Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Saint Lupicinus Day.......

Whew.....! It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating
St. Patrick's Day, the patron Saint that drove all the snakes out
of Ireland! Now today, March 21st, we celebrate St. Lupicinus Day,
a Patron Saint that drove all the Rabbits out of France!!!
Little is said of the Lupine terror that was spread across Europe about
1500 years ago by those evil 'conies'. Firearms weren't invented
yet, and the bunnies multipied like....well er, RABBITS!
St. Lupicinus and his loyal following ( with God's help supposedly)
drove the cotton-tailed little rodents all the way to Belgium, where
they reside in great numbers to this day...But NOT in France!!!
March 21st is a HUGE Holiday in Germany!!
Megalomaniacs and Lutheran Priests wear bunny ears, and large
quantities of Hassenfeffer and Black Licorice are consumed all day!
The Holiday would be MUCH more openly popular had certain
Dictators NOT loved it so much...
Anyway, gotta go!!
I'm hearing a box of Good-n-Plenty's calling my name!
....Of course we are talking about St. Lupicinus of Condat France,
NOT St. Lupicinus of Lipidiaco Gaul!!


lime said...


lime said...


lime said...

so those french rabbits...did they have nasty, sharp, pointy teeth?

hedgewitch said...

You are a font of ecclesiastic minutia, G-man. (Or was that ex-sleazy-assic minutia???)..Bless the Hazzenfeffer, and thank you for clarifying that point about Gaul vs Condat, France. I was really concerned there.

I am picturing crowds of grown men in bunny ears holding large steins of beer and eating licorice now's just...wrong.

Brian Miller said...

i will neather confirm nor deny i am wearing bunny slippers in celebration...

Serena said...

Oh, man, I like bunnies. I may not look at the next one I see the same way I used to.:)

Margaret said...

...and to think I never learned about this in school! What would we do without you?

TALON said...

I'm not sure what scares me most - Hitler in bunny ears or that bunny with the serious attitude!

My cat Stripey has done his best to drive all the bunnies out of our neighborhood. :)

moondustwriter said...

You write such a convincing tail. They may have all fled to Coney Island if they could read the time tables,

Happy ludicrous lupinicous

the walking man said...

Food and clothes now a cave and it's all good.

Mama Zen said...

Of course!

Akelamalu said...

Crikey that rabbit with the vampire teeth is effing scary!