Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Bye Holidays........

Hi Everybody....I don't think I've ever been so glad to have a Holiday Season over in my life! With the horrible economic news, the trouble in the Middle East, Our beautiful Liquids untimely death, poor John Travolta's unspeakable tragedy...ON WITH 2009!!!!
With every New Year, there are usually some "Resolutions" to be attempted for a week or two anyway. As you can tell by my cartoons, I definately have weight loss on my mind...
I have a game plan, we'll see how it goes.
Winter is depressing me...I need to go golfing!!


Serena said...

Love the cartoons. Too cute. Winter IS depressing. You need to go golfing somewhere warm and away from the frozen tundra. Game plans. Those are good, as long as you can dig in your heels and stick to the plan. I'm not so good at that.:-)

S E E Quine said...

Those are so funny, Galen, and thanks for the card. I'm sending you one. Soon.

I have an idea... get a Harley Davidson bicycle! Ha ha!

Mona said...

winter is Ewe here too. It reached one degree here & we are freezing!

I love the cartoons, sight of those naked men make me feel colder...Brrrr

javajazz said...

why, did you lose an elf
up your tuchus too?
we love you
no matter what...!

ciara said...

g, join my weight loss bloggers support group at my new website

we are having our first weigh in this tues with results on wednesday. if you wanna join, let me know and i'll add you to the blogroll and email list. btw the blog has health, fitness, weight loss tips, too. i don't like to call them 'resolutions' more like lifestyle changes :)

p.s. i'm glad the holidays are over, too!

Shadow said...

yip, you and me both. today is really the first day of 2009. productive one that is. and i'm glad my home is minus decorations, the guests have left, work is calling again, and my house has become my home and refuge once more. and while it's still winter, why not get yourself one of those indoor golf putting thingys i see they guys have in the movies....

evalinn said...

Good luck on those resolutions, G-man! :-)

SignGurl said...

It's going to be nice to get back to normal this week. Who knew the holidays could wear you out like that?

Hope you have a great productive week. :)

Akelamalu said...

I'm only glad the holiday is over so I can start eating healthily. Weight loss is high on my list of resolutions too G-man! :(

lime said...

i think you are not alone in being glad the season is past now.

onward, here's hoping things get better for everyone.

buffalodick said...

Going to the doctors today.. may be healthier food posts for awhile..

MyUtopia said...

I watched a couple of episodes of fringe, but just couldn't get into it. Also, with my son waking up periodically getting into an hour show that I watch by myself, I would get lost.

dons_mind said...

those cartoons - my granddaughter loves the tinker bell movie - - there's a line in there as tink is being chased by the birds - - COVER UR TUSHEEE!!!!! the kids all know right where it happens in the movie and they shout it right along with them!

holidays are fun - - but now it's time to prep up for valentines day!! (sheesh)

CozyMama said...

i got your large coffee right here!! LOL come and get it.

S said...

Just run around a lot. That oughta do it. And dont succumb to the munchies


gab said...

And winter is the worst time to diet because you can not get out and move as much as you can in nice weather. I say take a walk any ways (well not when its below zero.
Love the toons!
and good luck on the weight loss.

G-Man said...

Hi Ciara
Shadow Dancing
Gabby Gale...Thank You all for visiting and commenting, You all ROCK!!!

ciara said...

today's our first weigh in on the new blog, mr. g-man. not too late to join. just blog about your weight loss or whatever in regards to weight. then link up with mr. linky. i'll be watching for you. i'm off to go weigh myself lol

sexy said...