Monday, January 19, 2009

You Know What I'm Missin.........

Hi everybody....I'm sure you all know by now that the G-Man LOVES his Harley! I owned a Motorcycle before I owned a car, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm a Biker! Just to clear up any confusion about the term "Biker", here are a few guidelines that may clear up the subject...


*Your wife has asked you to move your bike so she can see the TV.

*Your best friends are named after reptiles!

*You own more black T-Shirts than underwear.

*Taking your wife on a cruise means going to Bike Nite.

*Sturgis is your dream vacation.

*You ever quit a job to go to Sturgis.

*You only took a job to pay for the trip to Sturgis.

*Your only 3-Piece suit is a leather jacket, leather vest, and chaps.

*Your "ole lady" can only eat a hot dog if it's suspended from a string above your bike.

*You buy any newborn, Harley-Jammies

*You can identify any bug by it's taste.

*You think Black and Orange would make great house colors.

*You think God invented Winter just so you can have your bike painted.

*People know your a biker even though you don't want them to.

*One of your children or pets have either Harley or Davidson in their name.

*People have nearly died of starvation looking at your Bike Trip Pics.

*Over half of the pics that you take have your bike in it.

*You don't go one single day without wearing SOMETHING that says Harley-Davidson.

*The weather is too bad for riding, so you start your bike up and sit on it in the garage.

*You see no use in going to a bar without bikes parked out front.

*You get hit by a car, break your leg, then tell the cop.."I'm OK, I can ride home".

*You stare longer at the pictures of the bikes in "EASYRIDERS", than you do the naked chicks !

Whew, I got blisters on my fingers...More next week!



lime said...


lime said...

been a long while since i got the top spot....feels good.

and you are too a biker and we all know it. it's part of your charm.

Serena said...

So, this is like a passage from the Biker's Bible? LOL. You enjoy it; that's all that counts.:)

Mona said...

Galen? is this a Ballad of the Easy Rider?

tsduff said...

Man alive, I qualified in more ways than I will admit as a female biker. But I WILL admit to winning the Wienie Bite before...nice trophy to prove it! That is my claim to fame.... Great POST!

PS: I never made it to Sturgis (though not for want of trying)... but my Sweetie lived there for years... does that count?

S said...

Hey Gman, do you have a copy of the pic of you and Rupert? Can you post it, huh, huh, can you?

I really wanna see it!

He's my hero!

Shadow said...

heee heee heee, i've come across a few of these, living with a biker myself...

barman said...

You my friend ARE a biker at heart and always will be. Very funny.

I can hear the Harley revving i the background...

snowelf said...

Be honest Galen--did you ever strap your kids on your bike and use it as a high chair?!! :) ;)


Akelamalu said...

So don't you do any of those as you're not a biker? LOL

buffalodick said...

Hunted in Gillette, Wyoming once, after Sturgis bike rally- bar had bought a bazillion left-over jello shooters from Sturgis...selling them at 4 for a buck! Bought $20 worth, and told the bartender to give everyone in the bar 3-4 shooters! Made a lot of friends that night!

G-Man said...

YAY Trini!...Quick draw!!
Thank You Sherry...xo
Monique...Yes it is!
Yes Terry, that counts..:-)
Suzay-Cue...I'll look OK?
Oh yeah, you ride don't you Shadow?
Hahaha..Thanks Bryan.
Buff...Wednesday of Sturgis Bike Week, everyone travels to Gillette for No-Panty Wednesday!! Too many Cops for shenanigans though...

laughingwolf said...

i only write about em :O lol

JihadGene said...

My best friends are reptiles!

Great Reader KIM Jong IL

jodi said...

Hey G. I thought my Dad held the supreme title of "Mr. Knowitall"! Check out my post "Free Bird" for my limited Harley exposure.

Katrina Josaphat said...

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