Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday Portrait.....

Hi Everybody...Ready for Thursday portraits?
#1...This is the bike that parked next to me tonight at Bike Nite at Scooters.
You don't see a lot of Green Choppers, I thought it was Awesome!!
#2..Loved the helmet, do you know what...D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F...means?
#3..Ouch!...I hit a bee w/my windshield.
#4..Ribbitt...The Frog rode 'Bitch'!
#5..G-Man setting in the sunset.
I hope you all are thinking about your Friday 55...I Am!!!


Serena Joy said...

I LOVE the bee and the frog. Oh, yeah, the bikes are pretty cool, too.:)

Missy said...

Does it look like I give a fuck :)


That green bike looks like a jolly rancher yummo

Mona said...

DILLI , means Delhi in Indian Language & GAF is G man & food.

So DILLIGAF means Delhi, G-Man & food. ( Which together means Euphoria)

therefore DILLIGAF = Euphoria


Mona said...

Galen I hate those bikes. I always call them 'show off bikes' But I Love the helmet & the Last picture!

KB said...

Cool pics. I don't feel inspired by my 55 yet and it's almost Friday in NZ

SignGurl said...

I love the green bike!! Very sparkly.

You look pretty spiffy in your sunset mode.

SignGurl said...

Blah! I'm still up! Need sleep.

Queenie said...

Not sure about the green bike, number five is my favourite.

Mona said...

Galen my 55 is up a little early this time...Would you please grace it with your eminent presence and spare five minutes of your precious time to it?

Much Obliged...

KJ said...

I was given the opportunity to ride a bike once.

I took it.

Scared as hell but loved it.

Maybe oneday I'll get the chance again

James Goodman, Author said...

Great, Pics, Galen. I see I'm too late to answer the question, Missy beat me to it. :D

evalinn said...

Happy Thursday! Did u know green is my favorite colour?

buffalodickdy said...

Green is underappreciated... As long as there is Maize and Blue, it will remain so.... :)

Bunny said...

That green chopper is too cool - I love it!!

barman said...

Awesome pictures and I love to see you happy there G. Up until a few minutes ago I had no idea what D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. ment. Now I could not agree more at times.

See you tomorrow for 55.

snowelf said...

Galen, are you keeping our Signgurl awake!!?!

I liked the bee and the frog too :)


lime said...

DILLIGAF is a new one to me. i shall have to adopt it. thank you.

Breazy said...

Good day G-Man! The beach was wonderful thank you.

While at the beach we got to see a lot of bikes and we saw a green bike that was pretty awesome as well. It was kind of like the one in the pic here but a little different.

Can't wait to read your 55 tomorrow.

have a great day! :)

S said...

That is an awesome bike!
Even I almost want to ride on now.
Do that have it in mini version?

SignGurl said...

My 55 is set to post at midnight. *smooch*

G-Man said...

Mona..You are sooo sweet..:-)
Karen..I have faith in you..
Jenn..Whats keeping you up?
Queenie...Thanks M'Lady.
Mona...I visited
KJ..I have an extra helmet!!
James..Of course you knew..You Ride!
Evalinn...Of course I knew
Buff..Go Blue!!
Oh Hi Bunny...Go Green!!( I would only say that for you)
Bryan..All Right, an early heads up! Thanks
Snow...? Not Hardly
Limey..You need that sticker.
Lady Heather...Thanks
Suzay-Cue...Hi Mistress

Janna said...

I was all set to dazzle you with my knowledge of what "dilligaf" meant, but someone else already beat me to it.

Is there anything else I can do instead?