Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday Portrait.....

Since I have to work this Saturday, I get
Wednesday off! And what better way to spend a day
off than to cruise around on The Hog?
Still lookin GOOD after 10 years eh?
My brother Mark recently left for San Antonio
Texas, because of a temporary job opportunity.
I got these different Rubs in the Mail today.

Hey...Wait just one minute!
One of those Rubs weighs 198 grams.
Two of them weigh 127 grams
The last one weighs 141 grams
That adds up to.....
Oh well...You can't have KISMET every week!

But you CAN play Friday Flash 55.
Just write a short story with a Plot, and
a Central Character, in EXACTLY 55 words!!
Post it on your blog, then come tell me.
I post at 8:00 PM EST Thursday night, and
it runs till 11:59 PM Friday.
It's creative, it's challenging, and it's Fun!
Everyones invited to play, I'll visit EVERYONE!


secret agent woman said...

I always like having a day off in the middle of the week.

secret agent woman said...

Tiddly winks!

lime said...

i wanna riiiiiiiide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Me said...

A short story? With a PLOT? Oh dear. I guess I've been doing it all wrong these many weeks and months. Oops.

Oh well, i never was very good at following the rules. ;)

PS - If you and your bike are ever in Southern Ontario, GTA area...I want a ride! :)

Christine said...

San Antonia, we have friends there, they plan on taking their Hogs to Europe for a few weeks. Oh to be wild and free.

Brian Miller said...

so stinking close too...hope you had a great day g!

Serena said...

Sounds like the perfect day off.

Shadow said...

yes you do still look good after 10 years *grin*

Katherine said...

Hope you & the Hog had an awesome day together. Nice wheels!!

5thsister said...

Do I have to? I don't know if I have it in me. Especially with all the rules. Geesh. You're a tough taskmaster that's for sure!

TALON said...

lol! You're right - it's not always going to add up just right, but those look like neat rubs.

And what a sweet ride that is, Galen! Hope you had a fantastic day.

Akelamalu said...

Things don't always add up eh?

I'll be playing this week G. x

hedgewitch said...

Man that's a nice ride, my friend. I bet it goes faster than 55 mph or you jogging (in your dreams) We have good rubs down here in God's Country, (Texas is Baja Oklahoma, you know)just put em on the other kind of hog.

Back later for the games.

Jannie Funster said...

Gee, I never knew we were supposed to do a whole plot / character thing for the 55s! I may have to revise. :)

San Antone -- only 75 miles from Austin. Come on down, but from Nov. 1st to May 15th if you can. Too freaking HOT now!


libraryscene said...

Sweet ride! I'm with lime.....if ever in the middle of nowhere, aka IA, let me know, HA!

moondustwriter said...

still crazy after all these years...

and spicy too!!!