Monday, April 25, 2011

TMI Tuesday.....

Mr. Knowitall is not fielding any questions
this evening, instead I'll share some of my VAST
Knowledge with those that want to learn!!
(Some facts may or may not be totally true)

* The name Adolph translated into English is Arnold.
* The very first Tarzan portrayed on film was Elmo Lincoln
* The very first James Bond portrayal was by Barry Nelson.
* Traditional Polish delicacy 'City Chicken' is actually Pigeon
* Snapping Turtle testicles was used as currency by the Mohawks
* Mohawk testicles was used as currency by the Potawatamee.
* Hard Salami is NOT cooked, the salt cures it till done.
* The very first sofa was designed by Felix Davenport.
* The very first Refridgerator was invented by Bert Kelvenator
* The very first sex toy was invented by the Greek Playwrite Dildo
* The dog breed with the most reported bites annualy? Dachshund
* The dog breed with the SECOND most reported bites? Chihuahua!
* The Oldest American car brand is Buick!
* The Arc of the Covenant is kept in an Amish barn in Goshen Indiana
* The Kama Sutra was written by a Hindu Holy Man with Spina Bifida.

Whew.....Thats enough facts for you all tonight.
Mr. Knowitall grows weary....Peace!!!


Me said...

Sheesh. Are you gonna make me fact check you, G? Now I wanna know which ones are true! :)

Me said...

Oooh...that's my first Yahtzee in AGES. Yay!! :)

lime said...

47.3% of factoids are completely made up ;)

Serena said...

Hmmm. I think I have a pretty good idea which facts may not be completely on the up and up, GM.

Brian Miller said...

dildo...snickers...never tried pigeon, that i know...

budh.aaah said...

Now if only you could tell us which ones were abso right :)

the walking man said...

The thing about Elmo Lincoln was he had a hard time doing the famous call of the jungle

rivenrod said...

Every one of them is positively true, without checking, without question.

My therapist is always telling me to be more trusting and that I should practice it more. I have, and I do and it's so liberating. Try it.

Akelamalu said...

Well they all sound believable! :0

Pearl said...

This explains why Grandma called the couch a davenport...


G-Man said...

Yes Mark...
He was the Silent Film Tarzan!!!

TALON said...

Reading these, I'm really glad I'm testicle free :)

Christine said...

I went on a bus tour to Goshen once with my Granny, and saw the Arc in some bearded guys barn, this fact is so true. So true.

Cloudia said...


Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral




PBJdreamer said...


Loved this..

now where is that barn exactly?

that is all

moondustwriter said...

Goodness what a hodgepodge of fact and fiction. Do you have a barn to house all your ideas???