Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Survey Said........

I've been blogging and/or lurking about now for
5 or 6 years. I've come across many misguided souls
that ACTUALLY think that they can make big money
BLOGGING! You've seen those blogs, right in the
middle of Aunt Gertie and Uncle Everett's family
tintypes, you have a flashing add for Pillsbury
Crescent Rolls from Food Lion!!
Or just because you know a little about College
Lacross, Texas Hold-Em, or you can string a couple
of Triolets together, you think that there are people
that would want to PAY you for that knowledge?
I dunno.... It all sounds pretty fucking quixotic to me.
This is the INTERNET IN THE 21st CENTURY people!!!!
Why buy the cow, when the milk is EVERYWHERE for free!
Am I the misguided one?
Does anybody out there in Bloggerville know ANYONE that
has made any money blogging?
Please share yours/their success story with us...Please?

See Ya Tomorrow....Peace!!


Mama Zen said...

Dooce? Maybe?

While we're kind of discussing it, does anyone ever actually click on those ads? What is the point of those things?

Cloudia said...

In my sidebar
you will notice my "Honolulu Links"

Please click on 'Honolulu Hotels.'

I like the company, they found me and asked. There were a few bucks involved....

Great to be BACK!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral




KB said...

I earn money from my ads...not a lot of money but my visitors do click them frequently :)

lime said...

i never even tried.

Brian Miller said...

for me it has been a way to find my voice...a vehicle...the greatest pay off has been the relationships..

that said it has helped me hone my voice as possibly make money at writing...

secret agent woman said...

I won't do it. I visit some blogs that have ads, but I just ignore the ads I also ignore posts that are basically ads. I find the hole concept a little insulting.

"pretty fucking quixotic" - I'm loving the sound of that.

Serena said...

I find ads on blogs disconcerting. I've heard some people make small amounts of money from them, but I've never tried it.

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, I made $1.98 that one year I had Google ads on my site.

Hey, this is one fun hobby, tho!!


TALON said...

I have never even thought of advertising or making money from blogging - it's not why I blog - and I don't know anyone who's gotten rich from it...or maybe they have and they just haven't shared that fact.

Doctor FTSE said...

Quite the reverse! I TELL bloggers (for free) how to make money dealing in "derivative instruments" on the London Stock Exchange. I quote my results, month by month. They are so good that bloggers reading them say (I guess) "Sound too good to be true, so it probably is!" - and I really don't blame them!
Look at THIS BLOG. I regret that the Investment Club mentioned is open to UK residents only

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I only blog for myself.

MorningAJ said...

I really hope that top photo is VERY old..... or is $10 a week big money these days?

So far my websites and blogs have ended up costing me money. But most hobbbies do, don't they?

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Wait, then why am I paying that $25-a-month membership fee to read Mr. Knowitall? Am I getting ripped off?

G-Man said...

I charge Out of State residents DOUBLE!!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Oh... well hell, in that case, it's a bargain! Here's next month's $25 early!

just jane said...

Never even gave it a second thought. Hey, to each their own...dream big I say! If it makes a person happy to think that money can be traded for honest to goodness blog sincerity what business is it of mine.
I am just amazed that anyone would even take the time to glance at what I post, let alone spend precious time commenting on it. That is all the pay off I desire. Peace, Jane

Anonymous said...

I have the Google ads on my site and people must click on them because I make enough to cover the cost of web hosting and domain name. It's not much at all, but it makes my hobby free. ;-) Well free except for the cost of the computer. :P

ciara said...

actually yes, g lol i have made a little here and there, but there are some who basically have a good yearly income from it. ever hear of dooce? her blog is not my cup of tea, but couple years ago or so she was making at least 40k lot of good bloggers out there, and yeah, they review stuff for products or cash. i review stuff here and there, but nothing i wouldn't use or actually try. i've been on social media for awhile, and man, blogging, twitter, fb, etc, are all becoming too much work. lol

i don't know, i just got bored with blogging and i felt so pressured with coming up w something to talk about that i took a break. then i decided to do reviews, but hey, i actually posted something yesterday that wasn't a review. i have a 14 yo who was diagnosed w depression 2.5 yrs ago, and now a 12 yo who is possibly adhd. i'm busy dealing w real crap now haha

Sheila Moore said...

I know alot of people do make decent money blogging - however, the time they spend making that money probably averages out to about $5 an hour (I'm making that number up - but I am sure it is not an easy way to make money and then of course, it is not a guaranteed income either.)

....just my 2 cents worth - wait, who's going to pay me those 2 cents? NOONE that's who! lol