Sunday, January 1, 2012

Predictions for 2012.....

This year The G-Man is collaborating with
the Great Zoltar, for his 2012 Predictions.
These are, OUR predictions for the
coming year....

We Predict:

That Kim K will fall in love with a stunning 6'4"
Transexual Model named Jasmine. They will elope
and remain married for a record 155 Days!!!

That a catastrophy will indeed occur on 12/21/12!
(although the Mayan's did embelish a bit on predictions)
On that day...Tom Cruise AND John Travolta both decide
to come out of the closet!

That Lindsay Lohan will win the Best Actress Oscar
for portraying Eleanor Roosevelt in the Movie...
Delano and El-Ro..A Love Story.

That in an undercover sting by NBC's Dateline, it is
determined that 100% of all Chinese Restaurants do
indeed use MSG in their food. (Regardless of disclaimers)

That Burger King will actually serve a food item that
tastes good enough to eat.

That on at least ONE Friday in 2012, every Friday Flash 55
offered will really be a short story of Flash Fiction, with
a central character, a plot, and EXACTLY 55 words!!!
(But as you know, I accept anything.....Sigh!)

OK Folks....Lets get this show on the road.
2012...Here we Come!!


Me said...

So glad you take anything, because sometimes just coming up with 55 words is a challenge...who can throw in plot, character and all the rest too?!?!

Happy New Year, G!

Millie said...

Amazing predictions! I'll have to boot my human in the butt to make sure she keeps up with your Friday parties!

JANU said...


Margaret said...

The only one that is CRAZY is the FF55 expectation. HA! Happy New Year.

Caty said...

if Burger King ever makes something worth eating...they may have to change their name! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You know I don't do fiction. ;-)

izzy said...

Real fiction ? central character ?
plot, story-in 55 ! you are mad,mad mad- Happy dreams for 2012-

the walking man said...

I could see that Lo-Ho getting and Oscar for portraying El-Ro. The Burger King thing though i doubt it and the KK has slave labor problems to worry about so she'll do the adopt an orphan thing to try to rehab her ass errrr I mean image.

Mama Zen said...

You had me believing until you got to Burger King!

TALON said...

Ah, Zoltar and Galen together is pure magic. ( and I loved Zoltar in the movie Big)

Kim K married for more than 3 months?!!! That is a far-out prediction! And complete stories in 55 words? Hmmm...I guess I'll have to try harder to make at least one prediction come true :)

Akelamalu said...

Can't wait to see if your predictions come true G! I'll do my best to make the 55 one happen for you. x

Christine said...

Listen you, throw us a bone once in awhile and up the ante it's hard enough to create a character, let alone plot :) but thanks for the reminder not sure if I really knew about these rules from the beginning.

hope said...

Man, I thought I was doing good at 55 you want a "real" plot? :)

Could you change the Kim K and Linsday Lohan predictions to "fell off face of earth and world still kept spinning"? ;p

secret agent woman said...

And I further predict that I will remain blissfully unaware of all those things!

lime said...

ok the lindsay lohan one is what nade me laugh the hardest. good list there, g-man.

Heaven said...

I don't do fiction too ~

Thanks for being a gracious host as always ~