Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thursday Portrait.....

Isn't it CRAZY how gasoline prices have been steadily declining these past two weeks?
Plus I have an extra 3 cents off each gallon with My Kroger card!
I might even burn me some PREMIUM!!!
Something about that price...I just can't figure it out.
See ya tomorrow I hope...:-)


Brian Miller said...

nice. running behind this week...gotta get crackin on my premium...smiles.

Brian Miller said...

how bout a big boo-yah on that yahtzee!

Me said...

Gas isn't going down *here*, that's for sure. Damn HST. :(

As always, waiting for inspiration to hit...but I'm sure i'll come up with something.

See ya tomorrow, G!

Thom said...

Come over to Hawai'i You'd still be buying regular after July 1. Taxes. Pfft. I'm ready to go :)

Ms Hen said...

Great photo of you..

Betty Ann

Mona said...

you look great

王名仁 said...


lime said...

man those prices are way cheaper than around here!

Serena said...

Gas prices are indeed crazy. Just before the holiday, they started falling here. Unheard of!:)

g-man said...

Brian...You deserve it brother!!

Hi ME...You guys have an Imperial Quart, thats bigger!

Thom My Friend...Aren't you from the land of $6.00 peanut butter?

Betty Ann...Missed You Hen!


Hi Trini...Your too close to New York!!

g-man said...

Hi Sherry...
Maybe we live in Bizzaro World!
I heard it's Hot down there..hehehe

Cloudia said...

I managed to get $4 in my scoot tank today here in Honolulu

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Akelamalu said...

The price of petrol is going up here - it's now £5.23 ($7.50) :(

buffalodick said...

$2.78 here...

Eric Alder said...

I always thought petrol was a better name than gasoline, which sounds like a diet suppliment that makes you burp away the pounds.

And I mean 'pounds' as in weight, not like "petrol is going up here - it's now £5.23"

(Although British Pounds are being burped away too, when it comes to petrol prices)

Shrinky said...

You're just trying to make the rest of us jealous, ain't ya'?

Patty said...

Is it me or do you just keep getting better looking every day?

Mama Zen said...

Premium? Now, don't get crazy, G-Man!

clean and crazy said...

your car, can it handle premium? i hope to get a 55 up this week too.

5thsister said...

Wow! Our gasoline taxes are so gosh darned high that I don't think we will ever see that level. Good for you Mr. G!

secret agent woman said...

Gas prices go up and down so frequently I can't keep up with it. But I did notice on my last tank I was getting 46 mpg. Woo hoo!

Nara said...

Been wondering the same thing. $2.50 here now. Could it be PR?

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