Monday, January 5, 2009

Oxy This...Bitch!

Hi Everybody.....
Last week I was annoyed to no end about that stupid SNUGGIE commercial.
This week it's a toss-up. With my deepest apologies and envy to Ake and Shadow that have never seen these two yahoo's, which of these two TV pitch-men make you reach for the remote first?
As you can see, I have nothing of substance to post..Sorry.


Serena said...

I don't think I've ever seen that second guy, but the first one makes me wish I had a shotgun every time I see him. Until I remember how much I paid for the TV set.:) Happy Monday, Galen.

barman said...

I think I have heard the last guy is kind of a scum so I would have to say him. I hear he is an actor playing a person who is doing an infomercial... what? Anyway bad news, I think he has a new product he is hawking so you will probably see much more of him.

So far commercials I managed to just ignore most of the time. Now when I hear "Bad boys, bad boys... what you gonna do ..." I can not get the channel changed fast enough. Not real sure why but I can not stand it. Usually I am like that with Springer too but sometimes I am just I guess I am just in the mood for a train wreck. I am not sure why anyone would EVER go on that show.

lime said...

the oxy guy makes my ears bleed. all he does is yell. can you imagine living with that guy???

the shamwow guy just looks deranged.

Kaknu said...

hahahaha - I just got back from MI and got to see the lovely SHAMWOW commercials. Oh you lucky Midwesterners ;-)

At least Oxy Clean is a product that works. Shamwow...not so much. It's kind of in the name really. :P

javajazz said...

ha ha! thanks for making me
laugh again G-grump!
oxy this...!
but i'm sorry,
i just love the squinty
sham wow guy,
he does a cool smooth
havent seen
the oxymorons yet,
but i still vote
the snuggie guy
the funniest of all...
the darn thing looked
like Klingon pyjamas...

Shadow said...

don't apologise, i'll consider myself lucky to be spared, heee heee heee

Mona said...

me too

CozyMama said...

the 1st guy is every where not just for OXYCLEAN so he gets my vote. how annoying.

evalinn said...

Don´t know any of them...and in fact I hardly ever watch TV´s much more fun visiting u G-man! :-)

ciara said...

a blog that i read had a pic of her husband using a shamwow posted. apparently they had some flooding or whatever and he was using it to clean up. she says that it actually worked really well. i've seen the shamwow irl...i don't know. still a bit skeptical lol

oxyclean doesn't work on everything tho :-/

JihadGene said...

I only post/say nothing of any substance. It's who I am.

Barack O.
Washington DC

Akelamalu said...

I may not have seen those adverts but believe me we have enough stupid ones over here for me not to miss them! LOL

Lulda Casadaga said...

It's a no brainer...OXYMAN!
He's so f...n LOUD!!! You just want to stick some of that super putty that is also advertised, up his ass and stuff one of those movable light bulbs in his mouth....LOL
We could then put him in a snuggy and attach him to one of those picture hooks that are supposed to hold mega tons of weight and hang him up to the wall.
what do u think? I might need a drink to calm down now...

G-Man said...

Sherry...Maybe I'll send you a Shamwow!! :-) XO

Welcome back Bryan...

Yes Limey, Deranged!!

Hi Erica...Back from da Yoopee eh?

Lisa..You get this dude in Canada?

Yes Shadow, you and Mona have been spared!!!

Hi Jodie-Girl...

Hi Evalinn...I'd LOVE to hear a Swedish voice-over!

Hi Ciara...Oh don't tell me that, I will have to buy one...G

Ake...Loved those Brit TV bloopers

Hi There, I'm glad you are back as well...G

gab said...

oxy clean guy is my #1 worst informercial with SHAMWOW coming in a close 2nd! Here during the shopping days before christmas it seems ever 5 mins they were doing both comericals. The one to clean the messes you made while partying the other just cleaning up all messes.

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