glad to see she was able to sucker you into- er, I mean encourage you to play along.