Monday, September 28, 2009

TMI Tuesday......

Have you ever seen this guy before?
He's an Author, a Lawyer, and a guest judge on one of my favorite shows on The Food Channel...Iron Chef America.
But I have a BIG problem with him...He holds his fork like in the last pic!
Now I know he is not afflicted with some condition because I've seen him use chop-sticks. If my Grandmother had ever seen him eat, she would say..."He looks like he is shoveling the food in his mouth"!.HA! Funny how your childhood training stays with you doesn't it? I wonder where Jeffrey's training came from?
ANYWAY...Since this is TMI Tuesday, I guess I should pass along some info that you may or may not want to know.
And in doing so, I should also thank my lucky stars that I don't have to observe these tidbits of etiquette from around the world...

*Remember the spitting scene in Ace Ventura II? Well it IS indeed typical among Masai Tribesman to greet each other by spitting in each others faces!

*Following in the tradition of their great hero Yuri Gagarin, Russian Cosmonauts piss on the tires of the bus that takes them to the launch pad!

*In Nepal, Narikot wives are obliged to wash their husband's feet, then drink the dirty water as a token of their devotion!

*In accordance with the ancient Indian Laws of Manu, any citizen that broke wind in front of the reigning monarch, would have their anus amputated! (Those Manu's were strict!!)

*I agree with this one...According to British Royal Etiquette, when greeting the Queen, men are NOT obliged to remove their hat if they have Ringworm!

And These Blasts From The Past...

*In 16th Century Europe, It was customary for men to greet female guests by fondling their breasts..Provided they were related! (Creepy)

*The 16th Century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, died after attending a banquet in Prague thrown by a Baron. Brahe drank very heavily, but etiquette prevented from leaving the table to relieve himself before the host left. His bladder burst, and he died from a urinary infection 11 days later!

*Fijian cannibals usually ate with their fingers, but as a token of respect for the dead, they used a ritual wooden fork when consuming human flesh!

So I guess I should cut Jeffrey a little slack eh?



pheromone girl said...

OK, I think I need some therapy from the fondling breasts historical fact. My family creeps me out enough already, Galen!!

Anonymous said...

And the way some people hold a pencil as well. I can so picture it. Too funny...Could you imagine living in the 16th century and feeling your sisters or your mothers titties? Or worse Grandmother! YIKES

clean and crazy said...

did you know that your not supposed to feed hot dogs to guinea pigs? yeah neither did i, but i was only 2, my aunt still won't talk to me, but i think ti is our differences in political views more that a guinea pig.
these are great~!~!

ciara said...

my husband holds his fork like that...drives me freakin nuts. lol

btw did you know that i'm right-handed but when i go to cut food i keep my fork in my right and the knife is in my left hand? most ppl cut w their right hand and keep the fork in their left even when right-handed. i don't have to bother switching the utensils back to the other hand hahaha i also throw frisbee and deal cards w my left as well. useless info, but

ciara said...

btw i'd never wash a man's feet and drinking the water they were washed in is gross. those women need self-respect lol btw feet are gross in general.

Shadow said...

yikes! no! i'll stay right here where i am thank you very much!

Susan at Stony River said...

My husband holds his fork like that too; God I hate it but what do you say without insulting him (or his mother)?

And what do you say to your son who does the same thing because DADDY does it?

Ah geez, 11am and already I'm looking for my vodka... THANKS there Galen.


the walking man said...

Don't you just long for the old days?

Nessa said...

As a dedicated wife, I always drink my husbands dirty feet water - NOT!

Fireblossom said...

Darling, that man is simply NOT elegant! And as for the foot washing, I did that once for my sainted late husband, but I used Chateau Rothschild 1929 instead of water! --Babs

Jessie said...

this is the 1st time i've read your TMI's ... and i'm beginning to wonder why i continued reading to the end ... lol

i agree with the fork and shoveling it in.

foot washing -- i'll pass, unless he did mine first -- we'll skip drinking the water, and share a glass of wine.


lime said...

i have to agree with you. it drives me nuts to see a perfectly capable adult use a fork that way.

drinking foot wash water though....gag me!

Lulda Casadaga said...

The closest I came to the spitting was when I was young and had my ears pierced, one of the piercings became grandmother told me to put my spit on it! Old Russian/Polish folk remedy or perhaps something to gross me out so I would stop complaining! :D
Love your TMI, but please hold the foot water!! :P

p.s. When I see my husband start using that shovel method I correct him and/or embarras him! :D

pps. How do you amputate an anus?

Serena said...

Apparently, Miss Manners and her successors will never be out of work.;)

Mona said...

Manu was one man not a whole tribe! :)

Now I am wondering about the technicalities of amputating an anus :D

Lynn said...

Good eye - I've never noticed that. Love that show, too.

Akelamalu said...

Very interesting G-man but

*In Nepal, Narikot wives are obliged to wash their husband's feet, then drink the dirty water as a token of their devotion!

NO WAY! Those women should revolt! lol

buffalodick said...

I would love to cook against any judge on that show... Lots of opinions, but I'll bet money they couldn't cook hash if it was premixed!

G-Man said...

Rachel..I only report the facts!

Thom..Stop it..ewwwwwww!

Sue...Everybody knows that!..Jeeeze

Ciara Mist..Some feet ARE gross!
(Some feet are delicious)

Shadow Dancing...Be That Way!!

Susan..Give him that cold stare!!

Mark...You know it Brother!

Nessa..? I just puked in my mouth!

Oh Babsy..That year was so chalky!

Hi Jess..Smiles to you too!!

Trini..It makes ya wanna 'Bitch Slap' somebody!!

Lulda...Great job on the shovel!

Sherry..Indubitably!! :-)

Mona..? Lime's hubby has a tool for just that procedure! Ask her..

Lynn..? You've got the good eye!

Lighten Up Ake...hehehe

Buff...You'd wipe them out!!

secret agent woman said...

I have a brother who eats like this. I call it the caveman grip.