Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday 160.....

After trying for a week, Jerome finally
hacked into the company's system.
Why would Wordpress want to hack into
Blogger on a Thursday?
Evil Abounds

Can you write Micro-Fiction in 160 characters?
Is it Sunday?
If the answer to both of those questions is yes...
Post it on your blog, then go visit Monkey Man...Here!


Brian Miller said... that is what happened...never underestimate the power of corporate espionage....nice 160 g!

my 160

the walking man said...

That evil Wordpress and their insertion of a single line of wrong code.

Shrinky said...

Ok, now I know who to take the hit out on..

Jannie Funster said...

Please forgive us evil Wordpress types, it was just an innocent prank that got out of hand.

Actually it was LLCoolJoe, and he admitted it on his blog -- you know Joey's Pad?


Millie said...

My human now understands why you make her go through me--it's clearly a jealousy issue.

moondustwriter said...

Blogger tries to keep up with WP / WP tries to out do Blogger

Can't they let us blog in peace???

Happy Sunday G

Monkey Man said...

....and it was also a personal affront to FFF55....that's for sure! Although it didn't stop us die hards from playing. Great Sunday 160, G. Thanks for playing along.

lime said...

he did it big didn't he?

secret agent woman said...

It's a plot. But I'm sticking with the blogger blog I have.

Serena said...

Whoever did what, it was a mess. Glad it's fixed.

Olivia said...


On a serious note.. This is rivalry!
Competition- cut throat war!

Hope it's peaceful now.. many hugs xx

Margaret said...

...and so the rumor starts! LOL