Sunday, September 7, 2008

Basking in Victory.......

Hi Everybody....
If you know anything at all about me, my 2 passions in life are Harley-Davidson, and U/M Football!
Yesterday the Maize and Blue finally posted a Victory over the very tough Redhawks of Miami of Ohio. (The Cradle of Coaches).
We park in a friends driveway about 4 blocks from the stadium so we do not as a rule tail-gate. Hot dogs in the stadium are 4 Bucks apiece! Pop and water are 3 bucks at least.
About a block from the Field there are street vendors selling dogs, brats and other goodies. I got 2 Hot Dogs, chips, and a soda for 5 Bucks..YAY!!!
This is Alex with his party fare.
Inside the stadium they provide cool, refreshing Absopure Water for free!
When it gets hot I will spill for a 4 Dollar Blue Bunny Lemon Icy Chill!
Some fans get there waaaay early..hehehehe
Some fans dress like Idiots!
But after the game it's a Sea of Happy Fans!!!!
Have a Great Week...Peace..!!!


lime said...


lime said...

*does an endzone dance

lime said...


lime said...

ok, gets down to business and leaves a comment. i like knowing you're as frugal as i am. cheap is good, free is better. woohoo. congrats to michigan.

buffalodickdy said...

That was scary... Michigan needs to do way better on numerous levels before they meet the rest of the Big Ten! I still have hopes that the "spread" comes together soon, but those QBs need more time, through better blocking...At least Ohio State showed some weakness early on..about time!

SignGurl said...

*victory dances ensue*

Now I'm hungry!!

Serena Joy said...

Good deal on the dogs -- and cool that your team won. Yay, Galen-san!

jillie said...

AND MY BADGERS CREAMED Marshall!! Wooohooooo!!!! I am soooo happy football season is here.

That guy below you....ewwwwww with the buggie creapy crawler.

Hope you had a great wknd.


Mona said...

All that food & I can't eat...

Abstinence is good sometimes....

Why are the blue cheerers dressed in yellow?

I guess they went 'pale' with anxiety!

Alex looks as if he has won a prize!

G-Man said...

Limey..Touchdown Indeed!!!
Buff... A wins a win!!!
Jenn..Go Blue!!
Sherry..Your Well wishes are very welcome!!..xox
Jillie Bean!!..Welcome Back..;-)
Mona...A 5 Dollar lunch is a Always a Prize!!!

barman said...

I drool about being at the big house. Just remember win or lose you still are there. I just hope they get their game on for the tougher games to come. I so want a victory over Ohio State soon!

I thought food was a passion in your life as well.

Yes for bargins. I was at a Red Wings Puck Party are we received a free hotdog, pop, and chips. Otherwise I think it would have been almost $9.00. Yikes. I love me some hockey but ouch.